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March 31, 2006


But even for Florida, it's pretty weird.

(Thanks to Andrew Walker)


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My first first!!

What an ass.

Hey, somebody had to say it, and now it isn't you.

The donkeys, among 44 of the animals crowded into the trailer for shipment to Florida, trampled one another to death, officials said.

How did they trample each other to death? Did the dead ones continue to trample even after death?

Donkeys trampling each other to death. My dream of a Democratic Convention.

No, not funny.

Poor donkeys.

Will they be used for cat food? Or glue? Just sickly curious.

And how does Saturnalia (or whatever the religion is called) fit into this?

Wow, Judi, how far down did you have to burrow to find this one??

And in related news, Disney World was forced to cancel all "Winnie the Pooh and Friends™" Character Breakfasts for the forseeable future.

*snork* at the dead donkeys stomping other donkeys after they're dead which sounds like a bad movie premise "Dawn of the Donkey" or could be agnfarb a la "Dead Kennedys" but could you imagine the stink? OMG and what a mess to clean up I hope they made that dude help with the clean up and wait my buzzer just went off again....

*double cross-thread *SNORK* @ mudstuffin'*

They weren't sure if the man had hired a lawyer or not...

What, is he transporting attorneys next? There might be something socially redeeming in the situation.

Was there a Last Donkey Standing WWBAGNFABonJoviSong.

Poor journalism. Who trampled the LAST donkey???

Sidenote for PETA: No donkeys were harmed in the posting of this article.

I saw this and it's horrible. That man should be fed to scorpions.

KDF: Are you SURE???



It was not immediately known whether Youngblood had obtained ...
a pair of working brain cells.
(y'all fill in the blank, too)

Thanks Reine le Guin.

*goes looking for some scorpions*

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