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March 10, 2006


We are happy that it's the middle of the night, so we are not at all tempted to blog things that we have vowed not to blog, because we are going to sleep now.

(And we are glad Charley D. is asleep now too, so he will never know that we haven't blogged it.)


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The back of his hand is obviously on its way to his parents' mouths.

Anurag 'nother one!

I will be dipped in Sh!t!

Have these people no sense?

Or sense of smell?

What an awful name.
Sheesh, what were his parents THINKING!

That's one gamey dikshit..

Why do I have the feeling I will recieve an e mail tomorrow stating that, " I am in need of a person to hold 100000000000 dollars in their account that will be accessable in an account you will be made aware of when we print your testicles and so forth.."

"he is one of the youngest billionaires in the World"

I was going to express doubt because of the source, but Hell... true or false, no wonder he is smiling!

that is one Diksh*t-eating grin...

*snork* - get some sleep insom!! Thanks for givin me my last laugh of the night.

No worries sean. It turns out they want to hold exactly $637.42 of my money in their account. Kind of a coincidence that that is exactly the same as the amount I had in there. They'll give it back soon, tho.

I guess with a name like that, you have a lot of drive, huh coast the raven?

A friend from the Navy gave me this one.
No one saw me give this link. At no point was it me.

*snork* @ somebody, but Not Alfred.

Whoa! I didn't know you could post without a name!

Yeah, adonis, it's magic ... merely sayin' ...

UO! Wow, strikethu and now this? You're (not your) like the blog magician! Hey, did you see my high score on the productivity enhancer? That's my own special brand of magic.

Anurag Dikshit.

The punchline to every menstruation joke in just about every language.

He may have a funny name, but he's incredibly rich. For that very reason, I refuse to make fun of his name. That way, I'll get on his good list and then maybe he'll buy me one of these.

>> pronounced deek-schit

Because that's so different from deek-shit.

Newsflash - "Pen Island" has been blogged before...so has the miracle of no-name posting. Both are worthy of regurgitation, however, just like in that zombie movie, this blog must consume fresh brains every few hours in order to survive.

Sorry AnnieWBH/WIG. Either I have amnesia, or I forgot. Hi! Who are you?

Ah, he's six years younger than me and one of the richest people in the world, because of online gaming. Whereas I am shopping at the thrift store, because I provide, well, something much less valuable than online poker.

I am overwhelmed by feelings of inferiority and the unfairness of the universe, until I realize...he has a name he has to tell people how to pronounce (all day, every day, whenever he meets someone new), in a desperate, unsuccessful attempt to have it not sound both obscene and ridiculous.

THANK YOU, Universe, for evening things out, just a little bit.

*considers putting a patent on the Anu-rag*



Now if we can only figure out who posts with the email "sheepdog @sheepdog.com"...

SNORK @         !

A HREF="http://www.animationusa.com/cj02/cj22n.html">sheepdog?

*zips in*

I can do it too.

Also, I've been to penisland.com before.

One of the richest men in the world? Does that mean somewhere in the world Dikshit Towers is under construction?

El - we all know you've been to penisland before - but lets talk about this compulsion you have to discuss it in public

El (that was you *zipping* up there, yes?)

I went to penisland.com, but it was raining, and I forgot my condombrella. They wouldn't let me in because they said it wasn't safe.

Are we back in Tamara's dream?

I'm not in Tamara's dream. I'mhere, right where I said I was.

*zips out*

El, you've got to stop the anonymous zipping. It's creeping me out. Like suddenly, you're invisible.

KDF, The:

Your wish is my command, because I luv u.:)

Awwwww! Welcome back, Eleanor, the Visible.

*hugs Eleanor, looks for more zinc, echinacea, and Sudafed*

I'm sure that Anurag (which is a common Indian name like James or Michael in English) is laughing all the way to the bank no matter what his last name is. You'll notice he graduated from ITT. Indian students who apply to ITT put MIT and Cal Tech as their back-up college choices, because they are easier for them to get into.

I did not know that Daisymae. Though it makes sense. This world seems so full of information and I seem to never know enough of it.

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