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March 20, 2006


I leave the country for one lousy week and Tony Soprano gets shot? By Uncle Junior? I just found out last night! Why did nobody tell me? What the hell has the blog staff been doing?


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Checking all of the toilets for snakes, I assume...

i'm no english teacher, but i'm pretty sure "Why did nobody tell me?" qualifies as one of those double negatives, or something.

side note: dave, i offer grammar lessons on the side at unreasonable rates.

Whoa there, Sparky!!

Dave is an officially licensed and accredited humor columnist and sometime Presidential candidate! He don't have to worry 'bout no stinkin' grammar lessons...

Grammar? We don't need no stinkin' grammar!

The blog staff has been providing links to men in kilts so that we could make 800+ comment threads. In other words, the blog staff has been doing its job.

pssst, got your back, Judi

The blog staff has been extremely busy Googling "men in kilts," and building her perfect package, four doors down. This bloglit respectfully reminds The Blog that he goaded the SB into this all-consuming travail.

This bloglit also apologizes to Bumble for once again forgetting to hit "refresh" prior to posting.

Pack: Good point. It should obviously have been phrased as "Why didn't nobody not keep this from me, nohow?"

Wow! How much do you guys charge for 'dem grammar lessons?

KDF~ The more, the merrier. I think we proved that the other night. ;-) Or maybe that was the more, the weirder.


Ken, correction. That should be, "Why AINT nobody not keep this from me, nohow?" No charge.

Dave - we didn't want to worry you. You had enough on your plate with how to eat (and admit you ate) spotted dick & such. And there was nothing you could do about it from the other side of the pond anyway. Also, we weren't sure had you'd take it after the tragic death of Edgar.

And what was the deal with the big freakin' HOLE in his stomach? Did we really need to see that?

judi has been taking notes on the social expiriment she was conducting several threads down. I believe she was proving the hypothosis that when given a man in a skirt and total lack of adult supervision the bloglits are fully capable of 800+ comments with less than 1/4 of said comments being 'on topic'. I think she testing the 'mob rule' application as well that states the plot of a given post can be threadnapped if a group of people (who play off, but not with {at least not in public} each other from thousands of miles apart) can find another topic totally nonrelated to the original post and run with it. It is a theory commonly know as postus-interruptus-hijackus by blog owners all over the globe.
Coffee anyone?

Ooh, yes, coffee please.

PIH runs rampant around here, Wolfie. So does OPGSD, (Obsessive Pedantic Grammar and Spelling Disorder,) fear of exploding toilets and small appliances, and a deep and abiding love of beer.

We stand together in support of one another.

There needs to be a "done," i.e. "Why ain't nobody done not telled me," &c. But a professional Language Person would be better than I at correctly placing it.

As the self-appointed resident purveyor of all things redneckified and grammaticallated, I think the correct wording should be, "Why come ain't nobody done told me?"
It helps to be in a pickup truck when you say it and spit occasionally.

Oh right, Fed! I read something about this. If I recall correctly, some weaponry must be kept in the truck cab as well, In case the speaker needs to work out aggression at not being done told.

was tony s. "whacked" with an oosik?

dave, we're sorry and will try to do better next time.

(psst judi, hide the kilts and oosik, dave's back)

Well, I (for one) am extremely proud to claim some small degree of affiliation with such and outstanding group of people who have demonstrated their noteworthy capabilities of language and wit by extending the length and breadth of aforementioned thread that purportedly has -- as it's basic core thread -- the subject of "Men in Kilts" ...

(Sorry about the sloppy grammar/usage, gang ... no coffee yet ... goin' to pour a cup of Hawaiian right this minute ... merely sayin' ...)

wolfie...that looked suspiciously like an 'Irish' coffee (yum!)

What's the issue with the grammar. I just reread Dave's post, and it looked fine.

Exactly, Grammar Police.

*snork* at Jemmy. :)

I apologize for the on-topic post earlier. It won't happen again.

ummm, i don't WATCH the sopranos.

Judi: *As I stare in amazement* I don't see how you would have time to watch the Sopranos with all the work you do for the blog. You probably don't even have to look for toilet snakes because you are too busy to go. Everyone back off and give Judi a break. (Judi, may I have a gold star for sucking up? I know it's Dave's blog but *we* do know who wasn't off last week running willy-nilly around England.)

*Wondering if maybe I'm a little cranky today*

So who here thinks that AJ is going to pull a Michael Corleone on Uncle Junior?

All Dave's grammar rules are belong to us.

A24: A.J. promised his dad as much last night. Which probably means, knowing the track record of these writers, that Uncle Junior will stand trial and skip, leaving the courtroom only to get whacked in the head by a news crew's boom mic, take a tumble down the stairs and be f****n' oobatz from that day on.

What? That already happened? Oh. Never mind.

Federal Duck: you, of all people, should know it's "Why come ain't nobody done TOLE me?"

There are no "d" in the world "told" in rey-udneckustani.

Sopranos is off the air for 2 years as they fine tune for the final season and they come up with this ancillary dream/coma sequence? Yeah, that's right, I said ancillary. I want that hour of my life back and let's get back to whackin' people.

I wanna know where they're gonna go with this brain-damaged-doofus-as-mob-boss angle. You watch, his sudden intake of sushi is gonna save his noggin.

(Kick ass Carmela ep, tho.)

Yes. Let's have Tony be better next week and get back to the important stuff.

No more dreaming.
*yawn* (heh, heh, a pun)

An intentional double negative can cancel out:

In Luckenback, Texas, ain't nobody feelin' no pain.

"Ain't nobody" cancels out the "no pain".

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