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March 13, 2006


Is it almost 2:15 in the UK? If so, go here now!

UPDATE: Ooops. Sounds like we have an hour to wait.

UPDATE: Oooops. This was posted by judi, not Dave. Mea culpa.


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Well, no Real Audio here on my office 'puter, so I'm SOL (the IT Gestapo blocks user-installed software). Is today's celeb someone we know?

wellll... not so far, but it should be! ;)

if i can get dreamweaver to work, it will be updated here as well: http://www.davebarry.com/events.html

It's 9:20am EST where I am. I think you're 6 hours ahead in which case, I missed it. I think.

(But I'm listening anyway, just in case.)

I have to figure this correctly in order to listen. Now they are ahead of Greenich meant time, right? Therefore we need factor in a nine hour differential, figure out if they are on daylight savings and then....oh crap, they are on the metric system over there. Now my numbers are all screwed up.

time change has always been five hours from me to the UK, which from 9:25 seems it would be 2:25 but maybe they delay the radio for an hour? i don't know.

judi-are you listing? Right now, I'm hearing talk about UN and Iran.

I am experiencing Technical Difficulties;

I would like to listen, however as everyone knows, the Electricity is bigger over there.

btw, *I* blogged that, not dave. sorry. i was logged in as dave. sorry for the confusion. i had better get to work. anyway it should be on in about an hour 'cause they keep saying it's 1:20 and stuff... so they should be on around 2 or 2:15 radio-show time :)

Judi, is there a time-travel machine involved? Because my handy dandy World Clock Widget™ says it's 2:42PM over there.

*swats birdies circling head*

For those that can listen, I noticed that there is an email link and a phone number (for those who like to call the UK) to contribute to the show at the bottom of the linked BBC page.

It might be pretty cool to have a Bloglit or two contribute!

Judi? So...you're too busy to blog here at work? Do you... Do you need an assistant? *batting eyelashes* ;)

And there is a webcam too, although I haven't seen Dave or Ridley on yet.

The current time in London is....

krap - I am in the same boat as Mad - no real audio... only the fake kind on this computer. I'll have to listen when I get home and can boot up Frankenstein Mark 4 (thats my home computer which was built from spare parts of other computers - now a total of at least 8 seperate dead computers involved)

psst....gambling, I think some imodium would clear that right up for you.

now go away.

Oh, dear! Traffic alert. Avoid the Castle Junction. Right-o.

I think we missed Dave, but it is a available for download,
as well as a podcast subscripion.

*snork* @ Lucy

Ok, I can see Dave and Ridley's head, I think. It may be somebody else. But it is definately the tops of someone's head.

(go to webcam link on top right, right click to open in new window, click the camera box "2" to see them)

Well, there's a fine "how-do-you-do". They're broadcasting from New York City...the UN Building as a matter of fact.

Perhaps Dave has the address wrong?

If you can get it, click HERE NOW and then the link for the Real Audio stream. The lads are strumpeting at this moment (9:58am, Eastern Standard Time, USA).

And.....that's all she wrote. Go go for the download when available.

DANG! Is it over? Is it over?

I second KDF's *snork* @ Lucy!

I left it on playing in the background on my moniter. Did you hear that traffic report?? All their highways have names like "the A15" and the "M5" and they kept saying "there's a que where the M6 meets the M5". Anyone else hear it?

*blushes* at the double snork.

zips off to work....

Hopes everyones day is a snorky one!

Wait - we're being left without a psychiatrist? This is worrisome.....

M roads are freeways. When visiting the UK please note you drive on the Left on A roads and on the Right on M roads.

I don't do Real Player. It ruined my last computer.

*zips over to judi's link to see what's there*

Dr. Acula, is that "left" and "right" in the metric sense?

jeeze - I think I will save myself the hassle and just stay on the sidewalks like I do here.

*note to self - stay away from sidewalks in Baltimore*

Oh well, I'll have to go for the download this evening at home, I guess.

Comments on Comments:
-Dr. Acula, my suggestion for driving in the UK is "DON'T!"
-Blue, I have to say being without the blog's resident shrink is no big deal. She hasn't helped people here a bit! Everyone but me is STILL crazy.
-Coast, I can relate to your Mark 4 -- been there, done that. My second computer particularly (MANYMANY years ago) was made from assorted parts that Fred Sanford would have been proud of.

And, a belated "FIRST!!"

No, that is left and right in the Imperial sense. As in "can't you see that notice saying keep to your left? so keep to my right you idiot!"

smart move southerngirl

Is anyone but me somewhat disturbed to find out that "judi" has the capability to post as "Dave", and, one would presume, vice versa?

Did the solid ground under your feet shake just a tiny bit? Mine did.

Many questions come to mind.


Actually, Laynie: Yes.

Then again, we always suspected Judi was the power behind the throne.

I guess meaning she's the one who remembers to jiggle the handle?

You did tell her this was her chance of a lifetime, El.

El - the thought crossed my mind as well, and if we hearken back a few days when there was a bit of an identity crises on the Blog, now maybe we know why.

Why does everything always come back to me?

*Note - that was a question*

"Blue" is always the answer and the question.

From 4:07 thru 9:15 I was absent from this neighborhood of the blog (note available on request). From then on, please interpret any further silence as astonishment.

*Gazes at navel in awe of newly realized status*

Well. You asked.

Testing, Testing. Please ignore this post. If it actually works.

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