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March 28, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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I was looking for these!

I think my kids would have a blast trying to step on those little rings as I'm sleep walking. (Hopefully, I'm not having sex at the time.)


??? Scott has sex while he's sleepwalking?!? THERES a trick thats better than sleep-eating!

I had no idea slipper theft was such a problem.

Uh CR, maybe he's alone at the time IYKWIM.

Don't really need these. My slippers have a chemical anti-theft system. Even the dog won't go near them.

Hmmm...would maybe work when my dog tries to steal my slippers?

If they frighten off the dog, fine.

Season one House MD
Number 17 "Role Model"

Woman sleep walks down the hall to her ex-husbands apartment and has sleep sex. This is a documented Phenomena.

*wishes he had that job.

Wait a minute ... where are the lights?

Made from recovered avocado green Naugahyde. No naugies were killed to make these slippers.

Yeah, but will anybody pay attention when the damn things go off in the middle of the night, waking the neighborhood?

"Hey Mitchell! Your damn slipper alarm went off twice last night! How the hell are we supposed to sleep around here?"

This footwear goes great with the "Cup with a plug"

But what if you occasionally leave the table? Not that anyone here would do that, but stil...

Glenda: Just click your heels three times and make a wish.

Dorothy: Really? *Click*

ASK, i'm guessing you have to leave your feet behind

Okay...maybe I can buy into the notion that slipper theft is a growing concern. But what on earth is with the sweatpants with arm attachments??????


CR - That was a purely hypothetical parenthetical comment. No one's ever seen me do that (as far as I know).

...and then there's that whole lapdog thing.

OK Scott - not to belabor a point, but are you saying noone has ever seen you having sex? I think the advice I got from the doctor might help you! When I asked what was the best thing I could do to improve my sex life, he said "Get a partner".

Coast - Yeah, but where did the kids come from? That's what I want to know!

Okay, I can actually see that these might serve a purpose in, say, an Infirmary for Thieves, but what in G0d's name are these for?!

This must be the official catalog of the dangerously paranoid. Here's the actual description under "Cup with Plug": This cup has a plug. By getting the plug out of your personal cup, no one is able to use your cup.

*eye twitch*

If they're going to use my cup, then I will make it my mission to ensure the drainage of their ill-gotten coffee because they do not deserve any!

*eye twitch, eye twitch, cackle*


Hey, who doesn't need one of these from time to time.

Scott, thank you for enabling my giggle fit.

*wipes tears from face, ignores raised eyebrows of those around her*

Can someone please point me in the direction of where I can learn how to embed links in my posts. I am sure it is something easy, or it will require me to sacrifice something to Chango when I want to.

I meant to say, "or will It"

Spjg, e:mail coming your way.

Some People Guzzle Juice:

<A HREF="URL for link goes here with quotes">on screen text with no quotes here"</A>

Leave a space between A and HREF, no spaces elsewhere except in onscreen text.

Some People Nuzzle Greeks: sorry, last quote in the above doesn't belong.

Show off.

Thank You Meanie



Could you be good enough to fwd that email re embedding links in the post to me as well...I finally located the "package enhancer" and I'm dying to post it

Go ahead.......

Should be there. :)

Hush yo' mouth, Meanie.

I'd love to see what you all will do with this. (Mild office warning.)

*sits back and waits*

Re Scott's link:

Ramparts for Life™.

Totally unrelated but snorkworthy comment from the Seihin Master below product: Thank you for your visiting.

I'm still obsessed and totally puzzled by the sweatpants with arm attachments.

I have always wanted to get a pair of these

Thanks KDF - it worked!! Now does anyone know how to insert a RP video file in the blog?

Well, they're better than these slippers!

Forbidden territory, tsk.

afka"tt" - You can't insert a video on the blog but you can insert a link to a video.

Thanks Scott.

It took me a while to find the link. Many people are continuing to toil on the earlier thread concerning the kilts and "package builder"; they are up to over 3000 posts now.

Anyway, I was able to locate the real package builder and posted it down there; thought I'd share it on this thread as well...

It's a bit better full screen...

Caution: mild office warning, with sound

ASK - I had the same question.

Key Quote: The rings are put through the legs of a table.

Why would anybody wear slippers only at the table? What do you wear to get to the table? Another pair of slippers? What if somebody steals those slippers?

Just speculating. I don't wear slippers, anyway.

Snork @ Chianca for slights on shoes/slippers


Why are my posts all in italics?

Let's try this!

I think it worked.

Help! I was drinking while viewing the blog. (A big no-no, I know, but I couldn't help myself - to view that is).

So I clicked on the curved slippers and accidentally downloaded some very long program involving Japanese characters onto my computer.

My question is, has your computer self-destructed since viewing this post? And more importantly, should I expect mine to destruct any moment now?

Must I remove this characters and thier packs or am I safe and secure in the knowledge I can now view pages written in Japanese without the need of a translator?

Jacki 、あなたおよびコンピュータはすぐ自己self-destruct 。実行及び。それからコンピュータ販売店に行きなさい。

That's not funny KDF. (Well, okay, actually, it is.) But I did preface the post by mentioning there was alcohol involved. I think that should absolve me of any stupid statement and/or paranoia.

Wait - just posting on this blog requires stuppid statements and paranoia.

What's a girl to do?

All your paranoia are belong to us.

And drinking is REQUIRED!

Now. Here's what to do: 最初にすべての、パニックに陥ってはいけない。次にそして、電話、ダイヤルおよび日本のトランスレーターを見つけなさい。家からゆっくり支持し、後生だからスリッパを忘れてはいけない。

Okay? Don't forget your slippers!


First to all, panics you do not have to fall. You and the computer immediately oneself. And, find the translator of the telephone, the dial 911 and Japan next. From the house slowly it supports, therefore epigenesis the slipper it does not have to forget.

Thank you very much KDF for that timely, and ever so helpful, response. Alas, I must retire for the evening, so I will leave my computer on the hands of the new Japanese Character pack.

If it starts next day
All will be well with it, yes?
If not, I will sue

for ALL of your lawn care needs

My guess is the slippers are for traditional Japanese restaurants, where patrons take off their shoes before sitting at the traditional low tables in the "shoeless" area. Waiters, who constantly cross from the "shod" area (kitchen, entrance, etc.) into the "shoeless" area have slippers waiting at the shoeless area for them to use. Maybe patrons have been stealing these, odd as that seems.

Now the pants with arms attached - well, see the manufacturer's page for a whole collection of baffling, obsession-inducing demented garments. Not one useful thing among them.


Glad to see you back, Sparrow. Thought you'd flown the coop for good.

I'm 23 DB/judi posts behind because of the da*n Kilt thread so I can't open any links or I'll never catch up. And I was sick.

I hope I'm not missing anything great. If I am, please don't tell me.
Thank you.

MTB - I'm gonna have to just call you Blue 'cause the Meanie doesn't fit.

re: Dave's post.... WTD??????

re: Some People Juggle Geese... I thought of that "House" episode, too. "House" is the best damn show on television. ("24" not withstanding.)

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