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March 14, 2006


They're getting younger.

(Thanks to LaDawn Haws)


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"There are two lessons to learn: Don't let your children play with guns. Always treat a gun as though it's loaded,"

Well three lessons actually - Those already listed, and never try to block a bullet with your knee.

Four lessens if you count "Just give her the cookies," Coast.

I sense Darwin Award in this mother's future.

Poor kid. He needs better aim.

my blankie.... sometimes
my rubber ducky.... maybe
my gun...never!

A B sed "I sense Darwin Award in this mother's future."

You're right on target there (like her knee)! I think she's leading the pack of morons in the news at this point! Here's hoping she gets taken out of the gene pool before she reproduces again!

Sounds like it was trying to re-enact the scene where Jack shot Mrs. Buckaroo, last week.

I think he's gunning for Jack's job.

"It was the second time the boy had handled the gun on Sunday. The mother had taken the gun away ... and put the weapon back on the couch."

judi, I'm still choking on my lunch from your original post ("... they're getting younger"). You slay me!

I can't see you mama
and I want you beside me here
ooh to touch and to feel your nine mil
oh I just can't keep away
it's the heat and the steam of the city
oh its got me running and I just can't brake
so say you'll help me mama
cos its getting so hard

Now I can't keep you mama
but I know you're always there
you listen, you teach me mama
and I know inside you care
so get down, down here beside me
oh you ain't going nowhere
no I won't hurt you mama
but its getting so hard


Well, she took all the proper precautions. I mean, removing bullets before putting the gun back on the couch. *rolling eyes to the moon and back*

stupid woman she should be shot...oh...wait.

Now that most of CTU staff have been 'affected' by deadly nerve gas, I am training new personnel.

It appeared to be accidental... .
The kid just needs to be a little taller.

Not given in the article, but I'm guessing that the mother's name was either Brandine or Lurlene ...

Maybe they were just playing Hide And Go Bust A Cap...

It's gonna be hard to get a babysitter for that kid...

*snork* at Joben!

and MOTW, I find your comment quite offensive.

After all, what if there is a blog chick named Brandine, or Lurlene? And what if that blog chick is me? Don't you think I have feelings, too? *sob*


"Police said they would forward the case to the Ramsey County Attorney's office for possible child-endangerment charges."

I dunno...the kid seems to be doin' ok. It's the, errr, gene pool I'd be worried about, IYCMD

Huh, I always thought Stewie Griffin lived in Quohogg, not StPaul Minn.

*snork* to martini, I love me some Stewie!

southerngirl - No offense intended in your general direction, girlfriend! I was referring to the Simpsons yokel family - you know, they're in Springfield.
*goes to check if there's a Springfield, LA*

*snork* @ judi's post

dang it

Its a well know fact (Amongst Simpsonites) that there is a Springfield in every state of the union. (I didn't check myself)

They picked the town name so that no one could associate with it a particular place in the US. Also, they tend to introduce geographical anomalies that throw people off too. They also change the geography as well. There are episodes where they have a oceanside, or a huge mountain, or a vast desert etc.

Ok next time I will READ my post before submitting.

Ms. Thwacker-Weasel: Don't worry bout it. Welcome to the dark side. (See previous thread.)

MOTW - I know - HA!!

and don't worry - I don't live in Springfield ;)

And I always thought it was the terrible twos.

I may be opening myself up to a hord of insults and stuff, but I have to say this. I, personally, find it hypocritical for people to call others stupid for making mistakes. This was a whopper of one, I'll grant that, but it's not like ther est of us are perfect either.

I'm sure this woman feels completely idiotic for leaving the gun on the couch. I'm sure the last thing she needs is to be labeled stupid for her actions. Like any of y'all know her or her past.

Schadeboy - 'it's not like the rest of us IS perfect.' ;)

Schade, my boy, we're not talking about Elmo the Talking Doll here. The lady put a loaded gun on the couch, let Junior play with it then put it back on the couch. That is stupid. It is also child endangerment which is probably why Junior now lives with his daddy.

*kicks high horse out from under Schadeboy*

Sheesh! I don't care what her past is or anything. You don't put a gun on the couch when you have a 3 year old in the room.

*double snork* for s'girls "terrible twos"*

But Schade, this was a stupid mistake.

See, it was already inexcusably (and criminally) stupid to have a loaded gun within reach of a child in the first place.

Then she got a free warning - look, toddler has a loaded gun and hasn't managed to shoot himself or anyone else yet!

THEN she put the gun back not only EXACTLY WHERE TODDLER had found it, but having failed to unload it.

I mean, she showed a specific and dramatic lack of intelligence, right?

If we can't call stupid people stupid, why even have the word?

High fives El and SN for saying it faster and better while I was still typing.

C'Bol, I'm still trying to think of another adjective that would have been more socially and politically correct. But basically, I keep coming back to stupid.

Schade - If I had "several" illegal guns, and any number of children in the same house, I would certainly label mySELF an idiot to have one of them happen to find its way under a couch. So if that isnt enough, the anklebiter finds the gun (fully loaded and minding its own business under the couch), and the mother takes it away from him (Good move there). She (I am working on the assumption that the mother is a she) then takes out MOST of the bullets, and places the gun securely ON the couch (when the gun was perfectly happy with its lot under the couch), where the little tax deduction reaquires the weapon and proceded to count the bullets remaining in the gun by placing them in mommys kneecap. To add insult to injury the lady carelessly leaves her story out there for the Dave Barry Crack Investigation Team to uuncover and post for all of us to see. If the facts are out there to disprove her idiocy, I will be glad to review them. (I have put the facts out there proving mine time and time again)

OK - so it seems that while I was typing (and being mildly distracted by work) the rest of you took the torch and ran with it - thank you and please disregard my ramblings.

Stupid is as stupid does.

But, in all fairness sake Schade, if I ever leave a loaded weapon near my child and he shoots me with it, you have my permission to call me Stupid. My husband would be saying that the whole way to the hospital anyway.

Schade - Haven't you noticed? We point out our fellow bloglits' stupidity as well. That's what we do!

psst... I see stupid people. Walking around like regular people... They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dumb... I see them all the time.

... um ... I don't think there's a town called Springfield in Nodak ... I'm perty sure ... I'll check ... merely sayin' ...

Coast - Bravo!

May I say that you enhance very well. :)

El, thanks for the snork, but I think you meant to credit S'North.

just sayin' :D

I understand the confusion. S'Girl and I are so much alike except for the accent, the weather, the time zone and the country.

Other than that, we could be twins. :)

Thank you El - the truth is out there to be stretched and enhanced.

Maybe that kid is a Dick Cheney fan. His mother should apologize to him immediately.

Sounds like Chlorox for the 'ole gene pool.

Somewhere North - I'm ROFL at your excellent "we could be twins" post, cuz I know you're just funnin' with me, right? *hopeful smile*

And a retroactive *snork* for your previous post. :)

s'girl, save the misdirected snork, I'm sure it will be appropriate in no time at all. :)

*hopes she's back in everyones good graces*

All I can say is Schadeboy is obviously in the right place if he's on his "high horse," 'cause this little kid has obviously learned the lesson: "Shoot low, son, 'cause she might be ridin' a Shetland!"

... um ... nope ... sorry ...

No place in Nodak with the name of Springfield ...

We got Spring, Springbrook, Springbutte, Spring Coulee, Spring Grove, Spring Hill and Spring Valley (THREE different places!) ... but we ain't got a Springfield ...

Sorry Simpsons fans ... merely sayin' ...

U.O - sorry right back atcha, baybee!
U O's bluff is called - population:35.

Dang, O. the U! She's hoisted you on your own petard!

Judging by Annie's link, Springfield, ND, is located near East Podunk.


This place which you found on the link is less than 20 miles (which, in Nodak driving, translates to about 17 minutes travel time) from where I've spent most of my life.

It is a TOWNSHIP! Six miles square, 36 spuare miles. Virtually 100 percent farmland ... some farm dwellings. I doubt if there are 25 people there, as stated on the link ... more like six or eight ...

A TOWNSHIP that some of y'all might be thinkin' ofl, in denser population areas is entirely different.

The GENERIC term "Township" resembles in no possible way, in the context of Nodak REAL LIFE, as any thing resembling a "town" ...

Further example: If you look up "Maza" (which is another township only a few miles from "Springfield" TWP.) you'll find the same thing ... a Township ... HOWever, they HAVE incorporated the entire 36 square miles as a village/town ... even though it is all lake bottoms and farmland ... it allowed them to have their Township Board of Supervisors also to be their "city council" ...

It is NOT A TOWN, Village, incorporated city or any other variation thereof. It is 36 spuare miles of farmland, with perhaps three or five families living on these farms, at least part of the year ...

And if Bart Simpson lived there, he wouldn't be there for long ... and Homer wouldn't have a job either, 'cuz there's no nucular plant, and he's not sharp enuf to work for a farmer ...


(Stupe' -- ackshully, it's closer to West Overshoe than it is to East Podunk ... merely FYI ...)

U.O - 'Nodak real life" - you're funny! I thought 35 was pretty good for up there. Not including sheep, of course.

hey, there's a pretty funny new song about 24 on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/ilovefyn

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