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March 14, 2006


Is this just a ploy to get us to buy his cd?

(Thanks to the Habtesource)


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Ha Ha Hee Hee

Plus: Is ‘Brokeback Mountain’ author a sore loser?
I thought that was a funnier story.

*urf* I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Someone pass the Listerine.

*strikes Habtesource off Xmas card list*

Suzy pass it down when you're done.....

Could be worse.

*actually, can't find Ted's name on the list*

People, how can I show my personal disapproval of your actions by striking you off my card list--if you never get on my good side in the first place?

Dang, Chianca, ya got me!

Gee - I never had the urge to visit a strip club before. Now I have less than no desire.

Tamara - most agree that flashing and deep tissue massage is the way to go.

Oh wait, that's "How to Rekindle a Relationship - Secrets of People Who Have Been Together Longer Than Six Hours."

Maybe one day little Sean P will pick up Daddy's "unloaded" gun and...

I thought the 'Brokeback mountain' is sore article was funny as well. The question I have is what movie will actually be remembered from last year? Very likely King Kong and Revenge of the Jedi.
Well Brittany is famous for being a stripper. So why not her husband. Make it a family affair.


Then again, K-Fed working as a stripper and living in a trailer park does seem natural.

Hey, is K-Fed threatening us? He figures he knocks up two sort of celebrities and he figures we want to see his mangoes (so to speak)?

Well it would seem that Anne Proulx is a bit of a sore loser. Insulting the folks who will judge one again will guarantee us all another tasty tirade next year. Well done!

Hey, K-Fed, I always thought you were crazy, and now I can see your nuts.

(rim shot)

larger culture and the yeasty ferment that is America

I think Anne just called us a bunch of lard butted beer drinkers. No wonder her film didn't win.

Considering Larry McMurtry did most of the work on the screenplay, Ms. Proulx, I think you were lucky to get as far as you did.

F-Ked hopes to make money by people telling him to put his clothes back ON....or not sing. This is gonna look nice in the baby book. "Oh, look, honey, this is when your daddy's cd was so bad, he decided to work in a strip club, just to raise money for your therapy!"

Awwwww, Chianca!!!!

Pass the listerine again please... and the bleach.

Anne is a touch bittah.

Could be worse ... He could have decided to go into politics


*geezer fist shake*

He's giving Feds of all kinds a bad name, and making it impossible to Ctrl-F myself in my inimitable quest for attention-wh0ring.
(Thanks for the F-Ked thing, Annie. I vote we adopt this. Who's with me?)

*wind whistles*
*tumbleweeds roll by*

In all fairness - I did not create "F-Ked"-some other blogster did. I wish I could remember who...

Which reminds me, Fed - WE WANT PICTURES! What happened with you and TRWC - where's chapter 2?

Just think, it could be worse. It could be BM's latest ploy to get us to buy his cd!

Apparently Fed, we not only are entitled to pictures, they have to be of the stripping variety. Not that ducks were pants to begin with, but it is the notoriety you are after.

'Twas I, when the story was about his wife throwing him out, I said: "He used to be K-Fed, now he's just F-Ked." A proud moment for the whole stuffin family. Sorry to "toot my own horn".

Fedrline thinks politics is something you end up with after grooming your pit bull.

If I could toot my own horn, I'd never leave the house.

As for the sour grapes "Brokeback" author, reading her entire article: She calls LA conservative--suggested Hollywood was homophobic while mentioning a win for "Capote" a film about a gay writer--sounded racist when she called the rap group atrocious--mentioned how her film won best score, best screenplay, and best director, and then said, "that was it."

Love the dolts....

Thank you, mud, toot away, please...I should have known it was you.

I think I scared Fed away....oops.

The jury's still out on Chapter 2, but here is the long-awaited picture.

It's hard to tell, but that's the Chattanooga Choo-Choo in the background.

wonderful picture of "No Off-site Linking" Fed - stop teasing!!

Aww, Fed - you quack me up.


I saw the pic.

You saw what pic?

Yeah, I was wondering that myself.

*nervous glance over shoulder*

Oh, that pic, and "neener" was to CR. Okay, I've got my glasses on; I'm good. ;)

Oh! Nevermind. I was worried for a second. She's just referring to the spy-cam my boss installed in my office that's broadcast to several media outlets and the Vatican.


Hey, is K-Fed threatening us? He figures he knocks up two sort of celebrities and he figures we want to see his mangoes (so to speak)?

Posted by: Somewhere North | 02:55 PM on March 14, 2006

Mebbe it'd be better if we saw his neuticles ... merely sayin' ...

I guess K-Fed will lose his shirt over the CDs sale.

F-Ked's finally been stripped of the almost non-existent credibility he had left.


Slow afternoon. Time to break out my bongos!!

*tribal beat*

*annoyed stares*

Ok, I'll sit down now.

Hmmmmm..... that kid who pulled a Jack Bauer on his Mom... I wonder how we can get Child Protective Services to place him with F-Ked and what's-her-name. Anybody got a 9mm to put under their couch?

Okay, Duck, how come you posted a link that went to a blank screen that said, "No off site linking."

What a tease!

(arms crossed)

The pic works fine for me. I don't know why it's not working for you, but it's definitely the most exciting, wonderful and amazing picture ever taken EVER, so I'm sorry it's not working for some of you.

(arms crossed)
(playing bongos)

Wow a contortionist.

Judging from the photo, K-Fed's prepping for his next job as a homeless person. I wonder who designed his outfit?

Hey, Soap, I sorta said that already on the 2:44 post. But maybe your bongos are too loud.

Hey Fed, do you play your bongos in the same non-attire as
this guy?

Wait a minute. How is it that no one has commented on what may be the story of the century? Chastity Bono was staying at Tom Cruise's apartment when she told Cher that she was gay! Doesn't anyone else see a minimum of seventeen layers of oddness in that one?

Well you know what they say Cher and Cher alike is bono to your soul.

The man actually refered to his Britney as "my old lady." I think that the K in K-Fed stands for "Klass."

K-Fed and B will both end up in a trailer again someday. With 16 children.

To our very own Fed - THANKS for the pic. That answers ALL our questions. Cool scrapbooking page. (Everyone can see it but you Daisy).

Re: Brokeback author - apparently didn't learn everything she needed to learn in Kindergarten. Ever heard of being a graceful loser??
Well said baligurl! BITTAH is the word.

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