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March 20, 2006


In Florida, this animal would have immediately been granted a driver's license.

(Thanks to Mike Agostinelli)


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Probably wouldn't be the first time, either - I know I've seen quite a few moose (mooses, meese?) behind the wheel around here!

(Not to demean the moose in this article by comparing it to an over-sized motorist)

I so TOTALLY relate to the driver! I would have burst into tears too, if my unexpected moose buddy had to be put down :(

*Tremors from Montana while Tadwallader shudders at female sentimentality*

*phew* Thanks, Betsy! I thought I broke the blog with my insensitive comment!

"Hey Rocky--watch me force a driver out of her seat!


Too bad they couldn't determine the moose needed to be put down before they RIPPED THE TOP OFF OF THE CAR!

Man, this causes a severe flashback for me, but it involves a rag top LeBaron, a tool booth crossing gate, and a case of Moosehead.

Guess it really isn't the same.

Leominster ?

They had to put the moose down. They said, "Hey, moose, you got a huge nose... and your breath stinks too."

At some point in this ordeal the mose ran off into the woods. Wimpy moose.

The driver had shards of glass in her eye and she felt bad for the moose?

*double SNORK* at MartiniShark, for both posts... and one for random thunking.

Marge: Harold, why were you caught on tape with a moose in your car?
Harold: Marge, I swear, I hit the thing and it just fell right in there.
Marge: Well, OK ... but what about the hooker in the back seat?
Harold: Um ... I got nothin.'

Awww. Too bad the moose had to be put down. Poor thing.

Random observation

Isn't it just the tinyest (SP?) bit annoying when Dave posts, your cursor automatically goes to "comments", nothing happens, then you look up and see there is no comment allowed?

Me too. :)

Biologists estimate there are as many as 700 moose in Massachusetts, and most are in northern Worcester county.

Maybe they should just stay in the lodge where it's safe.

El - yup. It's a good thing we're smart enough to look in the previous post for a discussion about just such a thing. :) Thanks for getting it rolling.

MOTW - Yes, Leominster (pronounced Leh-min-stah). It's next to Fitchburg, somewhat north of Worcester (pronounced Woos-tah). I'll have to make sure the folks read this article, they're down here in FL right now, but they live up there and travel on rt 12 quite frequently.

Excellent Massachusetts-ese, djtonyb. Now if you could please explain the meteorological significance of Rt. 495, which is a mysteriously magical weather pattern dividing line.

So a moose walks into a bar in Connecticut and the bartender says "Hey, why the long face?"

There's a doctor in Maine who has been gathering info and such on car-moose collisions ... injuries, and so on ... mostly 'cuz there are so many of these accidents there ...

The driver is really lucky she's alive, and that it was merely a baby moose ... an adult can weigh 900-1,500 pounds ... and with their long legs, they don't bounce off the hood, they simply land in the front seat ...

I've also heard tell that (much as the rules apply in Nodak) when a person hits a moose (or other big-game animal) with a car, they can claim the animal (if they want to) for a small fee -- like, $5 or less ... in Maine (?) they hadda change that law 'cuz guys were buying old $100 clunkers and taking the car out to hunt moose with it ... instead of buying the more expensive hunting license ... ISIANMTU ... and in Anchorage, they road-kill 100 or more a year, in the city -- forget about out on the roads thru the woods ...

end of TMI ... resume humorous blogging ...

In the local article, the writer actually did mention that game roadkill is often donated to homeless shelters in the area. This moose could not be donated because it had been tranquilized, which tainted the meat. I personally think the guys at the shelter might have enjoyed the experience...

Also, excellent work, dj! And for the rest of you, Leominster does not even come CLOSE to being the hardest-to-pronounce place in Massachusetts.

Rte 495 is a north-south connector. If you're WEST of 495, it will snow, whereas EAST of 495 it will generally be sleet or rain. Once you get west of 495, the elevation is a little higher and you're farther away from the ocean.

Btw, mrstgilman, what's so hard to pronounce about Mattapoisett or Stoughton? ;)

uh, oh... it's deja vu all over again - we did the "my state is harder to say than yours is some time ago."

flashbacks. why did it have to be flashbacks?

*removes hat in presence of Reine le Guin*

I just thought the snow was scared of the drivers on 495 ;)

So two moose walk into a bar. The one says, "I had a CRAZY hitchhiker the other day ..."

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