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March 23, 2006


The Big Apple is excited about its new pay toilets.


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What a crappay idea!

Second? Does that make me #2? Does that cost 50 cents?

Excellent! I am going to NYC on Monday and am relieved to know about this technological wonder.

So, at the end of the 15 minutes, do the doors spring open dumping you into the street whether you've finished or not? Can you add another quarter if you're (not your) only mostly finished?

It'll give the hookers a cheap place for a trick, that's for sure.

We have those in Boston, They look interesting but it didn't take long for them to smell. My aunt was out from vegas and got trapped in one. She entered without paying as someone was exiting and it started its auto-cleaning cycle. She was not happy. But we were all amused for the rest of the day.

So how does the auto-clean thing work, SPJG?

I like the pay toilet idea. I wondered why NYC had none while in Europe quite a few big cities have them. I never had to use one while living there, but I liked knowing that if I ever really, really had to go, there was an option that didn't involve arguing with a bartender about how much I had to buy to make up for using their facilities.

never use a public terlet in NYC. just in restaurants. penn station isnt bad. but pay to pee? 15 minutes? how long does anybody need to go? thanks. i'll pass on that one.

I, for one, am all FLUSH with excitement!


"Twenty-five cents buys 15 minutes, and a recording gently warns users when it's time to get off the pot."

"If they don't get out, the doors will just open," Toulla Constantinou, CEO of Cemusa Inc., cracked. He was only half-joking: Users have three minutes after the warning before the door opens."

Does anyone else find this extremely disturbing? This could be emotionally damaging for the "user" and innocent passersby.

*makes mental note to always go before leaving home*

Was thinkin' the same, Leetie.

Agreed KDF, but as queensbee said, 15 minutes is more than ample time. If it takes you longer you should have never left the house. I AM however all in favor of a "joint beautification project" we could all use more attractive parfait!


Agreed, Coast, but 25¢ Space Age Public Toilet™ acting as judge and jury for the crime of exceeding reasonable and customary potty time? It's all just a little too 1984 for me.

And what Tamara and Leetie said.

Yet another sign of the end of civilization as we know it.

Do they have snakes or just big nasty city rats?

do panhandlers in new york carry signs? i can see it now: disabled vet, full bladder, pleaz help, God bless.

I would refer all bloglits to "Urinetown: The Musical" for an extensive, sensitive, and tuneful treatment of this very phenomenon.

*Snork* @ crossgirl

are pets allowed?

No, no, no! This is a European thing! Next thing you know, they'll be putting in roundabouts, and making us wear ridiculous hats!

...marches off humming "Stars and Stripes Forever"...

Is this device fitted with the Uni-Pee from a few days ago?

Every few years somebody, er, trots out, this idea of public pay toilets on the streets of NYC, forgetting, apparently, that the streets of NYC are themselves routinely used as public toilets, and are free at that.

If they want to assure that users will exit in a timely fashion, when the three-minute signal goes off, they should start playing Liza Minelli's rendition of New York, New York. That'll get 'em outta there pretty quick.

I've been to NY and used the existing bathrooms. I believe they've been operating on the "self-cleaning" principle for years.

I hope these are more successful.

*snork* @ spinner8 and KDF

*snork* @ Lairbo

"...some New Yorkers who gathered to gawk at the john yesterday..."

Out here in so.cal they wanted to use shame as a way to discourage men from using the services of prostitutes. I guess NY has an even better way. Nothin'll make a guy shrivel up faster than bein' gawked at.

The picture even makes it look like the kiosks (or should that be "pee"-osks) have a window in them.

To continue the thought: The window will make it easier to gawk at the johns. If they put in one-way glass, though, it'll be a better show so he doesn't know he's being gawked at.

oops That's better.

Thanks, KDF.

My brother was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan. In your former Soviet countries, toilet paper is not generally provided in restrooms; people customarily carry packets of tissue with them for this purpose.

On one occasion my brother used a public convenience but found he had neglected to bring any tissue with him. What to do?

Being a resourceful sort, he took out his wallet and used low-denomination som notes, the Kyrgyz currency.

The som is so weak that this solution ended up being cheaper than buying toilet paper.

Got your back, Scott. ;)

No comment.
Just wanted to say good morning from (very beautiful)su.so.ca.

If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere.

RE: Kyrgyzstan - OK - I am of Polish heritage, and with that being said, I take GREAT umbrage to any nation infringing on our patented use of an unGodly amount of consonants back to back without the insertion of a vowel. If they are going to infringe on our patent, they should at least make sure the word sounds NOTHING like it looks!

Eleanor: That's it, rub it in. I suppose now you'll go over to Hodad's and get a burger. Just don't post about how tasty it was.

snork @ k'raven, KDF & Lairbo

I'm with you KDF...better just to go at home. Here's my question...when do they start timing you? When you close the door, when you sit down, when there (not their) is something produced? Wil they have these at airports?

I can see how it will be for me:

Enter stall.

Hang up purse.

Take off backpack & place on floor.

Take off coat.

Hang up coat.

Unbutton jeans.


Button jeans.

Put on coat.

Pick up and put on backpack.

Pick up purse.


Carry on!

Insert: before


Well, I declare...I just caught why it was leaving something out of my post. I put it between carrots.

so insert



Sorry for the confusion.

the eternally confused daisy

Start spreading the news
I'm peeing today
I want to take a whiz in it, New York, New York
Those three Heinekens
Need a place to stay
For a quarter, fifteen minutes
New York, New York.

What about NY's traditional points of relief? The street? The corner of the nearest building? The back of a cab? We're talking TRADITION here, people...

Urgent message for Daisymae regarding all public toilets:

Don't. Place. Anything. On. The. Floor.


Snork @ Fed

Ditto KDF!

*heebie-jeebie dance!*

Psst - DaisyMae (and others who may be lost in the space-time continuinuinuum) - scroll up and click the 18 on the monthly calendar to get back to the future.

for a promotion they could halve the price:"Two bits for two sh*ts!"

Insom, you just gave me deja vu!

Was something like this blogged previously?

*sings "Twilight Zone" theme*

TRWC - Wouldn't that be Deja Doo?

we have plenty of lavatorial advertising space at our house.

and i will need a monthly "FartPass" to pay as i go.


JU- the monthly pass will just give the cops another way to track our 'movements'

Leetie and Tam - I was thinking it only costs a quarter to pee on a hooker in New York (or so Dave tells me), so they need to change the price point if they want these to "take off".

"Why is there crap all over our pay toilet?"

"I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

"I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"


My guess is it won't work in the long run, but if they'd copied from a crapper that was done better, then they actually might have something.

San Francisco has had pay toilets for a few years now. They're great. After the user exits a cleaning cycle hoses and soaps everything in the room down, so it's never nasty when you go in.

JU, you're gonna use-up your fart pass WAY before the month is out. Not that I should talk or anything...

Maybe you can have one of those SmartPass code readers installed in the pay bathrooms and tattoo a bar code on your butt.

Oh, that's a GREAT idea, Leetie.

*future episode of Law and Order*

"Where were you at 7:53pm on Saturday, March 19th?"
"I was in a pay toilet!"
"It checks out, I logged into NYC pay toiled database and his ass tattoo was scanned at 7:51pm, and he stayed in long enough for the doors to just pop open. Shows here that LaFawnda Jones was in there as well. She's a well known hooker and goat juggler who works the area."
"Uh, she brought me some toilet paper."
"Sure she did."

*Uploads new database to socket*

Are they installing the first ones in Flushing Meadows?

The Blog would find the March 27 issue of The New Yorker interesting. See "Dept. of Amenities" page 30, for Professor Wansoo Im's Google mapping of New York public toilets. Apparently Dr. Im also has a website: www.nyrestroom.com

snork @ CR

off thread remark

C-bol "No Teacher Left Behind" *snorting laughter*

Knew I couldn't keep quiet.

Leetie - wouldn't that be a SmartAss code reader?

"...the company would pay up to $1
billion over 20 years for the right to
plaster advertising on the toilets."

"Users have three minutes after the
warning before the door opens."

I guess I know where I will be seeing
the next ad for Dulcolax.

I actually remember read that article about Dr. Im and NYRestroom.com. It is truly a great website. You can print paper maps of local restrooms and soon they will have an application for the iPhone. And all of this doesnt cost anything like some of the other sites. I have found the maps very helpful in my travels to NY. SO if you dont feel like paying a quarter everytime you have to go, check out the site and print a map!

On Saturday, September 20, 2008, Dr. Im, owner of VERTICES LLC., along with several Rutgers University/Bloustein students will be doing a survey to update information for NYRestroom.com. The survey will take 2-3 hours and any participants will be credited for their contribution to the project. If you would like to partake in the opportunity, meet at the New Brunswick Train Station before 10am and also bring a digital camera (if you have one), a pen/pencil, and an RU ID.

The reality is, We’ve all gotta go, and in a place such as New York City this task can become a hassle. However, with the help of websites like NYRestrooms.com, the task just becomes a lot easier to overcome.

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