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March 15, 2006


But which group remembers having more fun?

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Alfred - if we look up that name, don't ya think the fedz will be watching us, too?

That depends on how threatening they think England is.
Albion is an old name for England. In fact you can find all sorts of books with its name like that. For instance
"Alfred the Great: The Great King of Albion."

Oh, phew. That's about as harmless as their teeth. Thanks.

I was strip searched too. Right after Hurricane Charlie My wife sent me down to Orlando to help my parents move. They lost their roof at their Apartment in Kissimmee. The ticket was bought the day after the hurricane hit and since it was paid for in cash plus I was traveling carry-on only they decided to search me. At least it wasn't a body cavity search.

Oh and Who else do you know named Some people juggle geese™ Southerngirl.

I know a Some People Juggle Sheep Simpson. And then there is Some People Juggle Sheep Edwards. Oh yes and Some People Juggle Sheep Xuen. Man that guy is cool.

Actually after I was searched one time. I forgot to put my hat back on. When I came back an Arabic security gaurd was holding it for me. HE figured I didn't want to lose my hat. I have never really fogotten that.

oooh, the "match" thing *sigh*. :)

I love the bonus features on the blog. Ozium! Better than Lysol! Available at Target!

Who knew? Certainly not me. Thank you, all.

*adds Ozium to shopping list*

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