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March 29, 2006


We are fairly certain this has been blogged before, but what the heck.

(Thanks to Chatmal)


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Just don't get too close to the giraffe cage at the zoo.

Access to http://hatsofmeat.com/ for user (me)has been denied for the following reason:
The Websense category "Tasteless" is filtered.

"Hats Of Meat" WBAGNFARB

Actually, CR, they look quite tasty!

psssst... Dave, yes this has been blogged before, meathead!


DJ - that page actually was filtered by the office web filter. I gotta wait til I get home LATE 2night to view the tasty tops.

Is it okay to wear sirloin after Labor Day?

Ok, I'm not hungry anymore.

Except maybe for the guy in the Brisket Yarmulke.

The Big Brother software at work blocked me from seeing the link, saying that the category " Tasteless" was blocked. Was it talking about the meat?

"So I was rappelling off a water tower in my boxers, like ya do, when this bird..."

"Dude, here comes Jim and he's got a...what the duck?"

"Dear God, Jim. What's that on your head?"

"Don't be alarmed. It's my new salami hat!"

"No, on the hat. That looks like a rare Bifurcated Norwegian Pooting Beetle. I'm catching that baby!"


"I've gotta get new friends."

LAIRBO -- Sirloin is fine, it is white meat after labor day that is wrong.

and when you're done you can donate your old hats to either Goodwill or the Sizzler!!!

I went to the "FAQs" page, half expecting to see the question I was asking in my head the instant I followed the link:

Any chance that these hats started out in a petrie dish?

Q: How can I combat the foul smell that sometimes comes with older hats of meat?

A: A simple solution is to lightly baste your hats of meat with barbecue sauce, teriyaki or other aromatic marinades.

Mmmmmmmm....barbeque sauce....

"Throw another Hat of Meat on the barbie, hun...company's coming..."

ick. i guess that's what i get from reading this at lunchtime....

My only question is...why?

That's your only question? Did you even see the website?

Uhhh, djtonyb, you must have meant Ms. Stealth Meathead, di'n'tcha?


It isn't often that her Stealthness reblogs something. I just assumed. Many apologies to His Blogness.

I guess they set their stakes high on this one.

I'm pretty sure Mark Twain never said that.

Lairbo, you can wear dark meat after Labor Day.

And yeah, I'd like to see where Mark Twain said that.

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