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March 31, 2006


The Brassiere of Tomorrow

(Thanks to Brad Slager)


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cups on the cusp of technology


Meh, Second.

Mebbe if somebody had, um, lit the way to First with those bras...


As if we don't have a tough enough time not staring at them already..

Thanks for the support.

Finally, technology is protruding forward in a truly menaingful way. No more groping around in the dark.

Now, if someone could invent a remote controlled clasp release my life would be complete.

How about a lighted cod piece ?

I would think just walking around with your shirt off would be more than enough to bring you all the attention you'd need.

The question of the day from the women in the office is how do you wear a shirt with one of those. The men in the office responded - why wear a shirt, those are made to show off.

So, here in cube land the men loved it, the women, not so much.

At least they have an easy to access on/off switch.

If you've got to have your flashers on to make him pay attention, you're doing something very, very, wrong.

I bet one good hot flash would short-circuit the whole rig.

I'm not sure, but I think they've captured a UFO in their video.

And I want the "click for enlarged view" just for everday use on the local campus - though in my day I think that was known simply as using binoculars.

I want the one with the "scrolling message". I didn't click on the link but I hope it would say,
Was it good for you too?

And a "right on" to TRWC!

I wonder what L.E.D. Dave to post this one.

So this is where that old expression "her headlights are on" comes from....

SNORK @ Annie for the hot flash reference

The lights are on, but nobody's home.


Thanks for the mammaries.

Look out, Ipex! You've got some competition now!

And I bet it isn't in my size...

El - please don't take this the wrong way, but wouldn't you want a shorter message?

...and if the message gave baseball scores, it would make it easier for me to think about baseball...

So, If a woman wears a lighted bra into outer space, & she has implants, & there is decompression, does the bra flash a distress signal? Or would the salt in the saline solution electrocute everyone?

And just what size are we talking about Kathy??

What the...?

This is off their web site, under "Bridal".

HEY TRWCamera----

I think those would be great, I'm thinkin' about gettin' that one with the spirals - don't you think I'd look hypnotic???

LOLOL I cwack myself up!

grammaw marina

I read this, thought of the American National anthem ("o'er the ramparts we watched" indeed) and started giggling like mad. Just thought I'd share.

Lab there that anniversary gift you have been looking for..*chuckle* Think the have over night delivery?

Desmond's just a zombie with a parking space
Life with Molly sure was getting bland
Desmond says to Molly , "Girl, I might be way off base."
"But here's some undies I hope that you can stand."

O-bla-di, o-bla-da the light-goes-on bra!
Lalala how that light goes on!

Molly wore her garment for a special fling
It didn't flatter her a single bit
Desmond saw the flashing, had an epileptic fit
and the EMT's all began to sing


Hey Random,

Check out this. Click on the bra.

snork @ insom.

(Now I'm singing stupid songs to myself.)

My ex had the bra with the scrolling field. Took her top off one night, had my rapt attention, then the message comes on:


Met a girl with the spiral one once. In a dark bar, you can see it through the shirt without much difficulty. Nice effect.

They also offer light-up thongs.

Wonder where you hide the battery on those???

M-Shark, So,ummm, did you take her out to dinner after that?

Olo, thanks for the link, but USB connectors don't really "light my fire". I'm hoping for a remote that I can keep on the night stand. I want to be able to push a button to release the clasp so I don't have to spend 45 minutes fumbling with the damn thing.

Annie, I don't understand what the "right" way to take your remark would be, OR the "wrong" way so - so - so I don't know what.

*becomes confused and zips out backwards*

Warning: Do not wear outside on rainy daZZZZZTTT *thud*

My vote goes to the Silver bra with 32 rainbow lights (in A circular pattern)So Christmassy!!

Oh please, this is so old. Doesn't anybody remember the song from "Gypsy", "You Gotta Have a Gimmick"?

She can uh... She can uh...
She can uh...uh...uh...
They'll never make her pitch.
Me, I uh... and I uh...
And I uh...uh...uh...
But I do it with a switch.
I'm electrifying
And I ain't even trying.
I never had to sweat to get paid
'Cause if you got a gimmick
Gypsy girl, you got it made.

In which Miss Electra takes it all off to reveal blinking bra and g-string?

All I know is that where I live the women would think nothing of wearing one of these neon nipple nudgers to a funeral or to Sunday School.

Hey, you could combine this with the site for man-boobs and... and... uh... urk... [posting interrupted by vomitting]

The Bra of Tomorrow?

These have been around (around the round parts) for years ... wake up, marketing department ... at least get a different slogan ...

Unless you could put in a system so that if if blinks green, you could keep on going ... and if red, stop whut you're doin' ... oh ... wait ... THAT'S whut she meant ... um ... nevermind ...

Another brilliant idea from the minds that brought us automotive undercarriage neon bulbs.

Frankly, I became a big hit with the girls in college when they discovered I could unsnap a bra with the cleft in my chin while steering the Stupendous Mobile™ with my feet. But I'm sure lights would have helped. Except at the drive-in movies where cries of "Put out those @#&%$ lights!!" would have rended the night.

El - when I said that perhaps you might want to pick a shorter scrolling message, I meant one that would fit on your ramparts all at one time.... because, you know, guys aren't going to remember much at that point.

That's not the brassiere of tomorrow. That's the brassiere of tonight's nightmare!

I bet a bra with Firewire instead of USB would...well, I don't know; my brain just got clogged with internet porn jokes.

Yes, nothing says "class" like a light-up bra. Sure to be a big hit with the trailer park set.

I'll betcha Brittany has one!

Looks Good

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