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March 29, 2006


Hooters Air is downsizing cutting back.

(Thanks to Jim Korenthal)


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I am at a loss for words.

Hooter's Air goes bust?

First Song Air and now Hooters.
It is a sad day for the airline industry

Thanks Dave for keeping us abreast of the news!

I wish I thought of that.
Snork @ Fivver.

I always heard that Hooter's was famous for their wings.

hmmmm - Hooters is going


THERES an interesting thought!

I am sorry to say that I have flown Hooters Air...the
Hooters girls are very, very perky. Even at 4 am.

I'll bet the floatation devices will be Ebay collectibles.

"in the event of a water landing, your flight attendant may be used as a flotation device"

Perhaps the problem was that the employees were a bunch of boobs!

A story about Hooters Air, and all we get is one picture of two Hooters girls from the back?! What shoddy reporting.

"Please return your flight attendant to her full upright and locked position."

Goodby Hooters Air and 'thanks for the mammaries!'

I never thought I'd miss potty jokes, but you guys....
*shakes head*

And I would go Annie Where for love...
But I won't go There.
NO NO NO I WONT go There!

Knockers of this airline may be reminded that other airlines have not been doing so well either.

fivver *snork*
but the male passengers might also be in an upright and locked position!

Some quotes:

In the case of Hooters, there's a double whammy.

Oh. ... --- ... Really? (Not Realie)

and ...

Fewer flights mean fewer people coming to the destination ...

Really? Dang, I hate it when that happens!

and ...

We're going to put it to bed ...

... um ... nevermind ...

I know some passengers who will be melancholy.

The areola uh, AIRline industry has been experiencing a hangover for years.

I think it was Freud who first proposed the theory of fuselage envy. --Dennis Miller

(mild caution on link) Might be a good thread for a random ramparts pic. We may've seen these (I mean this) before.

Coco Tea? Boy, I bet that tastes ... um ... nevermind ...

Binkley: (reading People Magazine aloud next to sleeping dad) Sez here Mariel Hemingway got implants for her next movie. Hmmmm... I wonder what they could have implan... *turns page* Good Lord! They've implanted cantaloupes!

"In the case of Hooters, there's a double whammy...


I'm surprised to hear Hooters Air wasn't more of a success. I thought it had big things in front of it.

*walks in, checks comments, realizes he would only get in deeper, leaves*

I think this calls for a moment of silence and deep contemplation as to the unbearable loss suffered by all

Alright, let's see if I got this right. The moral of this storey , if there is one, is Dont Hesitate To pull Out?

And so the jet age emerges from the decollet-age.

Sarasmo,Thumbs up to your eye for detail!

Speaking of detail, I MEANT to thank Sarcasmo.

Am I'm sure you guys only flew that airline for the good food.

Am you really sure?

BM, I am. Am you sure you want to pick on me?

Yes she am.

Annie, am pretty sure he am sure too.

they had food too?

T-bone, the next time I'm in ND, I'm going to smack you. :)

Personally, I only ever flew on that airline for the articles ...

*suddenly hungry for wings*

*suddenly hungry for good taste...goes looking for Charlie Tuna*

While I normally eschew bringing a topic as divisive as politics into an otherwise congenial gathering of high-minded individuals, I feel compelled to state my belief that this NEVER would have happened under Bill Clinton's administration...

MKJ Sorry, I can't help myself by taking this opportunity to one-up, er I mean two-up you. :)

Still pals?

Elenaor yes

Sorry, Dave and Judi. Someone scooped me on breast related news.

I'm just guessing here that the cabin's of Hooters Air were probably a few degrees cooler than other airlines...


"Attention passengers. For those of you on the right side of the plane, you can currently see a gorgeous panarama of the Rocky Mountains, tinged with the last rays of golden sunlight playing along its majestic ridges. You on the left can see the Eiffel Tower and Gibralter, as well as the worlds largest pretzel, King Kong, and Elvis."

"You're all just looking at the tits, aren't you?"

Elenaor: if you play your cards right . . .
Oh, who'm I kiddin' . . .


A-w-b-h: Some peopel consider it an honor to be the beneficiary of my pedantry. I, of course, single out no one for derision, as all are fair game, though some are fairer than others by virtue of their own misjudgments.

Your implied threat to destabilize the well-earned solidarity of my blog brethren and sisteren through use of inflammatory initials is, to say the least, unwise. Should this continue, as I strongly hope it does not, I will be forced to unleash lethal countermeasures, by which many will suffer. Out of respect for blogkind, I ask that you withdraw your weapons without delay.


You two ... tsk, tsk, tsk ...

Is an@l-retentive hyphenated? Anyone? Ferris? Carousel? Ferris?

So...in keeping with the spirit of this thread (and Jay Leno's famous observation)

Did Hooters...pop out? fall out? or drop out? of service?

A wbh ... HAR!

'minds me of the old joke with the grungy guy at a study table in the library, and he's writing something ... then he says to the LIbrarian, "Does 'ransom' have one M or two?"

SORNK@ Awbh. Am I'm also reminded of the Woody Allen "I've got a gub" bank robbery note in Take The Money And Run. Hilarious.

*overheard at the Hooters counter*

"Two pickets to Tittsburgh, please"

*Fires Layzeeboy a rimshot*

*SORNK* is the new *SNORK*

Love it.

Gee, I thought we'd still be milking this one.
*runs like a bunny*

Hooters Air went tits up.

Dang, no Hooters airline, and apparently no Hooters interplanetary shuttle service either...

...or maybe they'll have to find girls with all-natural assets instead of silicone and plastic-enhanced bimbos...now that's a nice thought!

Went into Victoria's secret once, was approached by a sales clerk offering to let me feel of the new water-filled falsies. I left her with her mouth hanging open, "No thanks, I grew my own."

Hooters Schmooters...they all head south in the end.

What about all my thousands of frequent flyer miles?

You mentioned Jim Korenthal in your March 29th Blog and I wonder if it is the same Jim who used to own Korenthal Associates in NY and wrote the software PHDBase odd on for Vsual Foxpro. If it is could you please pass on my contact details and ask him to contact me.


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