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March 23, 2006


We have no idea what this is about. But clearly we should all be alarmed.

(Thanks to Will Dwayer)


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This is not only frightening, but judging from the last sentence, this fly is somehow involved in "24".

P.S. I like that the scientist's specialty apparently involves lasering eyeglasses onto extremely small insects. Where would I look in the phone book for that particular specialty, should I have need of such services?

Well that was incomprehensible. But given the picture, I assume they're creating fly nerds. Fly lockers and fly bullies will not be far behind.

To be really useful, the "scientists" should have made the glasses fit the fly's eyes better. But then the fly would have looked like a dork, and we wouldn't want that.

Wow, that automatic translation really works. I wonder if they use it at the UN?

Wouldnt contact lenses be better, of course it would take hours to put them on.

"Where the scientist is special"? Aren't they all?

This sounds like something that would have been on "MST3K". I love it!

"Joke of eye origin"

So they discovered where all the eye jokes come from?

This is too, too much too handle the day after American Idol when that Chicken Little guy got voted off. Too, too much.

I just dont see the humor.

That's superfly.

I happened watching T.V. during the wee hours of last night. I have discovered that I must be alarmed about;

1. Bird Flu
2. Massive Underground Volcano's
3. My sons teacher trying to "get busy" with him.
4. Hillary Clinton (according to FOX)

and now I have to add

5. Flies wearing glasses.

It's a good thing I don't overreact to these things...*wanders off to duct tape the windows and buy all the canned spam available.

Now really, Dave, if you're going to post pictures of Kevin Federline, shouldn't you use a "Bulletin" headline?

Even fly sensitiveness to joke of eye origin -. Using the laser technology where the scientist is special...

I want this translation program on all of my bookmarked news sites. Maybe all my bookmarked sites in every category.

Has Gary Larson taken up insect cloning?

ps: I thought the glasses made him look, well, "fly". [ducks]

SNORK @ Leetie

"The Dork Flies" WBAGNFARB

Image all the riducule he's going to get from his friends.

Ha-Ha 248 eyes, 248 eyes...

Fly children can be so cruel.

I'll have to check my schedule to see if I'm free on 20-25th o'clock of 10 19 minute intervals

i think i dated this guy once....

SNORK @ MartinShark

Snork @ MartiniShark and artchick!

(My third blogged article. Yay!)

I think the fly looked funky. Perhaps the motto of that particular group of scientists should be "Helping your fly get down."

All I get is this

There is no article, there is a possibility of being already deleted

If I am already deleted, then Jack Bauer must be nearby. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, DAVE!!!

Article has been deleted.

...there is a possibility of being already deleted

That says it all...

All your deleted belong to us.

"Image continues still here."
As google's translater might put it.

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