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March 30, 2006



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This is nothing. I spent all of my teenage years wrestling with my snake, and only occasionally did I emerge with "cuts and dried blood" on my body.

I'll never understand...

Its all well and good to hand out advice like this, but the authorities need to understand that driving with an agitated snake can be unavoidable. I'm sure we can all think of a least a dozen such circumstances.

This guy needs to get a girlfriend.

Doesnt say what kind of snake it was, but since it was around his neck we will assume it was a boa.

moron. asshat. dumbass. bozo.

that poor innocent snake needs to find a better home.

Seatbelts engaged? Check.
Enough gas? Check.
Mirrors properly adjusted? Check.
No kids nearby? Check.
Snake calm? Check.

Good to go!

C'mon, the guy drives a PT Cruiser. How bright can he be?

The hell with him; WHERE is the snake? The story merely says he wrestled with it, and "then drove off."

Did the snake hang its head and get forgiven? Did the owner say, "OK...we'll discuss this further when we get home; now slither into the back seat and behave"? Or is this a clear-cut case of snake abandonment on a public thoroughfare??

WHERE are the welfare authorities when you need them?

At times like this, better to just let the snake drive. Only problem is, they tend to leave the blinker on.

rundogrun: Only in Florida.

Wow, "Snakes on a Plane" isn't even released yet and it already has a sequel?"

He gets bitten by a snake and they charge him with a crime?!?!?


Only comment I have is - see it was a snake. Bet it likes to hang out in the toilet to!

Ten bucks says he uses that photo in his online dating profiles.

If the snake had been wearing his seatbelt this wouldn't have happened.

Cindy - but does a snake have a lap?

Reports say he got out of his car, wrestled with the snake...

Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

"Can't abide snakes. Never had any time for snakes. They're not gentlemen! It's not good manners to go 'round biting people. Now what was I saying? Oh, yes. Don't move."

Bumble - can we just link to you when we want a quote to post?

Kleines Junge Blau~ Natürlich!

Btw, don't you just love the internet? I just got a pop-up advertising pop-up blockers.

Danke, mein Bumbelchen.

Vorsicht! Nicht auf dem Pop-up clicken!

Are we talking about the DTs here? Lots of people wake up feeling like they have a snake around their neck.

This is what rehabs are for.

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