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March 30, 2006


And the so-called "United Nations" does nothing.

(Thanks to Ted Happy-Boober Habte-Gabr)


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23 TO GO TO BE 24TH!!!!

Wait a minute - Captain Kirk had a boob job??

Kudos to the editor for coming up with a story involving both boob jobs and William Shatner.

But my question still stands... do they help you float??

OMG, I can see it now... Boobies expanding so much that they fill the entire cabin with boobniness.

I can hear Scotty (RIP) saying "Cap'n, the space soooots aren't made from Spandex y'know. They cannot take no more, they're gonna blow."

"Honest! I'm telling you, they're REAL!!"

Passenengers please remain teated during, eh.. seated during our intercourse around- I mean our orbit course around your heavenly bodies- Damn ! The heavenly bodies ...

No, honest-- they're real, and they're spectaculaaaaauaaaghhhah!!

Strictly in the interests of furthering the space race, I will humbly volunteer to personally check all potential female passengers to determine if their breasts are in fact real....

It's a tough job, but I think I'm up for it.

so no Hooters space-line, then?

Oh fercrissakes, don't these guys watch "Mythbusters"? Adam & Jamie were trying to see what the effects of explosive decompression on implants, and ran several of 'em thru some serious negative atmospheres - the result - nothing. Not even a bubble...

There goes Pamela Anderson's chances of becoming an astronaut... you know, it was her fall back option if she fails to make it as a stripper

Captain Kirk didn't have a boob job, he was just a boob!

First time an airline was concerned with below-head compartment.

Ground Control to Major Bo*b
Ground Control to Major Bo*b
Take your hormone pills and stow your feeding tube

Ground Control to Major Bo*b
Commencing countdown, engines lubed
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Lift and Separate

This is Ground Control to Major Bo*b
You’ve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose bras you wear
Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare

This is Major Bo*b to Ground Control
I barely fit through the door
And they’re floating in a most peculiar way
And the girls look very different today

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Gravity is nil
And my suit is overfilled

Though I’m past one hundred triple D
I’m feeling very still
And I think my ramparts cannot stand much more
Tell my cosmetologist it’s getting.....very sore
Ground Control to Major Bo*b
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something screwed
Can you hear me, Major Bo*b?
Can you hear me, Major Bo*b?
Can you hear me, Major Bo*b?
Can you hear....

.... am I floating round my tin can
Far above the Moon
Gravity is nil
And my suit is overfilled

So, if my droopers are in space, do they become perky again?

weightless *SNORK* to Meanie

hmmm - if you *snork* in zero-g what happens?


*snork* to Meanie on 'A Space Bra-ditty'...

I love Capt. Kirk and his alter ego William Shatner.

I hope he goes and then does a VH1 program 100 Best Space Moments.

Yet another sign of the looming apocalypse:

This line appears in the article only as an afterthought following the far more important issue of potentially explosive overinflated pseudoboobs:

"People with heart or circulation problems may also be ruled out."

Oh yeah, that might be a problem too.

Implants may expand, other bodily stuff will...

"OKAY, who had the breakfast burrito this morning?!"

It's this change in air pressure -- the small sacks that are used would inflate or deflate slightly (or allot!)

Yup, DJTonyB is right, breast implants are too tough to explode, even in raw vacuum. Mind you, if the spacecraft decompresses, exploding ta-tas are going to be the least of your worries. I'm thinking that the lack of oxygen, the ruputured ear drums, the popped eyeballs, and the fact that your blood will start boiling in the low pressure would be bigger concerns. I think that Virgin Air has some sort of corporate-level distaste for plastic knockers. Or maybe Dolly Pardon wanted a ride, and they were just trying to find an excuse to turn her down.


(This is only fun when the show's actually ON...)

Dr. Doug - pls refer to the Mythbusters comment up there ^ and D. Esker's keen observation.

Breast implants in a vacuum don't do anything. The effects on other parts would be pretty damn unpleasant, however.

This story appeared in the Sun, so it very likely they made it up.

Boobies, boobies, boobies.

Why did it have to be boobies?

Here's a nice pair of boobies.

Your stewardess can be used as a floatation device.

Your stewardess can be used as a floatation device.
Well, if you don't disentegrate on re-entry... .

Yet another reason you want your breasts to be 100% natural.

Wow, a story about two of my favorite things: boobs and Shatner.

I'm strangely aroused. I hope it's not because of Shatner.

That would seem to be three of your favorite things, no?

*SNORK* @ Blue and Mr. Completely Perverted

I knew there was more to the Big Bang Theory than what they teach you in school. The universe of course was created by an exploding boob.

Well, now, there's the real reason Hooters Air has to go out of business. The damn flight attendents can fly!

whoops...meant "can't"

*donning my Freudian slip*

Who is "Jordan" in the accompanying photo? Amazingly, they cropped out her face to fit her boobs in the picture.

At first read, I thought Virgin was proposing an idiotic policy. However, a little research demonstrated that this is a serious concern, particularly among celebrities, as evidenced by this and that

I'd hate to see what happens with pen*s implants!

Hey Bumble, did we get our grade yet?

El~ Not yet. Just turned it in yesterday. We've got a test Monday; he said not till the end of next week.

*Gives Bumble and Eleanor and "A", just because they're cool.*

um... make that an "A", not and.

Informed consent paperwork preceding flight--

Please check: Yes ___or No ___ "I am fully aware that if I have any body parts made of sacks of gelatinous material, they may expand and either leak or explode due to changes in cabin pressure."

catman: The pen*s implants are actually encouraged for the possible need for an EVO to repair any external damage to the craft. Well thats what they told me after the physical, when I informed them I was au natural'e, they said WOW!

Of course they know it's not true, but it's great press....if you want to worry about something, beware nude skydiving with implants.....eeewww! Don't ask how I know this.

Nobody noticed, I take it, the only part of the backdrop visible in that picture? Or, to be more precise, the only word visible back there?
Gotta love the subliminal sledgehammers.

Wow, Melanie, you're good...until you mentioned it, I was completely unaware that there was even a background...my attention was focused on the errr, material and stitching, yep that's it, the stitching...

Thanks Mr. C, but no worries. We'll get an A anyway 'cause we rock. Like I just did on my accounting exam (yay!).

Hey, did anyone catch the lettering in the background of the picture? y-t-t-i-t, or spelled backwards, "titty". Accident? I think not.

Denny Crane in space? OMG...it boggles the mind!


"Jordan" is a well-known UK model whose real name is Katie Price. She's been inflated 2 or 3 times. Here's the Wikipedia article and her official web site (may not be SFW).

Yes, Mr. C. Bumble and I will not settle for anything less than an A.

private pssst to Bumble: When we were working on it over the weekend I thought we were on a Monday turn in deadline. That's why I was so revved up.

Brad - you're the first guy to notice there even is a background.

So ... a question occured to moi ownself ... whomever said "that would be three things ..." brings me to ask, if one breast is a breast, and two breasts are breasts, why would we say (for example) "She has an attractive pair of breasts ..." ... ???

I mean -- one = singular ... two = plural ... a pair of twos = four ...

Does she have four ... um ... mammalian appendages?

Is this normal?

Am I?

BF -- more than I *ever* needed to know about the headless model, but thanx! LOL!

O. the U.:

The best I can do is to answer your fourth question.


Annie Where-but-here--

It was tough to see at first, but then I thought, "maybe this is like one of those stereogram pictures", and tried to cross my eyes so that the left booby was on top of the right boobie and it all became perfectly clear.

El~ Ah. Nope, yesterday. I tweaked it a little more. Changed "Plaintiff was allowed sue..." to "Plaintiff was allowed to sue..." etc. We're good. :-)

Exploding Space Hooters -- GNFARB?

SO you mean those blondes I dated really weren't space cadets?


My Bad!

That last options should have read, "I am."

(Define "I".)

(Define "am")

ou - She has breasts - a pair of breasts. Does she have pants? Does she have a pair of pants? Does she have glasses? A pair of glasses? Will we ever know since they didn't show her face or legs?

TC Krunchy is not listening anymore...he's just turned on by a woman talking about boobage.


I haven't even posted anything on this thread!

geez - some people

all I've got ta say is:

Denny Crane

So ... Annie ... why do we say "A pair of binoculars" ... ?

bi = two

pair = two

Does she have four eyes?

(r.e. "pair" of breast(s) -- might this be, instead, a pair of pears? Or not. Whutever ...)

... and ...

Paragon? = Went twice? (Where?)

Paradigm? = 20 cents?

OK, what about bisexual?


*Snork* @ TC Krossdresser (NTTAWWT!)

How about Semi-Trailer, Semi-Truck or Semi-seckshu@l ... ?


Did you get the robot that claimed you were spam with the word biseckshual?

I got it with semi-seckshual ...


Where'd Dave get THAT photo of Judi??

daisymae - first w/Denny Crane
TCK - second w/Denny Crane

wow, it amazes me that they would ban people from flights without finding out for sure if they expand or not (which they don't... see Mythbusters ;-)

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