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March 21, 2006


...along comes a product that makes you realize you are correct.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Since when do they let women in to the mens room to have to use a Urinal?

One more social advance thanks to "Ally McBeal". ewhat's the deal with that show?

This would be great for those damn hover-peeing women. Keep them out of the Ladies' Room, where real ladies SIT DOWN!

I think the guy is peeing on his hands.

I've always wanted to sit in a urinal... in public, no less.


I agree Suzy Q.
But I do have a small problem with hover-peeing
We have single person bathrooms at my hospital and I am forever entering the room right after one is in there, actually it is usually the same woman. And she never cleans the seat after her. Even when we post notes.

Shaay - you can't fool me. You got the 'after' picture from an exploding whale story!

Oops. Wrong blog.

eww. i dont think so.

But is there a spigot to wash your hands in there too? ...might as well go all out for the purest in minimalist design.

BTW can a lady give two shakes and walk away or isn't there residue requiring some paper wipage? This design was poorly thought through.

...from Yanko design... where form follows function...

in this case doesn't form precede function?

Could be a problem a poo sneaks out though, huh?

I think Mrs. Blog would have been happy to see this in Torino.

Hmmmm....a catch basin that allows BOTH sexes to pee..... isn't that called a TOILET?

Oh, and a big EEEEEWWWW! to the woman who sprinkles on the seat!

I'm pretty sure lady-model is about to pee on her shirt.

We aim to please.

You aim, too, please.

O the U.... the problem for me is actually that you don't aim! (editorial you that is, gerderally speaking) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!

*Grrrrrrrr* "genderally"

"semi-upright sitting (female) position"

I don't think she is actually in contact.

Dr. Doug - Doesn't matter. Slippery perimeter is dangerous enough......

Bucket --

(Not argufyin', merely conversationaling)

Heck, at a certain age, some guys hafta "go" so often they could do it with their eyes closed ... um ... I know ... you're thinkin' that the age in question starts when they can first stand up in front of the stool ... nevermind ...

O the U- all meant in the spirit of fondest teasing... ;-)

I gnu that ...

Also ...

Prolly to the good fortune of most everybuddy else here, I resisted the temptation to discuss the various micturitionalistic behavior foibles of moi ownself ...

Sorry, but the "sitting" figure does NOT look like a chick.
Also, what does a gal do when Aunt Flow comes to visit?

This could be a problem for short women like me. I couldn't possibly hover-pee over that thing.

Therefore, I am going to sue Yanko on behalf of all vertically-impaired people.

Marie - Maybe it can be floor-mounted?

happykat, ewwwwwwwwwwww.

I think Happykat is right though, Plus, why didn't s/he pull down the tights to squat.

I have to remember to include a footstool in all the hospital bathrooms.

She didn't pull down her tights because she didn't want them to come in contact with the splatters left all over the rim from the previous hover-peeers. (Had to put in the extra "e" to discern from her peers). It has to be tough peeing with your tights still up, I would think. Anyway, they should make the idiot who came up with this try using it with their pants or pantyhose down around their knees. I suspect the photos would be much funnier.

Welcome to "America's Funniest Covert Videos!"


so if you're found guilty of public urination are you tried by a jury of your peeers?

Obviously invented by a man.

How many times do I have to tell you that we don't want to use men's bathrooms, we just want sufficient facilities for ourselves.

(ever notice there are rarely lines for the men's rooms?)

snorks for Annie & Insom

Yanko found a way to save two bucks by not buying a toilet seat. What next - blowdryers in the stalls?

Don't you love the name "Yanko"?

This was invented by a woman? (don't recall ever meeting a male type person being named Tamar, nttawwt) Somebody tell me where the line forms to slap the silly b***h, I want two turns, please.
........And to all hover-peeeeers, golly it would be a shame if you slipped on the stinky wet tiles and hurt something.
Coffee maker's broken, can you tell?

"The Hover-Peeers" WBAGNFARB.

Bill, you are right, Hover-Peeeers wbagnfarb but I wouldn't want to see them in concert.

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