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March 23, 2006


The Marshmallow Shooter

(Thanks to Sue Cocking)


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whole new level of comical confection

...and what was the previous high point in comical confection???

This is no way to fight the obesity epidemic. That thing should shoot fruits. Healthier and some are even likely to concuss and cause bloody noses. Waaaaay more fun.

Sure, everyone thinks it's funny now, but what if someone gets an eye . . . . oh never mind.

By the way, I had the exact same idea, except my version shot cherry bombs and ball bearings. Maybe marshmallows ARE better. I really need to work on some of my inventions a little more if I ever want to get any venture capital.

Do they really eat the ones that hit the ground. What about the animal excrement that may be there.


I envision entire marshallow fighting leagues sprouting up. Ya know, like paintball teams? Maybe they could get the marshmallow fluff people to sponsor one. And then, other countries could get involved and it could become worldwide and corporations could get involved and it would be just like that movie "Rollerball" and...

Never mind...

check out the links for the "Hi-res" images. "Hi-res Boy" is of a cute 10 year old holding the weapon. "Hi-res Girl" is a hot 20 year old babe showing off her flat abs. Ammo-licious indeed.

I'll wait for the marshmallow underwear.

My son built one of these out of pvc pipe. His sister was picking marshmallows out of her hair for ages. That was until he discovered that dog kibble shoots even better....

I know many a marshmallow blower......

I'd let the Hi-res Girl try out her marshmallow blower on me...

Was that too far?

The anti-terrorist version ignites them first. Then you have a flaming marshmallow shooter.

Marshmallows already go straight to my butt, now if Jack Bauer gets one of these they'll go straight to my thighs!

ammunition is really about all marshmallows are good for anyway.

my son was at a party recently where they played redneck paintball. the kids were divided into teams, dressed in white t-shirts, assigned a color, ketchup for red, mustard for yellow, chocolate syrup for brown, whatever, then they battled by dipping the marshmallows in their color and hurling them at the opposing side. it made a terrible mess, was a blast and could only have been made better by the addition of actual marshmallow guns.

John and Gfunk,

You'd be amazed! I was strolling through the park a few days ago and whipped out my marshmallow shooter that I happened to be carrying, and a gang of bikini models that happened to be there nearly "shot my marshmallow" right off, if you get my drift, which I sure as hell don't, but then there's that.

Moral: Marshmallow Shooter = Hot girls in bikinis.

Admit it, Dave. I sent this in first, but you credited her only because her name was Sue "COCKing"......


Looks like Opie !

Shooter, Blower and Blaster - Sounds like a firm of particularly nasty divorce attorneys... (and one I should have hired Way Back When...)

Makes mowing the lawn a stick-tastical adventure!

Marshmallow Shooter - sounds like there should be some vodka involved.

S'MORE(K) at MC...


That would be good for target practice... if my mouth was the target!

Sooooo - if you combine this item with the Healthy Penis from the next article, you would have a VERY interesting item. But I am assuming that Chris would no longer like to be the target. NTTIAWWT!

****BLOG ALERT****
At this point no posts mentioning Marshmallow Creme will be allowed! Thank You.

*snork* @ fivver

"intended for ages 12 and up"
I think we will see very few boys and girls ages 13 and up with one of these!

I feel the urge to chime in here. My 2 sons, age 9 and 6 received these for Christmas last year. They were homemade by somebody out of PVC pipe - probably cost $5 apiece - and they were by far the favorite gift they received. There are marshmallow carcuses all over my house. (hint - stale, hard marshmallows work best.) FYI to anyone with boys lurking around the house.

Why buy theirs when you can make one yourself?

So, who will do the dentistry for the squirrels who get cavities from the sugar? (Laying all over the ground.)

Why did we need a Hi-Rez picture of the pre-teen girls?

If only Dick Cheney had know about this sooner.

This is nothing new. I had one EXACTLY like this when I was a kid. Only it was not blue and red, it was yellow. And it didn't shoot marshmallows, it shot ping pong balls.

Instead of buying them, my sons made there own for less than $2 a piece and enjoyed building. They had some awesome fun with these.

Check it out here:

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