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March 23, 2006


Not only did Audrey sell the schematics, but it turns out Chloe is actually an actress pretending to be Chloe.

(Thanks to Alan Beveridge)


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Funny? Engaging? She's one hell of an actress I must say.

Yeah...most assuredly first, at this hour. I could have taken time to read the whole article, and diagram all the sentences. I don't get the part about the guy in her bed, however. Was Edgar in her bed? If so, are the springs still o.k.?
My only problem with Chloe is that the plot demands that she wear the same clothes for the whole day/season, and I really hate that little embroidered sweater-y thing she's wearing.
OK...NOW I'm going back to bed. If Edgar is there, he can just shove over.

She's going to need some serious Botox treatment when she is killed off -- or the series ends, whichever comes first.

No, it is a vicious rumor...no one could ACT that badly!

Why do I feel like I just found Dad's Santa Claus outfit hidden in the garage? Except for the bit about her having a psychic, she seemed pretty okay by Hollywood Wackjob standards, but still.

"Upload the drive to my socket. Access code 5J55J."

Should I be ashamed that it arouses me to hear her say this? I'll just refrain from any hard drive--floppy-spreadsheet comments

What's a "plummy" chuckle?

I think James T. Kirk's old script. Writers wrote. That article. Convincingly.

I just loved this article.

(straightens jacket, flips hair...off to work)

Uh-oh. Dave you blew my cover by posting my real name. I was supposed to be presumed dead until next season. Now the terrorists of doom know my secret identity and will hunt me down with the canisters of death.

*goes to inquire about plastic surgery and getting a new identity*

Does this mean that Chloe is going to die?

Hey, Al, with a name like that you should have automatic blogging rights, here.

Al - I blew my cover a few weeks ago too by forgetting to sign my e-mail with my super-secret code name, I will never be the same again. I knew the horror of seeing my real name would blow over though... By now everyone has forgotten that I am Polish.

DAMN - ummm disregard my previous post please. I MEANT to say that everyone has forgotten that I am left handed!

So two left handed guys walk into a bar...

Nope, Coast, doesn't have the same ring to it ;)

nft thrt thres anyrhfhg wring weth that!

(stupid right-handed keyboards)

We wouldn't have known that ArcticAl and Alan Beverage (did I spell that ritgh?) were the same if he hadn't told us.

You can still find her Conan appearance on Youtube.com. She really is very funny.

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