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March 21, 2006


Poison Basava is looking for a sponsor.


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I'd guess he's got the rest of the major food groups covered ... merely sayin' ...


That is all.

Words escape me, That must be some Stomach.

On the other hand..... maybe he could swallow "the cannisters" and waltz into an unsuspecting group of "top level officials" and fart them to death, with no apparent harm to his own self.

I'd pay to see that.

"As per doctors who examined him, he has 92 per cent of venom in his body."

And apparently, the other 8 percent of him has an apparent dearth of brain cells.

Basavaraj is not poor.

He has the I.Q. of a lawn sprinkler maybe, but he is definitely not poor.

And despite his varied palate curiously he still finds airline food to be disgusting.

Hey, what's that he's eating?

He was in a coma for three months but that did not deter him?

I think we need more chlorine in the gene pool.

"that", Chianca, would appear to be the Asian version of a Twinkie ... merely sayin' ...


his 'friends' used to challenge him to eat poison

"if your friends all ate light bulbs and insecticide would you"


"and don't eat with your mouth full"

"sorry, mom"

Let's give it to Basavaj, he'll eat anything!

may i snork, and second the ewwww. ewwwwwwwwwwww!. this guy lives in the bizarro world. pesticide good. make good drink. duuuuuh. can we line up to smack the cr*p outta him?

and my boys won't even eat spaghetti sauce. is there a number where i can reach this guys mom? i must know her secret. i suspect, finish your plate has an entirely different meaning in that household.

Did Basavaj wirte the article, or does the author not need to eat poison in order to write that bad. Did I eat poison? Why doesn't this make any sense?

Do look at his pearly-white dentition! Must be the GE softwhites.


Start a pool. I'll pay into it since I would love to see that as well. As long as he save some gas for North of the 49th parallel.

Would also like to be a fly on the wall when they eulogize him (sooner rather than later at this rate). There are bound to be some interesting anecdotes in there.

>> His friends used to challenge him to consume poison.

What his friends really wanted was for him to consume poison... and die.

>> Basavaraj is not poor.

I know my first thought was, he's obviously eating light bulbs to save money on food.

"Poison Basava" WBARatherPoorNFARB

1st Mysorian Comic: How many Mysorians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

2nd Mysorian Comic: I do not know the answer to that inquiry, my friend. Pray tell, how many?

1st Mysorian Comic: Two: one to take it out of Basavaraj's mouth and one to screw it in... Thanking you for coming. We're here all our lives. Don't beat your server! Drive safely!

My question is, how does he eat the lightbulbs? Does he crush the glass beforehand or does he just put it in his mouth and crush it with pressure from his lower jaw? Does he chew the glass?

I bet he drinks a big, hearty glass of bleach right after eating a lightbulb, to disinfect all the cuts.


Lairbo -Don't eat the veal, unless you want to be punished a hundred thousand lifetimes!!!

Insom: Nice.

revision: We're here for our next three incarnations! Try the grubs!

Try the Eggplant? or is that cruelty to vegetables.
Remember the Fruitarians.

Now the link says, No upates. Wrong in several ways.

it means a new day has dawned in Mysore...

All I ever get there is

No updates today

Yeah, and don't eat the macaroni either!

Why is it that every time I click on a mysore link from the blog, I just get a site that says "No upates[sic] today"? Everyone else seems to be able to read the article fine...

Sure, no updates today, but check out the News Sparklers! Downing Street Cat Dies!

News Sparklers for everyone!

Daniel-I had to click on it a couple of times before it came up.


If you go to the top right of the page and put the word "poison" in the search box, the article will come up.

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