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March 29, 2006


We have no idea what it means, but we kind of want to go there.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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You sure about that?

“There’s lot of reading and a lot of homework,”


OK, was anyone else disappointed after reading the article? the place sounded way more interesting from the headline

What kind of talent spotting???

I guess pulling all-nighters kind of goes with that activity.

I guess we're making fun of the approriate use of the word "cum" here? Isn't that tantamount to forcing someone to resign for using the word "niggardly"?

Yeah, my customers are like sponges too.....

oh i dunno, lab. i kinda thought adding "talent spotting venue" made it more amusing.

YMMV, of course.

Lab's right, but that's why we're here.

like an "American Idol" for biz folk ....sure....maybe some of the Hooter 'talent' that are getting 'laid off' could attend....

So if I'm talent-less, does that mean if I went there I'd just be cum spotting?

There, maybe that'll make Lab happy instead...

no, judi, no! we do *not* want to go there! all this talk of "talent" and "cum" and "exposure to business leaders"??? one word, judi, my friend... ewwwwwwww.

Italicized, it would probably pass muster in the body of the article, but not in a headline. For every ten people who read down to paragraph three there are a hundred who skim the headlines looking for trigger words: tragedy, torture, murder, catastrophe, Britney, bombs, prostitution, six-legged lambs, etc. Their little auto-sensors must have gone off the charts when they saw 'cum'.
My vote: bad editorial choice.

Pray one doesn't graduate Summa Cum Laude

The article fails to mention the three levels based on proficiency: X, XX and XXX. ANd it is not to be confused with the cheap imitation NC-17 camps.

Should have been about the world's oldest profession.

So apparently I wasn't the only one disappointed to find the headline was supported by the text of the article...*snif*

err...that would be "was NOT supported"....

Damned robot...

GE? Gratuitous Erotica? Going Erogenous? Great Exercize? Getting Ewwwwwwwwed?

How nice that they have their lovely outing at Croton, which overlooks the Hudson, the river GE tried to kill with pcbs and then refused to clean up. Jack Welch, thy name is mud, and thy soul is polluted.

sorry, no funny on that one....I grew up in the Hudson Valley and tried to help clean up the river.

Just ask Mr Webster:


BTW ... sorta just a little vaguely related to the thread -- (crime in business?) --NEbuddy around here seen a lawyer-type-gender person lately? I know there's two or six of y'all in the bloglit bunch ...

I'd be interested in discussions of surreptitious intrusion if'n y'all wanna talk about it ... (that's a Class A Misdemeanor, in Nodak -- reason I know is 'cuz MB(RH?) just finished jury duty on a trial with 12 counts of it against the defendant ... perty much somewhut interestin' ... merely sayin' ...)

I graduated from Law School magna cum laude. Does that make me a bad person?

Should I burn my diploma?

It was a dum headline. Get it?



The camp sucks, but it is one of the destinations of Hooters Air.

Somehow this headline reminds me of the "punctuation lady" who wrote the book 'Eats Shoots and Leaves.' Or was it 'Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.'? Or maybe it was Eats, Shoots and Leaves.' Something like that. I think any comma in that headline anywhere actually makes it even sexier. Even if you're not a Panda.

My dad used to say I graduated 'magna cum lousy.'

"It’s like graduate school on steroids,”... no steroids man, it'll kill your cum talent

*wants to say something about magna cum & loudly but finds it a hot topic*

... Mommy? Is that how volcanios are born?

*wonders what the requirements are for the Boot Camp Training Instructors - darts?*

The comments are funnier than the headline.

But that's why we're here, right?

I just wanted to say niggardly.

Yes, it's a perfectly cromulent word (obscure Simpsons reference).

I think we may be looking at a culture thing here.
At most newspapers in the U.S. the writer doesn't write the headline, the copy desk does. So if this were an American publication, I'd suspect the work of some cloistered, unworldly copy desk biddy.
But this is a Brit publication and maybe they don't use the word the way it has unfortunately come (cum?) to be used on this side of the pond. So it may have been read by thousands (millions?) of FT readers without even a snicker.

...we kind of want to go there..


GE, Pleaseeeeee! Corporate America caring for employees to move up.

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