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March 06, 2006


And we mean higher.

(The page owner also states: As far as I know, I am the first person to have proved the Artin-Wedderburn Theorem while wearing a tutu. If you look carefully, you can see Schur's lemma on the left side of the board, and I'm about to state that the endomorphism ring of a simple module is a division ring.)

(Thanks to Lairbo)


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I so cant wait to have to pay $50,000 a year for my kids to get this kind of education

Sarong and Thanks For All the Fish

I know I know - that joke was Sarong I shouldn't have even posted it.

I have a theorem that these guys are wacked.

I don't see anything sarong with that.

I enlarged the teeny type and still don't know what it said.

I got no beef with sarongs, but read the blackboard. Since when does the Pythagorean Theorem involve yokels???

sarong-wearing mathematics images - I can't seem to find that in my excel spreadsheets. That is just so wrong.

Ditto to slyeyes

Ditto to Lab

Ditto to CR who ditto'd Sly

Ditto to C the R and C the Mr.

If u cn rd ths pst u dnt nd glses.

We've become a bunch of dittoheadz

the teeny type says "as the page owner states: As far as I know I am the first person to have proved the Arth-Wedderbarn Theorum while wearing a tutu. If you look carefully you can see Schar's Kema on the left side of the board, and I'm about to state that the endomorphism ring of a simple model is a dillusion ring."
I think. I may have made up half of that. And I still have no idea what I am supposed to be doing on my math homework.

of course, as soon as I waste my five minutes reading the teeny tiny print, judi enlarges it.
Oh well, that was five minutes that I didn't spend doing math homework, so it was worth it.

judi - we didnt say we couldnt read it - just that we had absolutely no idea what it meant. Its above my comprehension - beyond my grasp - outside of my realm - out of my league - under the radar - between my legs... um skip that one.

Yeah--what CR said. I mean "ditto".

If you look carefully, you can see Schur's lemur on the left side of the board, and I'm about to state that the endomorphism ring of a simple module is a division ring.

Fact is, I don't WANT to look that carefully.

Huh? Unusual behavior at Berkley? Imagine that.

Didn't they have a guy walking around campus naked a few years back (I believe they called him "naked guy")? Maybe they should have given him the sarong...

I thought maybe the "endomorphism ring" is what he's wearing on his wrist--you know, showing off his kinky toy to display his width, but, then, his wrist isn't all that wide, so...

i like enlarging things. :)

I used to have an "endomorphism ring", but it came with... oh never mind!

*refrains from any comments about judi and enlarging things*

And the nominees for Best Costume in an Educational Film are......

Enlarged 'snork' at judi.

It smells funny in here.

next week on NUMB3RS...

Charlie suffers a nervous breakdown while trying to prove the Riemann Hypothesis wearing a dirndl... his hot Indian assistant takes over his class wearing nothing but lederhosen and recsives the highest evaluations in the history of Cal Sci...Meanwhile the FBI blah blah blah terrorists chemical warfare weapons of mass destruction are misled in their search for a suspect, until Charlie wearing a stunning Vera Wang says, "You have to carry the two."

Maybe I'd've been better off with "Sarong and Thanks For All the Pi"

wow. mathies are even stranger than i thought they were. yikes.

These are the same eggheads who routinely ridicule philistines like myself and make me question my relevancy. What the hell is the point behind the tutus?
Then again, they are in college while I'm toiling in the workplace. They are ensconsed in a bastion of higher learning, so this must be a practice that far exceeds my grasp and I have no hope in ever...


*snork* at 1nsomniac !

When it comes to me and math, it would be the "so-wrong" theorem no matter WHAT I'm wearing.

Huh? Where's Bumble when you need her to explain something?

They should definitely be put on double-secret probation.

Sorry, had to go teach physics (just the normal jeans and t-shirt - this time) - but back in time to say that CtR, all the theorems seem to add to 42.
And hopefully, this is the last chance to see these guys in a sarong.

Probably beats a rhino costume, Brains the E.

Blue- Do you mean the rhino costume with the tutu or just the rhinestones?

The rhinostones.


When an Indian University turned down the chance to do this photo-essay project there, all they said was, "Sari."

The Rhinostones... WBAGNFARB

I so cant wait to have to pay $50,000 a year for my kids to get this kind of education

Posted by: Addicted to 24 | 02:30 PM on March 6, 2006


Well, it's either that or become addicted to some TV show . . .

OK, is a sarong anything like a toga? cuz i think i may have proven a theorem of two in a toga (like the theorem that you can, indeed, continue drinking after puking)


*breathes sigh of relief*

My bro teaches at Berkeley and when I started scrolling I was so afraid I'd find a picture of him. I didn't, but that's probably because he spends most of his time on sabbatical, mostly in Hawaii, where he says he's working, but manages to find a lot of time to surf.

No, I'm not jealous, why would you even think that???

There's a really old joke about the Pythagorean Theorem, but it's pretty long for this space ... and I fergit most of it NEway ... Laugh if you've heard it ...

(Or was the Doppler Effect? ... Dred Scott Decision?)

As my University of the Punjab educated Calculus prof used to say to us after 12 blackboards of third order polynominal equations:

"And you can see that it is intuitively obvious that x=5."

At least he wasn't wearing a sarong but he only changed his shirt once a semester.

O. the U- No, really, you don't need to dread me. I just decided to be the posse's lap dog.

Is Dave the only one who can use the "del" tag? I had a great line about Pooh, the Winnie, but it really doesn't work without a strikethrough, and I can't seem to get it to work.

Cool pickup, Scott the (conforming) MGS ... that's reassuring ...

test test test

strikethrough works for me brains, the elf

OK, the doppler effect can be fun to play with, especially while in a fast-moving vehicle

the dred scott decision? not so much fun - just sayin'

Proof positive that math will fry one's brain and should be avoided at all costs!

this is a test. if it were an actual post, you would be snorking uncontrollably and despoiling your keyboard

It doesn't show up on the preview - but I'll try anything 3.14 times.

didn't work for real either - at least not from my perspective.

I'm going home to sulk now.

I prefer the Lava Lava. Well if you have high level mathematics being shown how would you liven it up. You can't do the cool actors thing and say " Either cry or get on stage naked." Because every one would go blind.
And you really can't have hot women making videos about calculas when one of them is a total idiot.
And the Numa Numa Song with Calculus gets old.
Guess there is only one thing to do. And find out about our Elegant Universe

the numa numa song without calculus gets old too - just exponentially slower

now i really am going home to sulk that i can't strikethrough

sounds like as good a reason as any for a drink

Yeah, well, as a UC Berkeley student myself, all I can say is, I'm sorry.

From another thread, regarding strikethrough:

Blue has peered into the face of the Medusa, and understands the need to protect the blog from being turned into stone.

Just tutu much! We called that kind of skirt a "cancan," supposed to go underneath to make a girl look shaped like a belle. What else the "can" referred to I am not sure about.

"O. the U- No, really, you don't need to dread me. I just decided to be the posse's lap dog.

Posted by: Scott the (conforming) MGS | 04:48 PM on March 6, 2006"

*snork* and a scratch behind the ears to Scott the comformer

*bow* (or should that be bow-wow?)

My only question.... WHY!!

*tosses Scott a treat*

"scott the conformer"


dude - have you no shame?

Scott nondreded ...

Every time I see someone make a "lap dog" reference I think of that line from Hamlet ... merely sayin' ...

O. the U; Do you mean: "The cat will mew and dog will have his day." (Act 5. Scene I)

Naw, Act 3, Scene 2

(Which, by merry chance -- if I recall my Shakespearean characteristics accurately -- is usually where the high point ... the acme ... the climax, if you will ... is usually found in the plays of the Bard ... merely sayin' ...)

Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
(Lying down at OPHELIA's feet)

No, my lord.

I mean, my head upon your lap?

Ay, my lord.

Do you think I meant country matters?

I think nothing, my lord.

That's a fair thought to lie between maids' legs.

What is, my lord?


You are merry, my lord.

Who, I?

Ay, my lord.

Scott the (Lap Dog) MGS - I thought he meant:

"Oh, what a rogue
And peasant slave am I..."

but I could be wroo, er wraw, er...Hell's bells, I can't say that word!!!

O. the U(manity) - excellent choice! And a mighty *SNORK!* to you! (I think Mr the Barrymore...with whom you had the good fortune to simulpost...was letting Scott know his actions to endear himself to the posse are a might traitorous;))

Well ... a feller's gotta watch out fer his ownself ... which is merely whut I wuz trineta do ...

UO the Good- That is a mighty fine memory you have there.
Have you every noticed that Hamlet and MacBeth sometimes feel like the same story from a different perspective. The Madness falls on the plays name. It would be quite fun some day to make a movie and combine the two. I have no idea how play in the middle will be done...

O. the U(manity) - I'm okay with that quote, too, except, maybe the part about where "Nothing" is.

S-man- I've got to go with Hobbes on this one. I have a hard time turning down scratches behind my ears. Hey, it's not like I'm telling where the secret stash of par... um, never mind.

L(back)TTG - U.O, as usual, is tight to the chase.
Alfred - did you ever notice what your teachers taught as the right way to go, as spoken by Polonius to his son Laertes, while being the truth, is spoken, nonetheless, by one of the vilest characters in all of literature? How can this miscreant tell anyone how to conduct him/her self?

"To thine own self be true..."?

"Those friends thou hast
In their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul
With hoops of steel..."

and so on and so forth to the end of the soliloquy (I confess these few lines come straight from my withered cortex and may not, therefore, be exactly true-to-the-word, but YCMD, I'm sure). My teachers taught "Polonius' Advice to Laertes (who was headed to the university)" as the way all their students should follow. Is this not a good place to remark that "...those who can, do; those who cannot, teach..."[Oscar Wilde, the author of this, probably, slightly misquoted phrase definitely had other more serious problems, NTTAWWT(gimme a break!), as noted very eloquently in The Ballad of Reading Gaol"?

Do you still think your similarity/disparity re Hamlet/MacBeth is a good theatrical comparison?

Oh! Hey! Wait! I said WAIT! Isn't that something...over there »...something shiny!!! WHEEE!!!

BTW, ScottMonosodiumGlutamate - you're barred from the Tree House of Perpetual Parfait® until further notice for conduct unbecoming the followers of TC (the) K (may his tribe increase). §elah.

Y'all - r.e. Hamlet & such:

Over the years, I've learned a bit more (or discovered "other" answers or POVs) on the play ...

Hamlet/MacBeth crossover? Possibilities ... sorta been done, already, I'm sure, with all the various plots out there I've never seen ...

Part of my (one version) interp of the Hamlet/Ophelia exchange hinges on the a key of pronumciation ...

Rather than say "Nothing" ... as usual ... say ... "No Thing" ... (this Idea din't originate with me ... Burton did it in part of the dialogue [not necessarily here, but that's the joke, and it took me several years to pick up on the subtleties of the hidden joke/pun ... mebbe you hadda've been there ...

Polonius/Laertes? Hume Cronyn as Polonius: A scream!!! Great comedy relief bit ... you had to have been there ... trust me on this, please ... it's a great scene ...

and ...

Polonius? Vile? Nah, he's an old busybody approaching senility, but Loyal to the King (and Queen) ... HEY, THAT'S HIS JOB! Hamlet counts, too -- but HIS JOB IS TO ADVISE AND SUPPORT THE THRONE ... (and because he's not the sharpest sword in Denmark NEmore, he's not aware of the murder plot ... that may be a shortcoming, but it's not enuf to condemn him -- which happens -- as his ineptitude @ spying and lack of poise [generation gap?] @ hearing Hamlet being so rude to his mother -- well -- that's whut leads to Polonius' death ... poor old fart)
... and every father has a right to speak to his own son ... he may be wrong, but ... that's his right ...

As to the lines their ownselfs ... yes, great advice, but to see Cronyn passing on the knowledge to the kid ... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Again, please trust me on this ... it added a whole new set of dimensions to the conspiracy level of the play, for me ...

SDD- What I'd like to know is who died and left TheCK in charge?

Um ... Scott(notdreded)MSG -- Those Who Died: ... Old Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, Rosencrans, Guildenstern, Yorick, Ophelia, Young Hamlet, Laertes, Polonius ... um ... who am I forgetting? ... merely sayin' ... that left a big gap in the "leadership" area ... so huge, they hadda hire the Norwegians to come in and run the country ...

Which reminds me ... NEbuddy know where I can find a copy of "The Seige of Copenhagen" ???

Rosencrans and Guildenstern are dead?!?

Yeah ... sorry ... I heard it from Tom Stoppard ...


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