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March 17, 2006


Who do you root for if you're a gay Muslim?

(Thanks to Tom Delaney)


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"A Latin team along with a team of all-women players has also been assembled for the government-sponsored competition."
Who speaks Latin anymore?

One thing you can be sure of, you will have no trouble spotting the fans for either team.

". . .the Police Research Academy..."

I'm just glad they didn't use Police Research Academy II or III. They really sucked.

*snork* at Lairbo

Hmmm... soccer. Isn't that the sport where you have the scrum which basically looks like a gay orgy to begin with? And now you're having a gay versus muslim scrum?

This is going to violate some religious tenants for sure.

Don't care WHO'S playing, soccer isn't worth watching.

After all the riots because of publishing likenesses of the Prophet Mohammud (sp?), you'd think they'd tread lightly on Muslim sensibilities.

*Muslim Scrum* WBAGNFARB.

RE: Muslim Scrum... so much for treading lightly huh?

SN, pretty sure you're thinking of Rugby.

*2nd's Mr. C's comment*

What to do if you're a gay Muslim? Wait for them to make a housecall for your personal beheading, I suppose.

OK...what the f*ck is "comment spam", and if it's suddenly illegal, the future of blogging appears to be in serious jeopardy.

Gay Muslims can take their choice of teams.

Let's hear it for diversity!! :)

Betsy - if you post twice in quick succession, the robot will intervene to make sure you are a real person. It drives me crazy during 24, because the show moves faster than the robot will all us to post.

CR - "so much for treading lightly huh"

Going for a *balanced* post.

Bets - Comment Spam

yes, this is a good idea, since soccer fans are known for their ability to take good-natured kidding...

and who would referee? a fundamentalist Christian?

'that player was clearly offside. and you're all going to Hell'

Thanks for that, pogo. I'm relatively new to blogging, so didn't know all of that.

I have this funny image in my head of a bunch of gay guys running around on the field, flapping their arms and trying to avoid the ball. And a bunch of muslims standing there, hands on hips, yelling "kick the ball, dammit!"

(Sorry to any gay people out there. I'll send myself to diversity class.)

Gay Muslims can take their choice of teams

Wouldn't that technically make them bi, not gay?

I think if they gave the gay team pink feather boas and the Muslim team swords this would be one heck of an interesting game scrum or not.

*joins Lisa in diversity class*

Didn't we just read about a video they make people watch.

I often wonder if it is accepting diversity to point out ones differences.

*wonder what answer Alfred will give to Alfred's wondering*

Forget the players - beware the fans. Though I'd really love to see the drag queens when it's time to kneel towards Mecca to pray.

Wouldn't they be wearing kefas? You wouldn't know if they where men, women, or Michael Jackson.

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