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March 31, 2006


A Nigerian soccer official lays down the law.

(Thanks to Rick)


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wow, makes lots of sense

What good are bribes if they don't influence your decisions?!?

I'll pay everybody if I'm first?

Okay, no bribes for you "haha" (if that is your real name).

I think this falls under the, " Yes, but I didn't inhale rule".

What can I say at least it is unique, and he who is first gets the last laugh (or something like that)

Wait until Congress finds out about this....oops, too late.
I'll give you a dollar if you don't tell anyone.

I love this guy's thinking!


*snork*@ El for "guy's thinking"!

I get paid by my employer all the time and it never influences me to think. What's the problem?

good point, ASK. Give me a dollar.

I think they actually borrowed this from our Congressional ethics rules.

This happened to my best friend Pete, but Pete rose above that kind of behavior.

The Sarc - perhaps, but Pete could Selig on eBay.

Annie - wouldn't that be kind of a gamble? Bet he could lose his red shirt.

This is HILARIOUS -- and what a brilliant strategy, I just love it:

They should only PRETEND to fall for the bait, and then not deliver. Does this make them even MORE corrupt?

grammaw marina loves all you davebarry bloggers.

Isn't that what happened with Shoeless Joe Jackson? He took the money but no one could prove he threw the game.

Perhaps, but I don't he'd be pulling his hair out over it.

Agh - I don't THINK...that's the problem - I don't think.

... therefore you aren't?

Referees should only pretend to fall for the bait, but make sure the result doesn’t favor those offering the bribe.

This is just about the most brilliant strategy I have ever heard. I think I will apply it to my job. I shall only pretend to work...

KDF - I'd answer you, but I'm not here.

All: Annie's Nowhere, Including Here, because she isn't because she didn't. Until she's back. Then she is.

KDF - if you told that to Bush, maybe his head would implode.

Annie is restricted to 40 posts from now on per blog.

Annie - Oooo! But then we got President "Bullseye" Cheney lookin' down both barrels...

Dr. Doug, you're over your limit.

So, as I understand it, if BOTH teams bribe the official, we're pretty much guaranteed a well-reffed game...

I can see it now. Emails like this...

Esteemed sir or madam, permit me to introduce myself. I am Okomo Usabeko, the son of the late Muana Usabeko, of the Nigerian Soccer Federation. Due to certain fortunate business negotiations, my father has a bank account in the neighbourhood of $23,000,000 US. If you could offer your kind assistance to enable me to access these funds through your bank account, I would be most grateful...

*SNORK* at Ernie G. The writers of those letter won the Ig-Nobel Prize for literature this year. They were the only winners who didn't come to the award show.

Sorry I got here too late to be the first to point out the uncanny degree to which Nigerian soccer officiating resembles the American government.

Yes, Senator, I did accept a trip for my entire family of 11 to the Cote d'Azur, along with a stable full of polo ponies and a commemorative yacht, but I only PRETENDED to consider awarding the contract to Ballihurton.

*snork* @ Betsy for "Ballihurton"

Excellent Betsy!! LOL!


Exactly the opposite of your perception I think-- This Is a clear case of very, very Ethical Corruption. You have to respect 'em for that...

It must be very satisfying for the bribe-payers to see their money in action like that.


To paraphrase Simon Cameron, an honest referee is one who, when he is bribed, will stay bribed.

Hey someone paid me $1000, and then politely asked me to write a stupid comment on this blog, but I didn't do it. Bribery did not blind my eyes. Oh wait...

Well I would have posted anyway!

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