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March 03, 2006


Because it's Friday, and we're bored.

(Don't tell The Blog.)

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)

UPDATE: For those whose productivity can only be enhanced by weirdness, try this one, sent in by Drew Harchick.


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Puppy curling! I love it!

OMG, I'm first again!

I'd be FIRST but I'm playing tetrod

Hat trick tres, please!

boy, you'd have to be bored to play that game.

The computer won by two. But by the fourth puppy I was rolling on the floor.

so, Suzy - gettin' lots done at work today?

Scott - I followed your link, and I gotta say that puppy curling looks more fun

except that computer player cheats

man oh man I cant wait to get out of work and get home to the land of Nointernetfilterville!!

Suzy, you are way faster than me. (I was making links, though.)

Ew. Now I'm even more bored than before I played it.

We need something more upbeat--something with a title like "Puppy MASSACRE!"

I can't figure out if their teeth are chattering or they're peeing on the ice.

pssst, Tamara, we already played Puppy MASSACRE back there on that Massachusetts Residents thread. It wasn't fun either.

Oops. I wasn't supposed to bring that up again, was I?

Mud - colour me booooored.

This is fun though - cept when the putor puppy pees all over the target

Man oh man, I bet Dave and judi are chortling with glee over the control they have over their Blogbots. "Go here little blogbot. Throw puppies around on the ice. Good little blogbot."

It's better than actually working though.

Coast - the only worthwhile productivity enhancer that gets through the filter here is Throw Paper.

First link I have tried in ages, hope it works.

Yeah, fun, but frustrating 'cuz the 'puter won't put the proper in-turn or out-turn on the stone -- er -- puppy ... and then the dang dog doesn't wag its tail fast enuf to sweep ... and (as mentioned above) the 'puter CHEATS! (two of my rocks just disappeared, 'cuz the 'puter thot that I wouldn't notice or somethin' ... and ... it doesn't score properly ... and ...

it is kinda fun, for a snowy Friday afternoon ... might have some sense of mastery after a weekend of not-much-else-to-do ...

Please excuse one whiny comment/question from a sore loser: has anybody else had the puppies pass through one another instead of bouncing off one another? I had it happen to me twice in two games - and then I lost (whimper).

I know it sounds mean-spirited to complain about Schrödinger's Dogs (i.e., quantum puppies passing through one another), but in Canada, we take our curling (also known as 'hockey for old guys with beer') very, very seriously.

As an experienced curler I'm frustrated that I don't have a front end to sweep my puppies when they start to curl too much. It's also hard to read the ice (kitchen floor) and figure out where to put up my guards or do a takeout.

TCK: Yeah, gettin' lots and lots done today! ;)

Scott: I don't know how to make links, and I don't wanna know!

GREAT!!! The filter doesnt block this one, so I guess it boils down to this... I can't get through to play with puppies, but I can pull on tits at my desk!!
(btw - elfbrains, I could get to the paper toss too... thnx)

RE: The 2nd link - *@^$*! that monkey!

Yeah, whut AAl & Marco said ... frustrating ... no real sweepers ...

Okay I suck at puppy curling. But I'm really good at milking a giraffe. I find this fact slightly alarming.

As I may have mentioned ... CHEATER!

First time, the puppy I had scoring second changed color! (I way lyin' three, and then there wuz a blue one!)

Next, I had one on the button, and blue missed the draw and went thru too far, and then the computer said computer scored one, when I had the point!

M%$%^&@*)%#@G CHEATER!

Gimme a beer!

Not just puppies CoastRaven, farting puppies!

Here's another game for you all, Lucky Leprechaun.

Please gimme a beer. Sorry for my rudity up there.

Forgot to mention, in Lucky Leprechaun, after hiding 5 gold coins, click preview to play, and use the arrow keys to control the bastard.

Curse you all. I have a deadline, and all games linked are addictive (I am particular to ScottMGS' link for tetrod). *SIGH*

How about a Friday afternoon earwig?

Sign up? For an earwig? I don't think so, Tim.

Here's a beer (Yuengling) for U.O, and me being pi$$ed as well that the comp cheats... lemme try the leprosy link... oh wait Leprechaun.

Rats - that one doest work either... back to the sex injuries thread

Yeah. I thought the point of the curling game was to get on the target... I had 4 puppies on the target, including one that was covering up the bull's-eye, and the computer had only one that was close enough to even show up. It then said the computer won. I have no idea how the scoring works.

Oh, well. Maybe I should just play a real video game instead. Heh heh, I don't have a filter, suckas!

C'bol - if you're out there, thanks for writing that lovely song for us. I'm no longer jealous of Rose, even though she has nice hair like Dave Barry.

okay, would ya'll mind not talking about rose any more?

A sweedish made milking a baby giraffe with a space monkey looking for milk for it's tea? Ok this is why we have drug testing.

Super. Where are those little sweeper-guys?

They're probably off sweeping something.

sorry, judi....so, how about them Yankees?


the marlinettes are fine, thanks.

The stories with mittens -except for number 3 i believe- are pretty funny. Go Little Goth Girl. And the samurai bunny.
And it seems the creator is Birtish. Thus making it that much funner. Because the British make everything better.

Except for the Irish.

I apparently beat the computer by one point of puppies, but have no idea why. Yip! Yip!

...wanders off, barking....

OK,so who's Rose?

sorry judi - but how can I not talk about her if i don't know who she is?

TCK - go back to the 'Attention Mass. Residents' thread. Then never mention that name again. Please :)

geez Annie - there's like a gazillion comments on that thread - think I'll just take yer word for it (just this once, and I'll deny doin' it later, if it comes up), and just never mention she who's name shall not be uttered ever again


I said "if it comes up"

trust me, it'll come up

Totally off-thread ... I wuz lookin' for somethin' else, and in the process I ran across this information ... thot y'all might not believe it, but ISIANMTU!


I din't write it, I merely passed it on ... y'all can be the judges ...

TCK...OK: here's the deal. She Who Must Not Be Named is another blogger who dropped in unannounced sometime yesterday because a friend of hers told her she might/could/should be "another Dave Berry" (sic). She appears to travel in a Huffmobile, packing plenty of Umbrage at all times, and seems, um, insufficiently wacked out to appreciate the level of discourse here, so after several thorny (heh) exchanges, we agreed to disagree and go our separate ways.
I can't recall, but she may have subsequently blurked and commented when she thought we were still discussing her, but we're not.
[End of briefing paper]
So how are things otherwise, dude?

On the giraffe screen:

"Click here to tell a friend about this game."

I don't want anyone to know I ever played that. Or that I let the giraffe die and a vulture is now picking its bloody bones.

That is soooo warped.

So, Bumble ... whut I think I'm hearin' here is ... when you participate in productivity enhancers, your preferences are more toward the "No Guts, No Gory" type ... ? (Merely askin' ...)

Bumble- I think most of my friends have already played it. So who the heck am I going to recomend it too.

I miss a couple days because of homework and a flame war begins.
I am wondering how Dave's Oosik feels about this whole thing.

Attention all who participated in the thing that we'd all rather forget. For Pete's sake, please check out my last post on the thread to be forgotten. Stick a fork in it, it's done.

Your attention is also directed to Judi's post on this thread at 6:52pm, March 3.


Blue...upon your instructions, I duly went back and found the %&^ing thread in question, and discovered that there had been a ton of dead-horse-beating of which I was unaware.
I hereby withdraw my earlier explanation of the non-event in question, and apologize to Judi, Blue, Rose, and the immediate universe for responding to TCK's request for information.
I shall now take myself to the dog house (heh heh), which we officially regard as punishment, but which I'm looking forward to, cuz I know who hangs out there.
Hi, guys:) Where's the beer?

Hey, been waiting for company!

*Tosses TCK's porn back behind sofa*

Have one....

Blue...I didn't know you guys had buxom waitresses in the doghouse. Hmmm...we may have to rethink our disciplinary code. But in the meantime, *quaffs refreshing draft and looks around for pretzels*

Yeah, we got that/A>.

*Adusts satellite TV*

Sorry. THAT. *Da*n beer in the keyboard.....*

Huh...guess the guys have all been released on their own recognizance. Well, I guess I could check out this magazine behind the sofa here.

*retrieves rumpled periodical, opens at random, looks puzzled, slowly rotates page 360 degrees, engages in strange gyrations in attempt to reproduce activity depicted, falls over, limps to doghouse medicine cabinet, shakes out handful of Advil, washes down with brew, places magazine face down on battered coffee table, sits down carefully, pulls afghan up to chin and waits for analgesia to kick in*

*eyes pop open suddenly as smell of pretzels wafts through doghouse*
Blue! You're here! I didn't see you when I came in.

Hmmmm...must have been one of those hallucinations like the ones in "A Beautiful Mind" which I just finished watching.
Well, I think I'll just curl up here (like a puppy -- note reference to original thread topic) and catch a few zzzzz's. I have to meet the uber condo cleaner tomorrow at 7 a.m., and I needs my rest. Nytol.
P.S. Anyone hear from Dave? Is there a final balloon count??
That'll be something to look forward to in the morning... . . . . . . . .

night Betsy

I'm still (re)watching A Beautiful Mind ... but in between I've experimented with the curling puppies ... so ... whut I've observed:

The computer cheats

play two players, then you can do whut you want withour interference

when you put minimum weight and maximum curl, the stone puppy still does not go off the sheet

the stone puppy often has a different curl when it arrives, than when you shot the rock

there is also a curling term ... "biter" ... apropos in this case, eh?

U.O....I'm glad it's not just me. It's just sad when you can't even trust puppies.

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