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March 31, 2006


Getting one of these could be a win/win situation for just about everyone.

(Thanks to mark holloman)


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Wow. I sure hope nobody has that device when The Sarcasticynic is speaking.

You know, here is a radical idea, maybe we could just try being nice to the austic kid instead of avoiding them because they are boring.

On the other hand, boring normal people should definitely be alerted via electronic shocks.

Who needs a device? Your audience walking away ought to be a clue!

So what are you supposed to do if the device vibrates? Raise your voice? Laugh? Do a little soft-shoe? Why am I thinking of Inspector Clouseau? Why am I asking you? Hey wait, come back!

Clues that you are boring:

Yawning, flossing, personal hygiene activities, feigning suicide.

Somewhere North,

A trapdoor behind the podium would be a good idea, too.

Ah yes, the socially advanced people at MIT will surely know how to create a device to identify boredom and irritation. Because they always know how to avoid awkward social interactions. Can't miss.

While the device may not actually teach the wearer how not to be boring or irritating, it has the potential to make him very popular with the girls as soon as they find out he's wearing something that vibrates, IYCMD.

hence the win/win, kdf

Amen, sister.

*grins at KDF and judi*

Mine's messed up - its always buzzing.

*sister-solidarity snork*

Oh holy and most righteous, Judi.

Far be it from me to complain when in your goodness you deign to accept my meager offering, but, you spelled my last name wrong.

"oooh, professor insomniac, tell me how to row-reduce a square matrix, again and again. don't forget to describe all the calculations in detail."

Insom, that would actually work on some of us--without the device.


*waves cheerily @ Mrs Insom* ;)

mark, mark, mark...

Yeah. Uh, Mark? If the almighty SB has determined in her righteous wisdom and goodness that your name is spelled with an "a," then your name is spelled with an "a."

wow - my device went off in the middle of Mark Hollow-man's plaintive wail to judi. Oops, I had to set to 'whine' instead of 'bore.' All better now!

*picks on Mark!*

Mark, mark, mark ...

Isn't that the sound of an Irish Setter with a harelip?

Reminds me of when a woman introduced me to a particularly geeky tech at my work and made a comment later that she didn't know if he was mentally challenged or what, but he's always saying "hello" to her. I made a comment back that maybe he's just trying to be nice. And now that I talk to him often, I've found that's exactly the case - he's a nice guy, and will actually initiate a conversation with you when he sees you. I know - horribly anti-social behavior, isn't it? In today's "must not interact" society, I guess it is.

I agree with whomever said that maybe we should just try being nice to people. It wouldn't cause the world to end in 15 seconds, you know. After all, as Woody Allen said, "Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but they can't all be right."
Also, I have a shockingly radical idea for those _geniuses_ at MIT. *heavy sarcasm* Why don't we all try actually talking to other people about their feelings and at least pretending that we give a sh*t?
Somehow I doubt that any computer could do what theirs purports to do. Maybe the _geniuses_ at MIT *more heavy sarcasm* should spend more time helping people interact in meaningful ways, instead of trying to build a computer to do it for them.

how the hell do u get it from shooting the puppy i want him to live

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