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March 06, 2006


...people with lots of spare time.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I'm Havana banana as we speak

Banana art, not to be confused with getting a tattoo on one's dangly bits...

(you'll be SOOOORRRRRYYY!!!)

Of course, when the banana really ripens, you will have one bad-ass (and smelly) fruit.

*And in a sad bit of predictably masochistic behavior, KDF, The Girl scrolls down too far.*

Why can't I heed the warnings? WHY?

What? The Hasselhoff? The Chuck Norris? The chopped-up curled-up dead banana? The Kosher banana? What?

WARNING: If you don't scroll down far enough, you'll miss the Banana Lovers!

Tamara RWtheC - All of the above, I think.

not an ap-peal-ing sight

for those who don't own oosiks

Quite a bunch, these folks.

Walter is a much better dresser. And he doesn't turn brown and soften. Does he?

Actually banana peel imagery is a long standing art form in which the creators have sought a medium which they can use their craft to metaphorically acknowledge the ephemeral reality of our existence and actually embrace the fleeting nature of many things in their life.

Such as their sanity, for example.

snork to all you bunch of punsters. i'd'a gotten in on it, but i'm yaller.

But the Tatooed Banana IS a great name for a rock band

peels of laughter

I liked the "Middle School Banana Sex Ed"! Didn't some poor sap middle school teacher get his pee-pee wacked for subjecting this, or something like this, to those poor pubescent minds?

Well, I slipped up and went all the way to the bottom... owwwww....

Why all this interest in bananas? After you peel one and throw the bone away...there's nothing left!

SM - I am proud to Blog with conscientious recyclers. ;-)

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