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March 23, 2006


Suddenly, a reason to go on living.


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If an anvil falls on her head, I'm in!

A cartoon about Paris and Nicky Hilton brought to you by The Department of Redundancy Department.

She said: "My acting coach told me I have a similar style of acting to her so we may end up vying for the same parts."

When contacted for comment, Ms Theron said through her spokesperson. "BWAAAHAHAAAHAAAA - STOP I'm gonna pee!!!"

*quickly composes a flipbook cartoon of himself, vomiting*

Would be easy to draw, stick figures would do . . .

So true, MKJ. Good to see another member of the original peanut gallery!

They got it backwards . . .

Greetings djt!

**snork** @CR!

Reminds me of Zsa Zsa whats-her-name. Little talent, blonde in every sense of the word, tremendous NON-CAREER career.

What's sad is that she herself probably doesn't get it, because she has no frame of reference for "normal."

We bought a DVD of Simple Life, watched about half an hour, barfed, and threw it in the garbage. What I find scary is that they keep producing it. Are we so twisted as a people that we enjoy watching arrogant spoiled brats humiliate and mistreat ordinary hard-working people? Rant over, will return to cheerful self.

If either Mike Judge or the guy who did Ren & Stimpy are involved with this, then fine. Otherwise, keep a sharp lookout for that fourth horseman of the apocolypse.

*snork* @ Coast Raven, and @ fivver for The Department of Redundancy Department!

It' more than ReDundant, it's RePugnant.

btw, altho I *snork*ed at CoastRaven (who did, in fact, deserve it)I really meant to say

*snork* @ Chianca!

*waves to Hanna, and hands her her "s"* ;)

Anvil would be okay, but I would prefer to be warned so I would not see any of it!

Must be a soft oosik day, not much hard news on the blog.

oops better get back to work...

Dateline: Hilton Head Island, SC

Mrs. Thunking and your's truly are semi-enjoying spring break in the semi-nice weather here on the semi-overpriced playground of the semi-wealthy. We just got back from the HHI Wal-Mart and we are happy report no Paris sightings. However, Nicky and Mrs. Thunking invited me in for a threesome in the sporting goods dept.

It was wild... I think I pulled a hammy.

So why no BULLETIN for this?
Starting to slip a bit in our old age?

Nope no BULLETIN for sculpture of Twitney in the doggie position. We're saving the space for the Tanya Harding enema.

Hanna, I mentioned to someone that I thought the Hilton sisters are the "Gabors" of their generation. Then I read an article that said they are actually related. Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor are Niki and Paris's great aunts (or something like that).

And I'm guessing the acting coach who told Paris that her style is similar to Charlize is the same acting coach to whom she pays eleventy pagillion dollars per lesson.

Maybe they'll go for a more abstract rendering . . .

snork at thunking...

Remember the joke--the new after-shave for cops that they put on their face and it feels like they've just been slapped?

I wonder what THAT would look like...



or not.
now it isn't funny anymore.

Paris Hilton character.

Zsa Zsa Gabor was married to Conrad Hilton, but I don't think there's a blood relationship between her and Paris H.

I'm looking over
Links from Moldova
That I never knew before...

"the stunning blonde claimed she is as good an actress as Oscar-winner Charlize Theron."

....define "stunning".

Insom-Yeah, I thought I remembered that it was on the Hilton side. I didn't fact-check what the exact relationship was though.

I remember it struck me both because I had just said that to someone and also because the Hilton sisters seem so much like an updated, hipper version of the Gabors. (to me anyway)

Does anyone else think the cartoon should be drawn in night-vision green?

Insom-I just Wikipedia'd it. You're right, it's not a blood relationship. But still!

Annie- I was just reading your website. (funny!) Did the troll really die, or was that just poetic license?

I'm pretty sure that somewhere under all that peroxide, the three Gabor girls (and their mom, Jolie) had a generous helping of smarts. They represented a somewhat more 'sophisticated' version of stupid - the manipulative international flavor, rather than the tee-totally clueless homegrown variety. Maybe this is just generational loyalty, but it seems to me the archetype has changed.
Anyone else on the geezer bus have an opinion on this important and timely issue???

paris' acting is every bit as good as k-fed's singing! they should do a musical.

and i've always loved the gabor sisters. those accents dahling!

c-girl...yep! Gabor = crazy like fox (or three)

Betsy-I agree, there were probably more "smarts" than met the eye.

Is it too late to mention I am an heir to the Greenberg fortune? I believe that must make me as good an actor as Danny DeVito.

I feel that "The Simple Life" is ART. PAris And Nicole have transformed this country into what it could only hope to become in the decades leading up to now.A good friend of mine at one time hugged Paris and, putting his head against her"bosom", he said it was "Awesome"! "Where most people have a heartbeat, it's like putting your ear to a conch shell! sounds just like the ocean"he said , in an interview with Muffler Digest Magazine.I digress though- these babes are hot, rich and spoiled!~ isnt that all that realllllllllly matters?

didn't read past mkj's first one - great to see you!

can"t capitalize since that would require releasing the bottle.

A(okay, i can cap th a)...And a serious tequila snork to Coast's first.

I think the Hilton's have no redeeming social value, news value, gossip value, interest value, esthetic value, ascetic value, intrinsic value, artistic value, metaphysical value, cosmic value, athletic value, metaphoric value, alphaneumeric value, solopsistic value, theological value, theocratic value, plutocratic value, political value, theoretical value, scientific value, biological value, surreptitious value...in other words, they are boring.

I'm looking over
Links from Moldova
That I've never read before!
It seems that P.Hilton will be a cartoon
Next to Jessica Rabbit, she's quite a maroon!
Her career won't put a scare on
Ms. Charlize Theron
(I doubt Paris could play herself)
I'm looking over links from Moldova
Put Ms. 'That's hot' firmly on the shelf!

A cartoon about their lives, huh? That's like a reality series starring Wallace and Gromit.

"the stunning blonde claimed she is as good an actress as Oscar-winner Charlize Theron."

Annie, it was a typo. They meant 'stunned'

Why, God, WHY


I do think Paris is stunning. She says stupid things like that, and then I'm stunned.

Random, if you "pulled a hammy" wouldn't that make it a onesome rather than a threesome?

"BANG Media International"? Well, obviously.

I found it frightening that Hanna bought the DVD's...I find it even scarier that you all have so much in-depth information. Maybe I should stay a couple of days behind!

Lovingly blurking---s:)

Okay, how did Zsa Zsa Gabor come into play? By the way, she is Paris and Nicky's step-great-grandmother. There is no blood relation. Nicky is named after a guy anyway (*snickers*) and he was married to Elizabeth Taylor and had an affair with his STEP-MOM ZSA ZSA GABOR..eww..she wanted it, they were the same age, she got it..and then had Conrad's baby (Francesca Hilton). I am a Zsa Zsa expert. . .don't ask why..


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