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March 22, 2006


Just weird.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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May the forks be with you!

duh Hey guys, watch this !

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

How sad. Everyone knows that the salad fork is for the jugular vein.

The guy's name was Timber Wolfe? Does he have a brother names Howling and a sister named Gray?

Obviously, Sir Timber of Wolfe's "friend" was
trying to make a really good impression amidst the "friendly horseplay and drinking in the front yard before going inside." That'll teach him!

Bauer is expanding his repertoire it would seem.

Drinking was involved? Go figure.



Using the salad fork on meat?! You absolutely must lacerate tendons and arteries with the DINNER fork!

What did they say when he keeled over?


Must have been a Caesar salad fork.

"Vinaigrette tu Brute?"

I see a CSI episode in the very near future

Nah, I'm thinkin' a movie..

"Brokefork Mountain"

or somethin' like that

Somebody oughtta teach that hillbilly that the meat fork is the SECOND one from the left. Unless you're having fish. In which case you can substitute a box-cutter for the fork.

Parents can be so cruel.

I'm with Annie-Were-But-Wolf:

Hack, spurt, Tiiiimmmmberrrr

After tons of lectures about beef and mad-cow disease, chickens and the bird-flu, the vegetarian "experts" at PETA have nothing to say about this, do they?

Never tried human leg on my salad. Sounds tasty.

ok willyum.. once was suspect, more is annoying.

Love the cutlery display in the Olive Garden ad; nice touch

*erect's No Sp*m, Please! sign*

neighbors weren't surprised; just before, they heard both parties shouting, "Fork you!" "Well, fork you, too!"

Obviously a terrorist in training did this. That's why you can't take a fork on an airplane. Happens all the time. (On airplanes, that is.) Madame Homeland Security is on her way there to take over the police department as we blog. Sheeesh, what if he's had a pair of tweezers???? (how the heck do you spell that??)

Brokefork Mountain-
"Oh, Timber, how do I split you?!"

...and yes, it gives new meaning to 'log splitter.'

"autopsy results are not consistent with that type of weapon."

Does this mean it's happened many times before?

If someone ever tells me, "You're using the wrong fork" again. I may do the samething.

*offers a spork n a smile*

*backs slowly away from bart*

Thank you, cyn. ;-)

Friend: "Fork you!"
Timber: "Eat me!"

"Relatives say it was a salad fork, but police spokeswoman ... said autopsy results are not consistent with that type of weapon."

That type of weapon? A fork is a weapon? I guess in this day of zero tollerance for weapons in school, our kids' obesity problems will ease by THIS logic.

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