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March 24, 2006


Cafeteria Hijinks at Fort Defiance High

(Via Mr. Gene Weingarten, and also Elaine at the Times-Dispatch)


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In the students defense, it is "Fort Defiance High"... They were just acting out their alma mater's motto, I'm sure.

I do feel sorry for the lunch ladies, though...

(Cue Adam Sandler)

I know how you boys like them extra sloppy...

OK, so my last comment had to go through the "are you a spam robot?" test. And the picture was so grainy, that I got it wrong the first time. Does that mean I am a robot?

"Chip Hill?" As in "Cowchip Hill?" And "Shiflett"? As in "I don't give a Shiflett?"
I think some little boy needs to work in the cafeteria for a while....or maybe clean toilets for 6 months. Instead they just transfer her. Something stinks, and it ain't lunch.

I'm still trying to figure out how the cafeteria worker got fired for trying to break up a fight. Geez lady, next time just sell tickets.

Fivver, I too am trying to figure out what is so special about the guidance counselor's son that everyone he has conflict with is punished and he isn't. Hmmmmm.

And if she sold tickets, she'd probably get promoted. ;)

After my experience at school, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a guidance counselor is good for... Never did much for me.

I vaguely remember one trip to his office and don't recall the conversation.

I aint got sh!t on this one.

It's probably for his own good that the kid has been sent to a new school. If he'd stayed at Fort Defiance High (cool name though; which John Wayne pic was that in?), he'd have earned and had to live with the nickname "Sh*t-for-lunch".

based on my experience with school cafeteria food, I want to know how anyone could tell the difference?

Considering how many people declined to speak there sure was a lot of speaking going on.

Annie, I'm with you. That kid was rude and deserves more than just a transfer.

I hate to say, "what's the matter with kids today?" But...what the hell's the matter with kids today?!


what the hell's the matter with kids today?!

This, um... crap:

The guidance counselor refused to comment but denied the feces incident occurred.

This school is an administrative and leadership mess. Fire the lot and start over.

That school needs to spend some time with Dr. Phil so he can kick all their a$$es to the curb.

Spiny-Point taken.

"THE BIRTH OF SOS" (any ex-gi will get the reference)
Staring Paris Hilton as the cafeteria food cop,
Pee Wee Herman as the brazen s**tster.
Music by Barry Manilow.
Barry Minilow 2005 calenders available at the snack bar, Still only $10.00

I hope Dave didn't post this because he thought the kids' behavior was funny. All three boys should be expelled and not allowed back, the ones who verbally insulted the cafeteria workers should be suspended and only allowed back if they make public apologies. The principal and the school district should apologize to all the cafeteria workers for having to endure demeaning and insulting behavior in the workplace. Parents should attend the next school board meeting and ask what steps the school is taking to ensure that all its employees are treated with dignity by students and administration alike. A principal who would laugh at behavior like this should not be a principal.

A former high school teacher

it was a fine lunch... for me to poop on!

JEK: Chill out, nurse Ratched!

Also, I can't believe I'm the first one to say: "the Feces Incedent" wbagnfaralbum. No shit.

Considering the stuff that used to come out of our cafeteria, I'd say what that kid sent in shouldn't have been nearly as traumatic on the staff as they're making it out to be.

Excrement Bowl WBAGNFARB

And Dave, you shoulda warned us on that one. Ick.

The phone book in every small town in that part of Virginia has about 40 pages of "Shiflet". There just aren't enough branches on that family tree.

Yay for the boys who defended their mothers' honor! Chivalry is not dead!

It's easy to read this newspaper story and put down Fort Defiance High and principal Chip Hill. As a journalist working nearby, however, I see things differently. For instance, when Hill didn't deny laughing, as the article says, it's probably because he said 'no comment' about the whole situation. Honestly, if someone came to me and said Bob just crapped in a bowl, I would laugh too. Not out of disrespect, but just because the situation is sort of funny. Isn't almost every comment on this site poking fun at the whole thing?

The problem is that the principal is now the subjct of a transfer within the school system. It's a transfer that he didn't want. But looking at his performance at Fort over the last five years, is it a deserved transfer? Or is he unwillingly taking the blame for the disruptive behavior of a few students? If so, how do you train an administrator for instances like this?

One problem is that too often teachers and administrators are blamed for the behavior of students. The blame should first fall on the student in question, then on the parents. Teachers and administrators can only do so much. Even parents have limited control over their child's action when it is under the direct influence of peer pressure.

That's enough for now.

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