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March 19, 2006


In a crushing blow to American pride, Shahimi Abdul Hamid has broken the record set by Gordon Cates of Florida.


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eeeeeeewwwwww *shudder*

*crosses another name off potential husband list*

*snork* @ Dave for this post

kisssss thissss


Asked why he did such a dangerous act on Saturday

Yeah, because Friday would be bad, but Saturday? That's just NUTS!

I would like to note that the ATTACK STEALTH MIME ROBOTIC POMPADOR COW OF DOOM! COULD BREAK 251 in three minutes.

WTD?? That's the whole article? Where's the rest of the 411?

*virtually kisses Dave's feet and bows down before him for saving us by posting*


Thank you, Dave. Please don't leave us alone that long again.

Scary things happen when you do.

Yeah, Alfred talks to himself.

Gives a whole new meaning to telling someone you'd rather kiss a snake.

I've had to delete everything I've started to post in the last three minutes because none of it passed the PIFOD test* Proof positive that our standards sag when we're left to amuse ourselves too long.

*posting in front of Dave

*waits for Adonis to translate Bumble's post into something relating to his POP-TART*

Does Adonis know about the toaster experiment?

Welcome home. Happy dejetlagging.

El~ Don't give him any ideas. I'm afraid I've already done too much damage in that area in the previous thread. Giving him ideas, I mean.

Also: Remember that preacher of whom I spoke in the previous thread? He told this joke. I don't know why, as it had no reference I could see to his sermon topic, not that I was listening to closely.

A snake charmer married an undertaker. Their towels read "hiss" and "hearse."


Betsy~ If he does, he's very brave. Got a spare toaster?

6:30 post edit: "listening too closely..."

is Dave coming home? he may need this:

"Spanish: He Perdido La Maleta...
Português: Eu perdi minha mala/bagagem/sacola
Français: J’ai perdu ma valise
Deutsch: Ich habe meinen Koffer verloren...
English: I have lost my suitcase...

ok. i really have to go now. have fun y'all!

Betsy, I'm thinkin' "NO"

and since I love the robot so much...

*sits back, cracks a beer, and waits for "Adonis with the capital "A" to respond"


Bumble, did he write it on a chalkboard or did he spell the words so the congregation could "get it"?

El~ He didn't have to. When we all groaned, he knew we got it.

Well, I have no idea about the "toaster experiment", but I'm pretty sure I would pass, 'cause I have a HUGE poptart! Also, I have a ASMRPCOD! (pronounced a-smerp-cod)

Adonis~ Dave did a scientific experiment proving that pop-tarts are highly flammable and will shoot impressive heights of flame from toasters when left in too long. Remember when we were talking about torture? :-)

ACK! NOOOOOOOO! I'm sure my ASMRPCOD! shoots impressive heights of flame also! And TOW missles!

Adonis is thisclose to being sent to his room.


Sorry El. Wouldn't you be excited if you had a cool ASMRPCOD! though? But I will settle down. I promise.

Cut that out! You are not worthy of my cute kitty face.

No, really.

Really, I apologise.

Apologies are great and all, Adonis, but now you need to surrender the weapon.

What weapon? Oh that! No, that's just a cow with a bad haircut. I swear.

ok, I just wanted to send a message to "Adonis with the capital A", but when I googled, (get yer minds out of the gutter, people), this is what came up, and ISIANMTU.

Hey baby!

"Image not available" ...

hmmm ... that's ... um ... not very ... interesting ... merely sayin' ...

well thanks, U.O - why don'tcha just tell everybody that linky no worky...

oh, wait, they probably know now, huh?


psst...Adonis...cool logo! ;)

Hey, adonis.

We are tired of the not-so-cute-anymore kitty. Lose it.

*decides to make a quick fact finding trip to Malaysia to find out the secret of this snake kisser's astonishing feat. will report back soon*


psst... thanks. It's stamped on the underside of the ASMRPCOD! Of course since it belongs to the A-Team, it also has this, because it is Alfred's logo, and that.

btw, U.O, we missed ya!

Lost El. I promise.

*returns from fact finding trip to Malaysia with this report:

Shahimi Abdul Hamid has breath that would paralyze a snake!


*anticipates hearing about Stupe Man's next superhero adventure, and prematurely, tho not without merit, "snork"s*

Decides not to make a comment about Bumble's "I'd rather kiss a snake" remark, but only 'cause she's so cute.

Way to take the high road, S-man. ;)

tnx sg -- been just lazyin' around ... gotta get some writing done tomorrow ... after the dentist appointment ...

Well, your witty and erudite comments are always appreciated O the U.

Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?

because snakes are the bread and butter of the blog

Snake butter?


i hope the guinness people realize the 'apples and oranges' incompatability of the two records. Mr. Abdul Hamid kissed one snake 51 times and perhaps has some affinity for that particular animal. Mr. Cates kissed 11 different, slutty, snakes and ... who am i kidding? they're both nuts!

and did they both give tongue?

insom - No they did not, but the snakes all did.

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