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March 29, 2006


Jack Kiefer has built a recording studio.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I'd be the first to listen.

I'll second that!

"Can we put another track on the song, Kiefer?"

"No!!!!, There's no time!!!!

The label says it's a 46 minute album, but it really lasts the better part of 4 months.

*croak from the back of the geezer bug*Will he record 'Chloe'?

Damn! Those guitars are seven years older than he is!

Is he gonna call it "The Sutherland Vocal Band"

Aaaa-aa-aa-afternoon Deliiiiight

It’s so he can record his lines for next season when his character is completely computer animated.

points to fivver for the Spike Jones reference!!

Does this mean that there's going to be a tender scene with Jack and Audrey where Kiefer's voice sings a cover of "Looks Like We Made It" in the background?

And now that that's in your head, wouldn't a thigh shot be more bearable?

A few singles from his first CD:

Bullseye on Your Thigh
My Tears Fall Like (Audrey) Raines'

and the rock anthem...


"No Time" is a song, isn't it? It's from my era, so somebody here on the Geezer bus should remember who (Probably not the Who, but you never know....) did it...

Nope Kathy not The Who - Guess Who it is and ya get a prize though!

Spike Jones! You don't say! You don't say! Who was it? He didn't say!

Who's on First ... merely sayin' ...

and ... from quotes:

I made it from scratch - not only is it functional but it's quite beautiful. I'm pretty proud of that.

Yeah, I bet he hammered every nail and sawed every board ... yup ... he's got a right to be proud of that ...

and ...

They play amazingly too ...

Guitars that play ... whut ... guitars? Who knew?

(I know, Who's on First. Or did I mention that already?)

How many songs have lyrics with, "put your hands where I can see them"?

I was gonna make a joke about how "Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them" would probably be a Prince song. But then I did a Google search and found these actual lyrics in a song (if you can call it that) by the rap artist (if you can call it that) Ludacris.

I'd post the lyrics, but I think this here's a family blog, so I'll spare ya. But trust me, it's in there...

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