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March 21, 2006


Time to peruse some art.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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*runs back to work briskly*

Thats not Art, I know Art, he works in Receiving.

But I have seen many bad album covers.

I oversleep, I miss a lecture, I have no food in the house and you give me THIS to look at?

Life is unfair.

Again, could be worse.

Now I need that briain bleash again. Darn you Chianca.

Darn my spelling error too.

Darn my spelling error too.

I'm skipping the brain bleach and moving straight to the frontal lobotomy....

I understand your'e Swede has a nice look to it ... if your'e lookin' for a good cleansing session of projectile vomiting ...

OMG, a double post too, Sorry to everyone.

Dave, some of those covers need a warning. I saw a naked a** and bare boobies.

If that's the cover, can you imagine what the MUSIC sounded like?

Oh, and El - sorry your delicate senses were assaulted, dear. Let me know if you feel "the vapors" coming on and I'll pull you up a chair.

The poison story gave me a stomach ache. This thread gave me a headache. Or maybe I just picked up the girls' flu virus. Whatever. I'm going back to bed.

Time to peruse some art."

That's what Mr. Garfunkel used to say to Paul before showing him his hippy thong. Well, that's what I heard.

the fat, naked,hairy guy posed with the pig on the top ten section is more than anyone should have to see. ack, gag, ptewy, ptewy. shudders.

Oooooohhh Chiankaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

there's a waring in the fine print about whether some of those are "suitable for work" ... merely sayin' ...

... um ... "warning" ... my bad ...

U.O. Glad you clarified the "warning" thing before I went looking for a blender in the fine print to see why it would be unsuitable for work.

Yeah, and I'm glad I wuzn't trineta use a Cuisinart on this guy's "art" ...


I can't believe I just wasted 40 minutes on that website. I'm so ashamed.

Congalongamax ... *shudder*
At the Conga, Congacabana ♫

I was hoping this link would lead to the court sketch artist's rendering of the ramparts on trial from a couple of posts down. Imagine my disappointment.

MOTW- that guy needs a testosterone transfusion from Richard Simmons, stat!

Check the numbers, Scott. I came across them purely by accident. I'm certainly NOT the type to go looking for "that sort" of thing.

Punkin, thanks, but I think I'll be OK.
*takes deep breaths*


Since I have nothing to say about the actual threads so far today, and since it seems to be kind of slow posting - just wondering if in the "contributing to the blog" section, Dave's occupation should be changed to "strumpet."

"Heavy AC/DC influence here from "Boned". Tracks include "Up At The Crack", Drain The Main Vein" and "Ain't No Talkin' With Your Mouth Full". Warning, this album may contain one or two veiled sexual references"

Page 2-guy w/guitar sticking out of pants-veiled? Ummmm ok :). And yes this is my first post..LOL. Couldn't resist coming out from the shadows for this one.

*snork* @ insomniac!

Check out "Ken" on the Top Ten list... Methinks someone needs to ease up on the Valium... and pass the Richard Simmons CD.

Is that a glory hole he's sitting next to?

El, if seeing T&A on album covers offended you, please do NOT check out this news item!

Key quote from M'Soap's link:

She's going to think I'm crazy

No! Really? SHA-Zam!

*zips in*

What is wrong with everyone?

Did I say I was offended? Did I say I didn't enjoy it? I don't think so.

I was just performing a public service.

*zips out in a huff!

El - That's more like a puff than a huff.

Just sayin'.

Do they still make huffs? I thought they closed the plant. What kind of public service is El performing? Hopefully not with the boa and the scented oils again. Ooh....something shiny! "Bum"mer, it was only Mad's link.

Did no one else see the "Virgin Killers" album cover?

If being a little skeezed out by this means you're Puritanical, then I guess I'm Puritanical.

I saw it. I put it out of my mind. Thanks for reminding me that I saw it. Now I'm going to forget it again.

Also notice, it was her DAD'S IDEA!!!

Mr. C.

Methinks you read the URL...
just sayin' :)

I called it a huff. I linked it. Ergo, it IS a huff.

*zips out in another one*

psssst to myself, this has been a totally annoying thread.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Beatle Barkers!

This is a cool thread ... when I'm trineta think of some other excuse for playin' with my mental (writers) blocks, I can go check out "Art" ... merely sayin' ...

No Federal Duck cover? I'm so disappointed.

christysmom97 - That's how I started too. I was blurking and blurking and one day there was a DB post, and I couldn't resist -

Welcome, come back!!

at 11:20 AM?

judi must love her job.

I have a few of those albums:
* Herb Alpert and the TJB -- Whipped Cream and Other Delights. Gotta disagree with them on that one; I always thought that album cover fit the theme perfectly.

* Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Well, you can't really blame the Beatles much for that one. That was just Capitol USA's hack job for their LP version of the original British 6-song EP. The EP's cover is basically the picture in the middle, without all of that busy yellow stuff and the garish text that Capitol put around it for the US LP version.

* Fleetwood Mac -- Mystery To Me. Yeah, well, that WAS pretty bizarre.

Wavey: I'm with you on the Tijuana Brass cover. The woman wearing the whipped cream now sells autographed (by her) posters of this photo for a not-too-outrageous price. I don't remember where I saw that but it was online someplace. eBay, probably.

The Magical Mystery cover is usually blamed on the group's recent loss of their manager, Brian Epstein, who usually kept them from embarrassing marketing. I'm not defending it, I'm just sayin.

Sondra! Whir yew bin? Great to have you back ... or ... have I just not been payin' attention?

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