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March 30, 2006


What's good for Lottie must be good for buuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp us, right?


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what a Baskett case.

Doc, I think I need a shubshcr...no a pershpri..., no a preshcription for another keg of ale...... It'sh the blockage, you know.....

My EX is gonna live forever...

Steak and Ale - it lives!

Mmmmm, beeeeeer.

It cures what ales ya'.

HEY KIDS - Its time for ALEHOUSE ROCK!!!!

Lottie Lottie Lottie get yer Ale in here
Got a lot of Lottie jolly ale in here
After just six pints some things are not so clear

The ale will make you burp
(thats just some gas - we got a lot of it)
It is perfectly ok to slurp
(sometimes loud sometimes)
Quiet - it eases the pressure in one stomach or in the other
And so you see that it's positively, very, very necessary.

Lottie Lottie Lottie get yer ale in here
Farmer Son & Lottie drinking ale in here
Got a lot of ale that makes things not so clear
So come to Lottie! (Lottie Lottie Lottie...)

Naming the calf after the brewery - now that's dedication. And it's a good thing this cow & owner were not in America, where real beer has to be imported.
*snork* @ Meanie!

*SNORK* for Schoolhouse CoastRaven™!

"Using leftover slops from his local pub's beer casks..."

Hey, you're wasting that stuff on a friggin' COW??? Now THAT'S alcohol abuse.

Beer is like pro-biotic yogurt? And to think that people didn't approve when I started having it for breakfast...

Of course she's ALIVE now, but ignoring the calf and bringing home a different bull every night...

"Brewery chief Jonathan Adnams said: "It's no surprise. Real ale is live - like pro-biotic yoghurt."
Is "Yoghurt" an acceptable spelling?

That news item was good but below it is a stunner....a school bus driver having a "ding dong" of a time in the top of a double decker with his woman friend. When is the last time you read the words ding dong in a news story?

Go read it, I laughed out loud and got bad looks from my fellow cubites.

Now, months on, the Hereford has made a miraculous recovery.

I have lived in Sunny Sierra Vista, AZ all my life (not counting the parts of my life when I didn't live here), and there's this town down 'bout 10 miles or so away called...Hereford. To this day I didn't know the name meant sick cow who was cured by beer!

Now that I know, it sure explains a lot of things about that town.

Wonder what the alcohol content of her milk is? Try explaining to a highway patrolman during a sobriety test that you were only drinking a glass of milk.

Dr Doug-that is how they spell yogurt in Britain sometimes.

But what if Lottie is breast-feeding?

Or are they creating a steak with a built-in chaser?

Dr. Doug - You could look it up!!

Hmm... now steaks could come pre-marinated... marinated in the hide, as it were...

but then there's the whole cow's beer farts thing...

Egads, I've killed the thread.

Seems to moi ownself that I recall learning that the Japanese raise their special beef cattle this way ... feed them beer ... daily massages ... um ... if it wuzn't for the final result, that might be a tempting job description ...

"Beer is proof that God wants man to be happy."

- B. Franklin

I guess that applies to cows too.

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