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March 15, 2006


You win some, you lose some. Or not.

(Thanks first to Susannah Nation)


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you can't sue yourself for bein' a dumbass?

whew - good thing - cuz God knows i can't afford to defend myself against a lawsuit the next time I decide to do somethin' stupid

Reminds me of the time France declared war on itself (and lost!)

Lodi Lodi - Look who drank a Fo(r)ty

I'm baffled at the stupidity of humans sometimes.

dunno TCK ... If I could sue myself for bein stupid, I'd be Donald Trump - A bankrupt multi-millionaire

well, there is that

And a Quadra-Alpha-Post! Good form!!

Not only should his auto insurance rates increase, his life insurance should as well, since this guy is just asking to be Darwinned.

i think he should be able to sue himself, when he wins the city should be able to dock his pay for the amount of the award, plus costs!

if it goes to a jury we'll get to hear...

"I'd like permission to treat myself as hostile, your honor."

creedence clearwater revival said it so well... "oh lord stuck in lodi again". (been there...hated it)

Since I, too, sent in this item but was clearly negligent for not getting it in sooner, I have not choice but to move to Lodi and sue my own ass off. See me in court, sucker.

Do you suppose the moment he realized that he ran into his own vehicle he looked into the rear-view mirror and shouted, "I'll see YOU in court!"

is there any logical reason someone would want to do that?

Personally, I always try to work these things out with the assistance of a skilled mediator.

This could set a dangerous legal precedent. When I think of all the situations I've gotten myself into that involved damage to either me or my property.... I would owe myself a lot of money.

These folks need a better lawyer.!!


...or if he loses the cases against himself, where he is representing himself, he can sue himself again for not mounting (tee-hee) a credible defense...

If the truck is driven by a dumbsh*t, you must aquit...

*Waiting for Eleanor to check in on this thread...*

I recall reading about a man suing himself before.

Lodi is a sucky kind of place, but it's got some pretty vineyards, a couple of wineries, but those are a dime a dozen in CA. And their "Grapebowl" stadium with the grass "bleachers" between sections of actual benches is kind of weird.

i wonder if he could sue himself if he had multiple personalities. And if he could would he sue himself for rights to the body.

Can you sue your self for posession of something like a ball. I broke my fishtank and I want to sue my self to get another one. Will the court be a group of my peers. How many? Who are they? Should I invite them to my victory party?

Of course the real reason he is doing this is that the government will pay him much more for the car then he would. Long sentence wow.

Alfred, are you an only child? I ask because you're quite adept at entertaining yourself. And thanks for letting us watch.

WooHoo! Go Lodi! I live there! w00t!
What Sarah J said is true. Lodi is pretty boring. Aside from people suing themselves. And yes, the Grape Bowl does suck. Majorly.

Also, silly string is illegal here.

*snork at Annie* Well done.

Mr. C. check post at 4:20 p.m. blog clock time. :)

Eldest of 4. Had to figure out ways to shut them up. So I would just start telling jokes. And stories.

If you want I could just shut up and read everyone elses comments.

No, no, no, Alfred! Just think of the blog as a large group of younger siblings, and let'er rip! (I was an only child and fit Annie's theory, but I like being entertained by a big brother. Even if he's way younger than I am.)

Alfred - answering your own questions is the sign of a quick mind, as well as being entertaining to others. You ask and answer, we'll listen.

Roger Ebert was an only child. He likes to imagine he has siblings. He also has never understood movies with big families.
Anyway, If I where to sue my self. Who would pay the lawyer fee?

Alfred...You could try taking out two ads in the classifieds, stating "Responsible for my debts only."

The matter would get very interesting if I decided to defend and prosecute my self. It would be like playing out field for both teams.
The best idea would be for me to get a special counsel for both people. er me. And then mention that we will need special government money to solve this one. And I need to be sequestered into the best motel possible. With HBO. And internet. And heck free videogames. Since I am dreaming I might as well ask for my own legion of super robots. They can keep the motel tidy.

Alfred - don't ever shush, and don't ever change. I see a big future for you ahead, with government funding.

Ok, that sounded like Alfred's stomach, but it was me translating...I think....back to fun munchie/naptime thread...zzzz

Annie - it wasn't simul, but we just did a crossthread identity co-f-up over Alfred. See the Martha thread. (Only I wasn't even addressing Alfred - sheesh!)

Impaired minds think alike?

Don't bother suing yourself. Pay an attoney for the Plaintiff and another for the Defence and pretty soon your hard won settlement vanishes. Better to shake yourself down in a junkyard or suitible dark alley. No matter who wins the fight, you WIN! Blackmailing yourself also works and avoids the possibility of injury.

Edgar I just realized something. If a vampire can't be a Jew. Then what happens to Jewish Lawyers?

Or should I be asking El. And ducking and weaving. Fast

I am kicking my self over that one.

Thank you my stomach. I had no idea you had eyeballs. What did I eat?

Why can't a vampire be Jewish? Isn't that racism? Or is it something about working at night, or is the meal not kosher?

Meanie the Blue - yowzaa...that must mean we were meant for each other, just under different aliasessss.

It was a few weeks ago but it was decided thatJews could not be vampires. The reason being that they could not drink blood because it was forbidden by Jewish law.

Hmmmm....well, the medical profession has produced a useful blood substitute that can be used during blood shortages, or for Jehovah's Witnesses and others who have moral/religious objections to transfusions. Granted, they'd be pretty skinny, but I'm thinking a truly MOTIVATED Jewish vampire could get by.

I would want him or her as my lawyer thats for sure.

You MIGHT be a Jewish vampire if you:
-prefer going out to eat, and really like Chinese
-have nails that are perfect...always
-know that black is the new black
-think the sun is for shicksas
-sleep all day
-suck the life out of every one you date

-Instead of saying, "Do you want me to take a Cab" you say, "Do you want me to Wing It?"

-It always seems like a funeral

-Matza actually tastes better when your a Jewish Vampire.

Somehow, Alfred, I just knew you'd be here.

I just sit around pretending to Mote to my self.

hey myself

Hey back at you

Jsut wanted to say

Oh yeah well
28zBjh to you

Why you little

Dont talk to me that way

Thats it I am suing you. You little Gt567r.

I chose the right honorable 67ytd4

Oh you know nothing about my

Oh sorry I didn't know

It 2c4g4z I know you would really Vkerr2

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