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March 15, 2006


But which group remembers having more fun?

(Thanks to queensbee)


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This study was originally completed in 1972, but they forgot where they put the results.

I had something funny to say, but I forgot what.


I had a comment...but I forgot what it was.

Anybody hungry?

refer to the previous post for my personal medicinal reason for getting the munchies... then return here and remind me please!

Aw man. My memory s*cks and I didn't even have fun killing off my brain cells. I feel so cheated. Maybe I can sue myself for hindering my own enjoyment?

On the flip side, the marijuana users really didn't care....ok, that sounded funnier when I was hi...

Well that's just great! All this time I've been drinking to forget.

Long-term users - who'd smoked four or more joints per week for at least 10 years - showed the greatest deficits

I bet. And they probably can't remember where all their money went.

People! These folks were in rehab, for chrissakes!

Not at all like your regular folk who smoke 4 or mor - does anyone have any cheesecake?

OK, I'm not sure, but I think this article says that the study shows either that stoners get burned out after about 10 years, or that only stupid people smoke pot, but they're not sure which

more importantly, why the hell are we spendin' money on a study aimed towards figuring out whether excessive parfait usage causes cognitive impairment?

seems like a no-brainer to me

I don't remember the last time it was linked to memory loss...

Reminds me of how any people have thought I was on drugs. Really I prefer to be awake and sober when doing my crazy stunts.
Speaking of which. Have you ever imagined Kermit the Frog with road rage?

twinkies!! do they still sell twinkies? far out.

Q'bee - they do indeed... and sometimes you can still find them with the banana filling, like they had originally.... Mmmmm...

VERY far out.

Does not sound like a valid study. The results were skewed from the beginning because they did not use a totally representative cross-section of ALL the people who use. Probably too much sampling of the study ingredients.

If more people would know how to look at research and question validity, people who publish this stuff would not be able to jerk us around every time they have gas.

That's my two cent contribution.

Psha! 4 or more joints per week.
That's like those ridiculous studies that call binge drinking 5 or more drinks in an evening. If we could keep it down to 4 or more per week, we wouldn't need...
Where was I going with this?

Upon further review by our judges, that didn't make any sense. And I mean, more lack of sense than usual.
C-bol, we'll need to consult the choir puppies again for this malarkey.

i'm pretty certain i knew people who smoked 4 or more joints a day for the ten years from 1972 to 1982

but i can't really tell ya that for sure.

Don't knock memory loss... There's something to be said for waking up in a whole new world every day.

You don't have to worry about summer reruns, because it's all new to you.

You don't have to pretend to laugh at old jokes.

You have no real enemies to speak of because all you can recall about the guy who slept with your wife and shot your dog is a vague sense of discomfort in his presence which you attribute to the spicy food you had at lunch.

And look at the money you save on books. I'm re-reading "The Shining" for the 87th time... And I still don't know how it ends.

*Snork* @

CoastRaven - twice
S'North - for suing herself
TCK - for "no-brainer"
Fed - for "ridiculous studies a/b binge drinking..."

Alfred's loose!

Hanna, you beat me to it... I was about to make note of the total WORTHLESS nature of any research that would even CALL itself research when they considered 64 people out of a population of something like 10.6 million people in Greece. It's total TRASH, but what REALLY makes me MAD are the MORONS that publish this kind of BS. And what's even worse, they didn't even offer to provide any pot to me so I could participate too!


This is why I cut back to just one per week.

Course, it's a yard long.

Clark, you're right on! Memory is WAY overrated, besides, SWMBO does all the remembering around our place (women and elephants never forget), so what the heck do *I* need with memory?! Sheeee....

Wait... did they say this study was done on the 24 writers?

What southerngirl said!

I hear marijuana is helpful to Alzheimer's patients.
Does it make them forget that they're forgetting? Or does it make them just not care? Or does it make them raid the nursing home kitchen in the middle of the night - where they run into the sleep-eating Ambien patients?

Whatever, Dude.

Brownies and chips at my house!

Speaking of memory or lack thereof, I just clicked on the story link again because I forgot I had read that story already once before earlier again.

Annie - Brownie?

What story?


"...found only minor effects on memory among long-time pot users, and no clear effect on attention, language, reasoning and a number of other..."

Of course the subjects weren't all that bright before, either.

Dudes! What 'r ya talkin' about?

I'm loose with what? Money? Women? just enjoying my first day of spring break because all last week my nose was on the girndstone and all I could think about was the mixed-bag in the us and Lord Horatio Nelson? Brownies?

"Is this happening or is it the hash?"

Ooh! Mallomars!

Punkin - why yes, how did you know? I was also a Girl Scout....

Earlier I wanted to *snork* at clark kent's memory loss post but I couldn't remember to - just kidding, I got carried away with the Lily Tomlin thing which I think is hysterical, but apparently that's just me.:(

ay-yi-yi....*snork* at El...

...and it's naptime at the OK Chorale.

What was the question again?

I think every one is playing hide and go....

Eleanor, I was *SNORKING* on the inside, but now I will *SNORK* out loud and add an extra *HONK*, which will be a *FESTIVE GREEN HONK*, because even though tomorrow is not St. Patrick's Day, they are celebrating it at my kids' school on Thursday because the teachers have a "Professional Day" on Friday, which I think really means the teachers will all go to The Black Rose for many pints of ale, which will be poured by professional bartenders.

You are beloved by many, oh snorkable one.


Sorry for killing your mellow, guys.

Its cool. Now close the drapes the sun is in my eyes.

*closes drapes*

Thank you

...or as we used to explain to each other in the 60's, and wore shades 24/7, "It's the glare, man. It bugs my eyes..."

*hugs KDF*

muchas gracias, amiga! :)

...or as we used to explain to each other in the 60's, and wore shades 24/7, "It's the glare, man. It bugs my eyes..."

Is that what we were saying, Betsy? I thought it was "It's the bugs, man."

Or maybe that was a different drug.

Peace, mama.

Re: Lily Tomlin

Do you remember the Lily Tomlin/Bette Midler movie where Lili spent the entire movie fighting with her shoulder pads.

That's also where she coined the now FAMOUS: "Does the pope s**t in the woods? Is the bear Catholic?"
both of which I fondly use frequently!

I gotta *SNORK! Federal Duck's:
"If we could keep it down to 4 or more per week, we wouldn't need...
Where was I going with this?"

And everybody else here deserves a *SNORK!* as well!

And someone tried to correct me when I reefered(?) to y'all as severely overmedicated the other day!

Oh, my - I just reread this whole thread (yes, 'cause I forgot I already read it), and dang, you people play off each other like otters at a zoo. Awesome!

annie wbh...I can think of no finer compliment. I LOVE them otters:)

Wow. The Impared Otters would make a great name for a Rock Band

Mi placer, Ms. Eleanor. But shouldn't we be exchanging niceties in, like, Irish? I wish my computer had a shamrock key. Wanna meet 'ere and work on our brrrrogue? Erin go bragh!

I was going to comment on this post, but I got stoned and I missed it.

KDF...I checked out the link, and I'll meet you there. But it says "native lobster." Shouldn't that be "lobster-Americans?"

P.S. I'd like to thank alert bloggits for reminding me of today's significance. I was all set to wear my 'red' ensemble, thus taking my life in my hands.
*plunges into closet, unearths sickly olive turtleneck; decides better sickly green than red'n'dead*

Betsy: Ack! I thought tomorrow was St. Patrick's Day?

*snork* @ Betsy

Wow, good catch (har!) Now I want to go just to see the p!ssed off lobsters out in front picketing the place.

Well in anticipation of tomorrow

raise one

Help...Blue...the link didn't work???

did you remember to include the http:// part of the link?

raise one

Trying again.

(No, Trillian, that was missing.)

Drat! Still doesn't link!

Where can I practice without uploading it to the blog?

Daisy - e-mail me. Can't tell what's wrong from what's posted here.

I can't stick around to raise one; gotta go to work...wearing my red ensemble, since I've been enlightened and de-elightened and re-enlightened by the blog. (I'm thinkin' maybe there's a more reliable source of calendar-ical information than this blog on a thread about reefer, but shoot! I like it here:)

P.S. This is your blog. This is your blog on drugs.

So what's your point?

From the article: Long-time pot users showed the greatest problems on tests where they were asked to learn and remember a series of words.

Maybe the "pot" users just realized how bogus the study was and didn't bother making the effort.

Did anyone else hear the interview with Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong, of course) on Fresh Air a while ago. Dude was the mellowest, peaceful sounding person I've ever heard, especially considering he'd just recently been released from a Federal lockup on a somewhat, shall we say, dubious "drug paraphernalia" rap.

If only President Bush was a stoner instead of a boozer we might all be living in a more peaceful world. Or not.

in 20 years will we be able to tell the difference between the alzheimers baby boomers and the stoner baby boomers? will anyone remember to try?

Crossgirl - remember what?

Hooooo boooyyyyyy, this jumbo I got from Tommy is awesome, man.... 'cept there's so much smoke I can't see the computer any more... hey man, it's starting to melt! Cool! Whoa, the whole office is groovin' now... wouldya look at that! The boss and his secretary (the one with the huge... tracts of land) are doing the dirty..... wow, they slid right off the desk.... man, how did they both get in the file drawer like that?!?! Hey, anyone got anything to eat?

True confessions - I've never partaken of any fun illegal substance. I'm not boasting, just feeling a tad neglected. And a little proud that I can be this weird naturally...

*hugs Annie* ME, NEITHER! Yay! We can be proud <strike>nerds</strike> law-abiding citizens together!

All things considered, that's probably a good thing, Annie. For all our sakes. ;-)

I'm somewhat distressed at Annie's post and TRWC's also.

No comment.

I'm also a proud member of the never-done-anything-illegal club. Well, substances, anyway.

*raises eyebrows and grins sheepishly*

Oh, okay, Nothing else either.

*writes "boring" on Post-It™, sticks on forehead*

Uh oh.

*Hides assorted paraphernalia*

We are a diverse community, Blue. We're cool, you're cool, we're all cool.

G A W D !!!!!


I too have never done anything illegal. But then again, I've never felt the need to. Good family, good education, strong religious belief, good job, great husband, great friends. Nothing to escape.

And yet from this discussion I am feeling somewhat disinfranchised that I am a happy, content individual without chemical assistance. And apparently plenty weird naturally.

Hmmmm, speaking from the other end of the spectrum, I thought it was cool when I found my dad's bong...

*joins Blue in cleaning up the place*

*collects roaches*

*sprays Lysol*

Great, now the whole place smells like pot-scented Lysol!

KDF, I didn't know you were in Boston. The wife and I live in Southie and get out of town every St Paddies day.

SNORK @ Everyone.

I too have never done anything Illegal but suddenly found myself being delayed on a trip to Florida and again to Washington DC this past February when I found that my name is on the Federal Watch list and I have to be cleared everytime I want to fly.

We're sharing those, right DJT?

Meanie, the Blue and djtonyb, I'm afraid you'll have to come with me.

Anything you say can and will be reported to the blog...

*hands the lot to Blue*

I'll just need a couple... can't smoke the way I used to... What were we talking about?

Eeeeep... the police weren't here when I posted that.

We have glaucoma, officer, I swear. This has been prescribed by a genuine physician!

Somewhere North - aren't you Canadian? That's gotta be at least a misdemeanor.

Phew - I didn't know how my confession would go over. Nice to be feeling the luv from the blog....but, Blue, you need to let go of my ankle.

SPJGeese - What did you do to piss off the authorities?

*not responding to SPJGeese's "I live near you" post until he answers Mr. C's question*

ummmm... Blue, you are a physician, right? I saw you in those scrubs yesterday!

*wonders why he's so paranoid*

*sprays more Lysol*

*burns patchouli incense*

Anybody besides me remember Ozium?

I have no Idea. When I called the authorities they said that it just means someone out there with my name is on the list. so they block everyone with that name.

*Breaks out box of donuts*

Meanie the Blue: Officers, please help yourselves. We've been preserving this evidence for you, and obtained the names of the folks who were using this room before us.

Officer No. 1: Dibs on the chocolate!
Lieutenant: Hold it right there, that's mine.
Officer No. 1: Right, sir. Hey, there's one missing from this box!
Meanie the Blue: Oh, sorry. Here you go. Thanks so much officers.
Lieutenant: Alright, let's wrap this up.

*Meanie wraps box, hands to lieutenant. Parfait Squad leaves*

*Meanie releases djt from closet*

SPJGeese - That must suck.

That it does. It is going to take a month just to get cleared. Plus I can no longer use the electronic ticket kiosks any more. my wife can though.
I think I will have a Guinness tonight.

wait, there's somebody else out there named Some_people_juggle_geese™?

who'da thunk it.

SPJG - What a royal pain. :(

*snork* @ S-girl

Some-People- I to have been searched. At every airport no less. I was going on my mission. When I arrived at the UTah airport I was searched.
Then when I was leaving they searched me again. When I got to the airport in Phoenix I was strip searched. My mission president had to wait for me.

Middle name is Al Bion. combine the two. look it up on Google. Pretty weird huh.


Let's hear it for Ozium, waaaaay better than that awful Lysol spray - blech.

As a matter of fact, for a while I had a bf who didn't like me to smoke (cigarettes, dummies!) and I kept Ozium in the glove compartment and sprayed every time I went to meet up with him. And that was just a couple of years ago. They sell it at Target.

Ain't nothin' wrong with diversity...although since I spent the early 60's at the U. of Chicago, things were, uhhh, DIFFERENT, but not awfully diverse:)
As I get older (and older and older and older...NTTAWWT) it's amusing to reminisce with other old coots about our counter-culture youth: "Geez...remember how you could fold the matchbook inside out and use it as a roach clip?" "Yeah...and when you were down to the last morsel and had it on a pin, and someone would take a HUGE toke to polish it off, and end up with a Golden Hit, clutching his chest and coughing?"
And I'm sure that the non-tokers have other good memories to share involving other substances or behaviors or wild times (whether or not we'd recognize them as such in today's gangsta environment).
{P.S. Neither of my kids ever indulged, because they associated 'it' with what their hopelessly antiquated parents did: "Ick! why would I do THAT?")

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