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March 16, 2006


Wanna go Dutch?

(Thanks to Poop Dogg)


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I love the caption for the photo to the right -
"A woman wearing a Muslim head scarf walks past a lingerie advertisement"
How long did they have to hang around for THAT set of circumstances to present itself?

So perhaps porn is part of the entrance exam?

OK, two guys kissin', and then a topless woman emerging from the water - how can this not be viewed as a win-win? I mean, the two guys kissin' are cleary not interested in the topless chick - which means they are clearly not competition

I've been to Amsterdam, home of Heineken, Amstel, and the hash bar.

IMO, watching a movie would be worth it.

Oh, ok, If I have to I'll watch....

citizens of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are exempt.... ummm can I watch it anyway?

Embrace "Modernity"? Was she there?

I could have been the first to comment on the new Dutch policy of requiring you to buy their porn before moving there if not for the meddling proxy server!

Ah well, such is life.

Can I still buy the Dutch porn anyway?

Funny that the U.K. isn't listed among the exempt. Why?

MOTW - 'Cause the Brits aren't nearly as open-minded as us Americans.

*tongue planted firmly in cheek*

"There are some major exemptions. EU nationals, asylum-seekers and skilled workers who earn more than $54,000 per year will not be required to take the 30-minute computerized exam."

The UK is part of the EU. But you knew that.

I might be technically exempt, but I may have hidden intolerances. I think I should be forced to watch it just to make sure I don't.

You suppose they think that anybody who's offended won't apply for residency???

I'm a little worried about their marketing sense. That lingerie ad behind the burkha babe featured a company named "VD."

daisy-That looks like the plan. Of course, if I were a terrorist planning to blow someone up, I'd probably fake it. Right?

Maybe they hook the participants up to lie-detector equipment. ;-)

Annie - *snork!*

and another odd thing about the picture with the Muslim lady - The magazine the billboard is advertising is called Fashion Week, but she is covering up just the right letters, and the lighting & backround makes the F hard to see right away, so all that is left to see is "asheek" - coincidence?

Lisa - "Maybe they hook the participants up to lie-detector equipment." LOL

I imagine everybody trying to immigrate would lie. That's why it doesn't make sense as a deterent policy. Can you imagine showing anything to people entering this country that would deter them from coming (nevermind that they've probably already seen everything anyway)?

CR - how do you know she's a Muslim lady. She could be Latin.

Mr. C, I've been to Amsterdam too, loved it! I recall particularly walking down the street in the old town and passing a storefront with a mannequin displaying lingerie, not really paying attention. When I caught movement out of the corner of my eye it suddenly dawned on me, it weren't no mannequin, and she weren't sellin' no lingerie.

I also remember the Grotto restaurant where we were waited on by a breathtaking bit of young Dutch scenery who had huge... tracts of land. An educated guess led us to believe the less-young but also quite scenic person of the decidedly female gender in the back was her Mother. I think we had some food there, but that part I'm not so sure of...

I'm a little worried about their marketing sense. That lingerie ad behind the burkha babe featured a company named "VD."
Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 02:06 PM on March 16, 2006

In the vernacular of the region it is venerische ziekte, VZ.
Don't worry, Annie, be happy.

daisymae - just goin with the info provided on the caption - see my FIRST post.

Ah, my ethnic homeland always does me proud. The tone of the article made it sound like they want to temper immigration, but once word gets out they are offering Cinemax At Night they could have a spike in applications.

What more would you expect from a country that produces some of the most revered beer in the world, and it is made by monks?

CR - gotcha. I thought you meant the woman in the pink bra was Muslim.

*SNORK!!* & a rimshot 4 daisy

How does this change things - if an immigrant comes over and shoots someone because they're wearing objectionable (perhaps mismatched) lingerie, are the fashion police gonna say, "Didn't you watch the movie - you're supposed to be tolerant - shame, shame, naughty, naughty!" Isn't there already a law against shooting someone?

Perhaps I missed it...I couldn't help but notice that the fee is $420...in Amsterdam...is this coincidence?

daisy-I know, it all boils down to just another excuse for T&A! ;-) Or just "T" as the case may be.

*ohh excuse me, tea anyone?*

$420 Ducth oven. You provide the heat. We provide the reason why.

Funny that the U.K. isn't listed among the exempt. Why?

First of all Brits are EU national, even if you don't like to admit it. And second the British crown descends through William of Orange, not to mention the vikings. I wouldn't be surprised if the Dutch consider England and Scotland a province of theirs.

that stuff don't work.

we've got hillary clinton and they STILL keep pouring in.

And by Ducth, you mean Dutch, right Al?

Long tall - you're right. I heard Cheney saw a whole bunch of movies like that, and he still shot someone.

Yeah its Dutch. Must have typed it in my sleep.

*raises hand*

I've been there 3 times, once in January when it was -20F, brrrrrrrrr. Good thing there were so many coffee *ahem* shops to stop in and warm up. :)

Memory: Eating hash cookie while walking to the Van Gogh Museum, then looking at allllll the pretty pictures! Doesn't get much better!!

And the best eating in Amsterdam IMO is rijsttafel
, with which you have to drink lots and lots of beer because everything is very spicy! Good Times!

El- Wow Van Gogh paintings as he saw it.

To add to Elanor's touting, there is Dutch chocolate, Dutch vodka, and--bliss in a bottle--Dutch chocolate vodka.


Delicious and potent to the extent you might be driving for food in your sleep.

Martini, my son lives in Amsterdam and he sends me the big Chocolate Initials by Droste every year for Hanukkah along with other traditional Dutch "Christmas" stuff.
Someday would you like to have a discussion about St. Nick and Piet, which I still don't fully understand. :)

What good is your living in the third world
Come here the music play!
Come to the Netherlands old chum
Have fun in the Netherlands!

There's good beer and drugs and most all kinds of s*x
(For some of them, you must pay)
But life in the Netherlands won't suck
(unless you might swing that way)

Just watch a film
Take an exam
If it don't get your blood a-boilin'
Then soon some girls you might be oilin'

Though we used to be quite Calvinist
We've gone to a brighter day
Come to the Netherlands, old chum
And throw all your woes away!

Name a time, Eleanor. We have long had the Chocolate letters for Sinter Klaas day, wooden shoes with gifts in them, the works. Any excuse to celebrate a holiday numerous times.

it's the end of the world

...and those little round ginger snap thingys?

I know that St. Nick and Piet are beloved figures in Holland, but CG and I would like to know how they got to be friends in the FIRST place.
This is a serious question.
If there's a link I could go to.....?

True to Dutch tradition, their Immigration Minister stuck her finger in the dyke and saved the country. I wonder if that's on the film too!?!

*snork* at Brad...NTTAWWT

Eleanor, here's more about St Nicolas and "Black Pete", who was in fact Turkish.

Eleanor: your question took me back .. years.
As kids we were scared as hell of Zwarte Piet, because he carried a big bag to take away unruly kids, and yes, a kind of whip to set them straight.
So de Sint and Piet operated like a team: the good kid would get goodies from the Sint, the bad kid would be on his way to nowhere for good. Although I never found anyone missing from the school benches the next morning.
I hear that the Sint (and his numerous lookalikes -- the Sintsters if you will) are complaining bitterly about the ever growing competition from Santa ("de Kerstman"). Santa is slack and easy going in his generosity. The notion "for good behaviour you deserve something" is gone, they claim. No wonder kids (and the toy stores) prefer him.
Yet another profession in need of reconversion.

The kids in the bag are now living in florida under an assumed name.

Maybe "Black Pete" would be where coal comes from -as in "Black Peat?"

Thanks Rigby, I copied your above post and e-mailed it to - me! And I bookmarked your link. My pal CG and I have been curious about this whole thing since my son wrapped all my presents in St. Nick and Peit wrapping paper and included a similar card.

And thanks to Martini if you're still here - got the e-mail. :)


Rigby, I forgot the best part, but was just skimming your link - Marzipan!
I love it and he always sends me some. Yum. :)

"Welcome to America, but first you'll have to watch this film montage of Barry Manilow, K-Fed, and that dancing old guy from the Six Flags amusement park commercials."

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