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March 13, 2006


The publisher presented us with a cake decorated with the cover of our book. Seconds after this picture was taken, Ridley ate it.



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Ridley ate the picture? Why not the beautiful cake?

Good morning, everyone! :)

Well, doesn't that just take the picture?

Good morning Tamara. I'm still sleepy.

I know, I know... I just wanted to be FIRST once again... It's been so long... Since the day when I had ALL the firsts... And no one remembers... So I vowed never to be first again... [sigh] Memories...

did it taste inky? or print-y?

Pepe, It tastes Peter-y. You don't want to know.

Hey, wasn't there supposed to be a Soprano's thread?

pepe sed "did it taste inky? or print-y?"

No, it clearly states that Ridley ate the picture, so, if it was taken with the crap-cam, it would have to taste crappy.

Dave? Will you be bringing us, your loyal stalk..erm.. fans back a piece, or did someone eat it all?

If in fact it tasted Peter-y I retract my request for a slice.

I was going to start commenting about the Sopranos, attaching it to a different thread, but I realized something interesting last night-- I don't get HBO.

Darn university cable package.

Too Shy - we of the New Jersey blog contingent understand your reluctance to post actual identifying info. Please excuse me now, as I am obliged to appear as if I were actually reporting to my job.

Cool cake! It's good to be an author. Save us a piece please.

Wonderful picture of the cake. Um, Ridley......

That's a great idea. It certainly would be one way to get me to finish an entire book in one sitting.

Ten points to MartiniShark for finding the joke I knew was in there somewhere but couldn't identify!

Let them eat books!

It was a great book - I just ate it up from cover to cover.

The books 2 eat people do this yearly, the Starcatchers cake looks better than many of them though.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

And now, back to work.

Thanx for the points Tam.

And maybe you can help me--I've been posting here for some time and I have yet to be able to find that damned scoreboard.

*Wonders if they do this with diet books*

Yum! Those look good enough to read.

"not so big a slice for me, just a chapter or two, I'm dieting."

Trimul! Jeez, Blue, I didn't know you were into that!


The only thing anyone needs to know about the scoreboard is that any time points are given out, I get 50%. Some people say this isn't fair, but I say those people are just jealous of my score.

Fed must be havin' a heckuva time catching up on all that was said about him this weekend.

50% ?

I guess that would be acceptable. I wasn't aware I would need an agent to be on this board.

KDF - martinis bring out a whole other side of me.

*arrives at the "panic" phase of new relationship*

Nah Meanie - I come out whether there are martinis or not.

pssst, Coast! C'mon, keep it low profile until the right moment....I'll give you the high sign when that is. Patience will be rewarded.

Opps - sorry!!


Meanie you'd've been proud of me yesterday - Standing outside of my house smokin a cig, and this couple walks by with thier little brat (mebby 9 or 10) - the kid pipes up and sez "ewwwww - smoking can KILL you!" To which I replied without skipping a beat "yeah - so can talking to strangers kid"... the mother looked a bit more that slightly offended, and the father was trying his best not to laugh.


KDF, the -
Take deep breaths -
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm -

It's been my experience that the "panic" phase only lasts until you have sex the second time - :)

*looks forward to calming down*

AAACKK! The robot thinks I'm a spammer!


I don't care how many martinis you ply me with, my lips will never touch spam(mers).

*Hopes his worst fears are unfounded*

Coast - that is indeed a proud moment (SNORK!), except for the slightly unsettling fact that that is quite possibly what my 7-year old daughter might have said in that situation. Junior doppelgängers?

Reader's Digest in cooperation with Weight Watchers
presents "Diet Versions of the Classics" now you don't have eat all of "Moby Dick" (nttawwt) you can get the gist of it while maintaining your figure! Need to eat a book for class? Our Cliff's Notes Lemon Cakes will nourish your mind and soul!
"Dostoevsky would keep me up all night with existential angst and acid reflux, but the diet version made me the slimmest and smartest member of my friends." - A.Solzhenitsyn

Insom, you're a national treasure.

*crestfallen at the very idea that Blue would ever believe the robot instead of standing by in KDF's time of need*

*hopes it is a momentary lapse in judgment brought on by his busy day planning covert attacks with psychoblogicoast counterpart*

Bravo Coast (from one smoker to another)! -

I'm going to use that the next time someone I don't know makes a snarky anti-smoking remark to me!!

*Plays the too-many-martinis card, and hopes.....*

"Reader's Digest"! SNORK jackpot!

Anybody else worried that maybe I locked Fed in the trunk of my car--and then forgot about him? Oh? Me neither! [nervous laugh]

I'll email him to stop working and check in.

"It tastes Peter-y" - random thunking

"No, it clearly states that Ridley ate the picture, so, if it was taken with the crap-cam, it would have to taste crappy" - Mad Soap

So if I understand correctly, the picture tasted Peter-y, and Ridley ate the Crapcam (which tasted crappy) after Dave loaded the picture file.

Eleanor - the other one I like to use when people tell me I should quit...

"Nobody likes a quitter."
*steps out for a smoke*

Uh oh. Covert operation launched?

*snork* @ Coast

I'm not a smoker, but that's good.

Humorous interruptus

Coast - just to be clear, I don't encourage my kids to confront smokers. They get the impulse to do so from the anti-smoking education campaigns at their schools, which don't exactly tell them they should confront anyone, but they take it to heart and, being kids, sometimes make their opinions known in awkward ways. When it happens, my wife and I make it clear they shouldn't be doing that.

Carry on.

Mine do the same. I often tell them that it's an "adult choice." In other words, keep your judgmental comments to yourself, rugrats.

I know whatcha mean Meanie kids often pipe up at the wrong moment - like the story of the overweight woman at the checkout line whos beeper goes off, and the kid behind her says to his mom - "Look out ma - shes backing up!"

"Yourself" is of course the ancient Greek spelling of "yourselves," as seen in Mediterranean literature.

an "adult choice"

interesting, from my point of view, given that I "chose " to start smoking at about age 15, and now I can't seem to stop...

wait, I didn't mean that - I am not addicted - I can quit any time I want to - I just don't want to right now

That's a great moment Coast. Whenever I catch grief from those types about my Cigars or martinis I explain,
"No matter what you DON'T do, you will still meet the same fate, (pause for dramatic puff of smoke and a sip) and I would rather not die from boredom."

Coast - ROFLMAO! "like the story of the overweight woman at the checkout line whos beeper goes off, and the kid behind her says to his mom - "Look out ma - shes backing up!"

THAT is funny!!!

Thanks! :)

an "adult choice":

I got to the San Antonio airport last Thursday at 8:30 a.m. with my 21 year old daughter. After we checked in and were almost at the gate, there was an announcement that the (some name) bar was open. She informed me she was going to the bar. When she joined me at the gate 15 minutes later, I asked her what she had, and she told me a Vodka martini. She spent the entire flight with her head on my shoulder sleeping.

Mean, yet still funny! :)

What a beautiful cake!

Now I want cake.

(The book I had, and it tasted pulpy. Also dry.)

She: "Did you finish your book?"
He: "Yeah."
She: "How was it?"
He: "Tasteless."

My kids only make snarky comments like that to their dad. Of course, they learned snarky from their dad. Not their sweet, innocent mom.

*cough, cough*

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