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March 28, 2006


Key Quote: "He was stuttering the whole time."


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pppp...ppp....oh the heck with it, first?

What a charmer.

can't slither his way out of this one

Shipping snakes!? Hey, that's a great idea!

Snakes today...what tomorrow? Don't tell the terrorists on 24, they might decide to ship the Kannisters.

Anyone check the address? It might have been to his ex.

He was charged with cruelty to animals... cruelty to Post & Parcel Plus workers is perfectly legal!

One of the snakes was so cold it took 20 minutes for it to lift its head.

I hate it when that happens.

it IS spring break. maybe the snakes were headed for panama city for some fun in the sun.

The "scales" of justice will take care of this guy.

Hmm. . . no mention of where the alleged package of comatose Medusa wigs was headed. There shudda been a second charge of cruelty to humans in support of the alleged intended recipient.

been lurking for a while...it is legal to ship reptiles by post - I got an iguana from North Carolina delivered by my regular mailman (he made us unload the box) and my last two 7ft long snakes were delivered by DHL. You just have to let them know what's in there.

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