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March 22, 2006


We will not be blogging this guy's name but will instead blog his ova-donations.

(Thanks to Schadeboy)


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I'm going to pass on clicking on the link since it told me I would need to download a new language pack...Korean.

It didn't tell me that daisymae. Why would it single you out for such blantant discrimination???

They stripped the guy! HAHAHA! Are there pictures?

Hey Mr. Hwang, the hood is not a good look for you. :(

When I wouldn't let it install Korean fonts, it took me to a CNN international story about a teacher named Sue Storer, who suffered a nervous breakdown from a farting chair....

You can say no to the installation and still view the story. It just has a couple of weird characters.

So, from stripped hwangs, to the condom tree.

(I am so going to mess up this picture-linking thingy):


Just a few more days and my lawn will be covered with flesh-colored used condoms. Whorticulture!

CJrun- This is all you need to link

Sarah J. I appreciate the link, but I'm going to need opinions from others. I've read up on some of the html things and believe I selected a good, widely reviewed site for the image link [even if I don't know how to use it]. Tagging an un-reviewed site named 'ibdguy' has to be the link of the week.


That suks.

two things that would not happen here...

1) the government naming a 'top scientist' , or if we did it would be a result of an American Idol type search with Simon saying "I'm just not feeling the dedication here, that research was sooo Crick and Watson, and Randy saying , "What up,dog, when are you eggheads, dog, going to cure, dog, my annoying vocal mannerisms?" and Paula saying,"I liked the guy who made the volcano out of baking soda while singing Ricky Martin."

2) they cancelled their 60 Minutes because they attacked a scientist.

that being said, the guy was a fraud, a crook, and a creep...

Insom - Snork, and yes he was.

Well, sure. He claimed he cloned Paris Hilton. Here is the photo from his research paper:


OK, try this one ...


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