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March 13, 2006


For those who were baffled by the Strumpeting Alert, or unable to tune in to Simon Mayo live, here is the interview, with thanks to Brett Spencer.

UPDATE: Open Book (click on "Listen to this programme in full" and fast forward to about 13:00 for a few minutes with Ridley)

UPDATE: Somewhere on www.bbc.co.uk/london there should be a video clip, eventually, but I can't find it, so I'll just toss it out there and maybe some brilliant person will find it and email it to me. (Note: The publicist can't find it either, so we're assuming it's not up yet.)


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Whew - now I dont have to worry about converting metric time to Eastern - I can just listen at my leisure.

I'm screwed, I can't find my metric headphones...

Wow. The very first thing mentioned in the interview is the blog! The interviewer starts off by quoting blog entries. We're all (in)famous.

going to lunch, so I'm going to have to hold the Mayo ...

thanks judi - I plan on listening to that later, but, just so you know, i was NOT baffled by the strumpeting alert - while i may have appeared to be confused, that expression on my face was not, in fact, confusion or bafflement - that's just my "shell-shocked oh god it's monday and what the hell did i do all weekend" expression

Oy. And now it's descended into a scintillating discussion about international copyright law. I hope my heart can stand the excitement!

*grumble, grumble &($% computer w/ no speakers..... grumble, grumble*

Anybody wanna post a transcript or a blow by blow??? Steve?? anyone???

Dang, Bucket, we have the same $%$#@! computer!

*that's just my "shell-shocked oh god it's monday and what the hell did i do all weekend" expression*


I asked myself the same question this morning...then I remembered...I watched the entire first season of 24 (12 hours on Saturday, 12 hours on Sunday).

Sick, I know, but it was great!

Guess I'll have to spend my lunch hour at my desk so I can listen to it...

OH,THIS IS JUST GREAT!!! Now I have a thunderstorm and hafta turn off my computer!

b-gurl, I hope you don't have the same thunderstorm as me!

No rain, Bucket. (Heheh) hope you dodge the tornadoes!


To create presidential speeches:
Of course it's nothing like Dave and Ridley's interview. Those are different standards.

judi-thank you thank you thank you thank you!

judi-thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Sorry for the double post-I got the robot.

(or maybe, just maybe, she was kissin' up twice)

tck-I'm not above it. ;-)

's OK Lisa

I forgot to say NTTAWWT

pepe, that speechwriter is cool, brought back to mind a VERY old DOS-based program I have that generates fabulous gobbledygook (sp?) like this:

"So as not to belabor the point, any associated supporting element is dependent upon the successful implementation of the anticipated fourth-generation equipment. Conversely, synergy engendered by cooperative central database sharing mandates staff-meeting level attention to the structural design, based on system engineering concepts. We can see in retrospect, any associated supporting element maximizes the probability of project success, yet minimizes cost and time required for the proposed systems and subsystems interconnectivity network. However, synergy engendered by cooperative central database sharing is dependent upon the successful implementation of the postulated use of dialogue management technology. To approach true user-friendliness, the incorporation of additional mission constraints presents extremely interesting challenges to any discreet configuration mode."

It's perfect for explaining charges on expense accounts, responding to auditors and composing monthly reports at work.

Public Service Announcement:

If you clean your lunchbox with Listerine (and why shouldn't you?), and then pack a delicious garlicky sandwich (with cheese and baby spinach leaves--*droool*), when you're ready to eat lunch at your desk, you will not be able to distinguish between the smells of Listerine and garlic. (Oh, that's why you shouldn't!)

You're welcome.

I knew that all along Tamara - thats why I always drop a couple garlic cloves into the Listerine bottle once I get it home.

TamaraRWC - you seem a little feverish or something...is this a result of your dating a duck?

*winks at CoastRaven*

Smart move, Tam, saving the garlic sammich til AFTER your date!

ooohhh - I feel all warm & tingly inside - I got a wink and dont know why!! But I aint complaining.

I am enjoying singlehood for all it's worth. Shameless flirting, a messy apartment, and garlic every day! ;)

Mmmmm.... garlic........

Will there be a transcript of the interview?

psst...CoastRaven...the *wink* was cuz of the simulpost...

but I guess it wasn't all that special to you.


Ridley lives in St Louis?? Cool!

Public Service Announcement:

just in case anyone was wonderin', that was not me


Paranoia strikes deep
Into your mind it will creep

hey, what's that sound?

and Blue, just cuz you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't after you!

just sayin...

words ta live by

Judi...thanks for the link! That 18 or whatever minutes will undoubtedly be the high point of my day. (at least until tonight, assuming that we're all gonna be here to see (a) if edgar is really most sincerely dead; and (b) who else gets whacked.

Okay, for people who couldn't listen online, here is my personally biased and commented summary of the interview. This is not a direct transcript, but shows you the context. I don't know how much the blog will let me copy in with a single entry (it's long) so I may have to split it between several posts...

BBC “Five Live”

Note: All three experienced pundits completely ignore the rule of identifying themselves when speaking on radio. You can tell the interviewer by his accent (although he never once mentions his own name). You have to pick up which speaker is Dave and which is Ridley from context and guesswork.

Interviewer introduces title of book and Dave and Ridley.

Says he’s been looking at “your blog” – no indication of whose.

Interviewer is fascinated by use of verb “Strumpeting”

Dave says they are competing for attention against the squid. The interviewer is puzzled. He obviously hadn’t read that far in the blog and hadn’t followed this top local news story.

Interviewer asks how it’s going on the blogging front and Dave assures him he has Internet access and is able to keep it going.

All three decide to spend an amazing amount of time talking about rugby and illegalities of the game (if any). Dave diplomatically points out that France beating England at anything is tremendously embarrassing. Assures himself of great treatment on a later French book tour.

They discuss differences between rugby and American sports like football. Dave and Ridley’s publicist is no doubt pulling hair out in the next room. Still no mention of the thing they spent all that money to promote.

Either Dave or Ridley says that to play rugby, you “have to be Scotch or British.”

Interviewer quickly points out that Scottish are part of Britain to avoid letters, emails, and bomb threats. Dave and Ridley quickly accuse each other of being the one to make the gaffe.

Interviewer surprisingly brings up the topic of the book. Mentions the title and asks how did it come about?

Dave and Ridley mention the band and the interviewer proudly jumps in with the name “Rock Bottom Remainders.” He has done his research!

Ridley talks about origin of the idea for the book, which pretty much came from his young daughter. It’s not mentioned, but I assume she got no concept royalties.

They wanted to explain the origins and background of the Peter Pan story.

Interviewer challenges them that mysteries often are better left unexplained.

Dave says it was either Peter Pan or Moby Dick. The story of a young whale that grows into… (I think it’s a brilliant concept and can’t wait for it in hardcover)

Interviewer asks if people can legally write stories about Peter Pan?

Not in the UK, but elsewhere. Portions of royalties from book sales in the E.U. are going to Barrie’s hospital beneficiary. Some hemming and hawing as to the altruism or necessity of this fiscal generosity.

More questions about legal research. Sounds of snoring coming from my chair.

The boys mention that Disney underwrote the book and said it was okay. I’m thinking that Disney wouldn’t ever get into a copyright and concept ownership battle. Just forget about the multi-decade Winnie the Pooh fiasco.

Peter Pan goes into public domain in the E.U. in 2007. An act of Parliament has protected it so far. Ridley has done his research too, so there!

The interviewer starts talking about the characters in their book. Captain Hook has a different name because he doesn’t have a hook yet. The boys joke that they thought about calling him Captain Hand. Dave distinctly says they call him the Black Moustache, forgetting that they called him the Black Stache.

Interviewer presses them on another fine point of consistency and the boys quickly say that they didn’t try to write a seamless sequel. The audience’s basic character familiarity may be from various sources… play, story, novella, Disney animated film.

The interviewer drops that thorny subject and asks about the mechanics of writing between the two of them.

Ridley says they set up the basic outline of the story together, then each took a set of major characters and waited until the action moved mainly to those people. One would write a section dealing with the characters, send it to the other, and go back and forth in a ping-pong of writing, editing, and rewriting.

The interviewer points out the coincidence of Dave’s last name sounding (although not being spelled) the same as Barrie’s surname. One of the boys points out that their editor is named Wendy.

Ridley jumps into the discussion by pointing out that he has two last names and Dave has two first names, so there must have been a reason to collaborate. The interviewer is baffled by the comment. It took me three listens to understand the reference.

Disney has options for a film version. There is also some preliminary talk about toying with stage rights for a musical version as well.

The interviewer points out that the last few years has seen many looks at the Peter Pan/Barrie story. Dave says they weren’t jumping on a bandwagon and were unaware of many of the other projects. Their first thought was that this would be a very short children’s book. Never thought it would be a 460-page DISNEY (strange vocal emphasis) novel.

The boys say that they are writing a trilogy of books to bring the Peter Pan character all the way to the first scene of the classic story. The interviewer asks if this the first trilogy of prequels?

Back to the band. No, it was a false start. Had Ridley and Barry thought of collaborating before? Neither had.

They say that the second book went smoother and easier because of their experience on the first one.

The interviewer points out that Star Wars has three prequels, but it’s movies instead of literature. All decide to formally proclaim this the first literary trilogy of prequels.

The interviewer asks about their backgrounds. Dave says that he was a humor columnist and the interviewer interjects “Pulitzer Prize winning!” (more research pays off!). Dave says no one ever checks that kind of claim and recommends that young authors just start saying they have won a Pulitzer.

Ridley says he spent a year at Oxford as the Raymond Chandler Fulbright Fellow there. Are they trying to one-up each other?

Ridley liked Dave’s funny take on the crime mystery genre and contacted him.

Dave says Ridley spends lots of time thinking of good ways to kill people. Post-It notes around his house: “Strychnine”. “Garrote maid”.

Interviewer asks if there is a well-ordered world in crime novels? Ridley says yes and cleverly works in the “20-some books” he’s written. Is he still trying to compete with Dave’s Pulitzer?

Ridley says he will often take a crime idea to a criminal psychologist/psychiatrist and they will scan through their case histories to create a character matching that crime. So his outlandish characters are based in reality.

No doubt because of the purple complexion of the publicist in the background, the interviewer returns to the strumpet cause. “Based on the success of this book, you’d be mad to let this be the last collaboration.” Once this trilogy is completed, of course. Are the other books written? Number two is. Three isn’t.

Interviewer: When the trilogy is done, will they still be talking to each other?

The boys say they will at least be playing music together. They could easily see collaborating on other types of books.

The interviewer asks, “How about the band going on tour and getting other members (specifically Stephen King) to each write a chapter?” The boys say that’s their goal, to get SK into the fold. Just so they can put his name on the cover. Dave suggests they might put his name on the cover anyway. The interviewer mentions Amy Tan and gets zero response from the boys. What’s up with that?

The interviewer asks what are the secrets that are explained in the first book? Answer: How he can fly, where Tinkerbell comes from, where mermaids come from.

So where DOES Tinkerbell come from? “We can’t tell you that! You have to read it! You think we just go around telling people where Tinkerbell comes from? What kind of person would just tell on the radio where Tinkerbell comes from?”

“An author who’s trying to flog their book.” (Ooh! Score one for the interviewer!)

The boys say there is a slim possibility that their awful author band may come to London about this time next year. The interviewer says we should have you back and you can play some music on the program. Dave says, “We actually can’t play music. We can hold the instruments though.”

The interviewer says, “Well, you’ve held the squid from the news headlines for a while.”

Thank you’s all around.

The interviewer closes with “We’ll have Spike Lee in an Arsenal shirt coming up after the news.”

Nice job, Ken; thanks!

Ken sed "...here is my personally biased and commented summary of the interview."

WOW! Ya done good! Thanks!

Ken!!! Are you in prison??!!!

I have my own business and work is a little slow right now. Sad, isn't it? I hope to get to a point whwere I don't have time for this nonsense.

And by "this nonsense," you mean the work, right?

great job, Ken!

*snork* at KDF!

*goes to find some new underwear as he just pi$$ed himself laughing @ Ken!*

Just as long as you're laughing at me and not with me.

Wait a minute...

Kudos and SNORKs to Ken. Thanks!

Completely objective and unbiased SNORK to KDF.

ken: loved it, except for the snarkiness at the adorable ridley who needs not build himself up as he is quite accomplished as well as too cute for words. (tell him, ladies!)

No offense intended. Just my way of exercising what's left of my wit. About half, I'd say. I'm sure Ridley is a swell guy who I'd probably quite like if I met him at a party. I just don't like putting in little emoticons with winks and eyebrows in order to show that a comment is not meant as abusive. Apologies to all, especially the Ridmeister.

"Can't we all just get along?"

The adorable Ridley is quite accomplished at being too cute for words. Now please don't put me in your next scary book, Ridley, 'cause you'll totally freak out my parents.

Ken, we know it was your undying admiration and deep love for Ridley that motivated you to write this summary. Ya done good, kid.

And, :)

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