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March 14, 2006


We'd rather not know.

(Thanks to Nikki)


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Loooks like a wax museum...

Wheeeeee, the forst first ghost post!

dancin' in the moonlight

Hey, is this Vanilla Sky?

I am going to keep posting until...

Guiness Book, here I come!

why does this creep me out so much?

It's lonely out here, in deep outer space...

Oh well, six straight ain't too bad.

I usually don't admit this but I did like the movie. In my defence it was the 80's.

dang link didn't work


Mannequins make great museum displays, store displays, trade show displays, Halloween props, and movie props. They've even been used
as scarecrows for gardens and ponds, as car passengers, decoy patrolmen and fake "roommates."

Fake roommates? Huh? As what? Chaperones? Life Partners? To convince your nearsighted parents that you actually DO have friends??

Orcei...Ah! Thanks for the link. I didn't remember the movie. P.S. What happened in the 80's stays in the 80's.

P.P.S. Also the 90's. And any other timeframe up to ten minutes agao.

One of the most important questions you should ask someone, probably before the fifth date as a general rule, is whether or not they are a mannequin.

Inflatable mannequins? Is that what they call them now?

They are great until you get pulled over after driving around Southie with a mannequin arm dangling out the trunk of the car with ketchup dripping off it.

Fake roommates: so you can suggest/hint that you're gay/not gay (whichever-nttawwt) ... so you can forestall someone "stopping by/coming up for a nightcap" with the line: "Oh, crap, my roommate is sick/jealous/asleep/home/cramming for finals/really snotty about who I have in the apartment ..." or, so you can have "arguments" with, so that the neighbors will think you have a "life" ... merely sayin' ...

ewwwwwwwwwwww, pregnant mannequins. now i know where those creepy child mannequins come from. obviously they need more supervision and less "service".

Eerie looking and so human in appearance they almost seem alive -- unlike Keanu Reeves

Question: A clothing store near me ( Kohles ) has a wheelchair laden manniquin. I find it quite weird. Am I right or just being hanndicapp-a-phobic?

Question: A clothing store near me ( Kohles ) has a wheelchair laden manniquin. I find it quite weird. Am I right or just being hanndicapp-a-phobic?

Well ... at least they don't jump up and down on Oprah's couch ... merely sayin' ...

or perhaps redundant.

One of my first jobs in high school was as a live mannequinn at JC Penney (I guess this was before the invention of plastic). I think it was less creepy than the budget line of inflatable mannequinns, but only marginally.

I quit the day a kid stuck pins in me to see if I was real....

Wow - a whole store dedicated to Marilyn Manson!

Take a look at the Male Mannequins page and scroll down to Rex. Looks like Dave onstage with the Remainders. Coincidence?

The Academy Award for Creepiest Male goes to... oh, it's a tie! "Vampire Couple" and, of course, "Featureless."

Main Entry: man·ne·quin
Pronunciation: 'ma-ni-k&n
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Dutch mannekijn little man -- more at MANIKIN
1 : an artist's, tailor's, or dressmaker's lay figure

lay figure...humm

Main Entry: man·i·kin
Variant(s): or man·ni·kin /'ma-ni-k&n/
Function: noun
Etymology: Dutch mannekijn little man, from Middle Dutch, diminutive of man; akin to Old English man
2 : a little man : DWARF, PYGMY

Under sale mannequins:

David - Hairline crack on left cheek.
Only noticeable upon close inspection.

OK, you first......

Oh, great, I'm An Inquisitive Child Mannekin. And I'm naked.

I had that same nightmare last night.

The Child Mannequins page had me this close to calling Social Services. Little Timmy looks like he just wants to go home.

When I was about 18 I somehow got a life-sized female mannequin. I dressed her in my sister's old clothes and kept her in my room. Every so often I'd pull her out and put her somewhere in the house where you would not expect to see a human, like hanging upside down from the hall light and wait for my sister to express her surprise in her shorts.

Thats old news Meanie - I've known Dave was slightly cracked for years!



Still a very functional and beautiful mannequin. Right elbow broken, left wrist chipped and loose, left index nail chipped, left shin has 2 1/2" rub, back of left arm has 1" scratch.

Calf rod, stand and paint included.


Anyone know a good mannequin therapist?


eeeeewwwwwww... Mchael Jackson NAKED!!! There oughta be a warning on that.

*Please insert i between M and c.*

Thank you

please insert adult supervision between
michael and your children

From the webmaster, Patrick, at Bahoola's link: "Live mannequins can be the most beautiful things in a display, attracting a lot of attention."

That's great, Patrick. We're also called women, pal. And my eyes are up here.

By David Kranz
Argus Leader

Article Published: 11/15/05, 3:17 pm

A Sioux Falls man is charged with indecent exposure after being found partially unclothed and lying on the floor with a female mannequin in the Washington Pavilion.

Michael James Plentyhorse, 18, 708 N. Dakota Ave., was discovered by a Pavilion security officer at 4:35 p.m. Monday in the Washington High School Alumni Room, police said.

The guard observed Plentyhorse with his pants and underclothing down and lying next to the half-naked female mannequin, a police report states.

“There was inappropriate activity between him and the mannequin. That’s the only way I know how to put it,” Sioux Falls police officer Loren McManus said.

Security staff at the Pavilion say they have noticed the same mannequin has previously been found undressed on several occasions, McManus said.

No drugs or alcohol appear to have been involved

ok mr plentyhorse, step away from the uh, mannekin? ugh, you sicko. ewww.

why dont they make mannekins with acne, or club feet, or just all those non-perfect things that humans can be... what a wonderful, diverse world.
[pass the airsickness bag]

Ruses motorists have used to conceal their driving alone in car-pool lanes:

Store mannequins, blow-up dolls, kickboxing dummies, cardboard cut-outs, and even balloons (with faces drawn on them in marking pen).

Buckling the passenger-side seat belt and pretending to talk to someone reclining in that seat.

Covering an empty infant seat with a blanket or placing a doll in it.

Taping a styrofoam wig stand to the passenger headrest and topping it with a blonde wig.

Strapping the family pooch into the passenger seat

side show mannequins:
1. the bearded lady mannequin
2. siamese mannequins
3. dogboy mannequin

I think they have the same amount of personality as living models. And maybe more brains. And look they are not afraid to strut there styrofoam.


These ... mannequins ... are NOT anatomically correct!

What's the point in ... um ... nevermind ...

Care and Feeding

When handling your mannequin, remember that its vulnerable parts are the fingers and hands, feet, joints, face and neck. Avoid banging your mannequins into anything hard, or allowing them to fall.

If they develop what appear to be pencil marks, a regular eraser should remove them.

To remove smudges from the mannequin's surface, use a soft brush and a mixture of toothpaste and water. Avoid getting oily substances on the paint.

Before storing, wrap mannequins in soft cloth or bubble wrap. For added protection, wrap delicate parts (fingers) separately.

Often, touch-up paint is available upon request, and you may order replacement parts.

"I want to express my deep satisfaction and thanks regarding my mannequin purchase. You went above and beyond to make sure I received her quickly and in good order. I also appreciate the friendly help I received when I had questions....Most of all, she's drop dead gorgeous and my sales are sure to soar! Because I'm a small business, this was my first manni purchase; but as the need arises for another, you can be sure I'll be back. Thanks again." KDoolittle Designs

Side Show Mannequins wbanexcellentnfarb

My daughter, "Munchkin", has always been obsessed with mannequins. Which I have, in turn, always found irritating. ("Stop! Don't touch the mannequins! Don't pull on the clothes! You're going to knock it over! OH GAWD YOU KILLED IT!")

And this reminds me of a story. Have I yet mentioned to you all that I despise Georgia primarily because of the deep racial divide(s) here? And that Munchkin's paternal grandparents...fit in well here?

True recollection of a trip to a department store after one of Munchkin's visits with her grandparents:


I stood paralyzed in disbelief as my sweet, innocent, daughter appeared to be pointing directly toward an hispanic family. I'm partially hispanic myself but don't look it, so I threw up a little in my mouth as the family stared back at me. As I shuffled Munchkin away to a secluded aisle--mostly so I could cry--I realized she was pointing at--what else--the *(#@*$# mannequins.

I hate mannequins.

OK, the pet mannequins are way cool - gotta get me one

(Special note to TCK: this is directed to the actual Tamara. Not you and your plastic doggy. Although, you're both very cute.)

Oh, Tamara. Ouch.


*offers hug in an expression of maternal empathy*

Once I figured it out, I yelled, "OH! MANNEQUINS!" really loudly, but I don't know if it helped.

I'm normally perfect, so I embarrass easily. *blush*

Easy, Tamara - a good mom will make sure Munchkin is no dummy.

mannequin pets and little plastic poos,
plastic covered couch,
antibiotic body wash,
white white walls..

Tamara - I hear ya - my kids' paternal granparents would fit in well, too. I'm not gonna tell ya some of things I've heard them say. :(

Tam' ...

Sorry for your troubles ... I can identify (a little) ... my grandparents and parents would NOT have "fit in well" with your GA in-laws, and five of my eight grandkids have ancestry that includes American Indian (Anishinabe) lineage, so I sometimes find that I'm in a conversation that -- should I care to mention that fact -- might be embarrasing to those others ... if they had the decency to be ashamed of their ownselfs ...

Unfortunately, many people who engage in such behavior are not perceptive enough to realize or recognize such faux pas ,,, merely sayin' ...

queensbee said: why dont they make mannekins with acne, or club feet, or just all those non-perfect things that humans can be... what a wonderful, diverse world.

Well, a lot of them are missing hands and/or feet and/or heads. Would that count?

Hey, El, I hope you enjoy some hamentaschen from your favorite deli, today.

Tamara...I hate to tell you, but the deep racial divides you hate in Georgia are all over the country (the world for that matter).

Are you in Georgia now? I lived there for 7 years in the 70's and am thinking of moving away from the hurricane corridor that South Florida has become to Atlanta.

why... (just out of interest) are female mannequins so nipply? IRL, they'd do something so there wasn't any "headlight" action.

Tamara...I hate to tell you, but the deep racial divides you hate in Georgia are all over the country (the world for that matter).


I'm from Texas. Georgia sucks.

How do you suppose mannequin wig are different from human wigs? A wig is a wig, No?

UO I hear ya. They think it's a neutral topic, like talking about the weather. And now I'm reminded of the skin-crawlingly hideous dinner twenty years ago at my mother's with the cousins-we-hardly-ever-see-and-now-we-remember-why, where my cousin's phemonally self-centered and demanding (think Kim) 17-y-o daughter went on at great length about all the "[cheap, pushy, loud...fill in the blanks] [fill in ethnic group]" she had to "deal with" in her summer job selling movie popcorn. Her mother and father smiled dotingly. I hid out washing dishes in the kitchen so I wouldn't wring her swanlike little neck, and then went home and wrote her a letter in which I pointed out gently and politely that she was a f*ucking a$$hole, and the fact that I had a huge passel of delightful [fill in same ethnic group]inlaws made me extra annoyed, and furthermore all negative stereotyping was for sh*t, and just because she was an athlete didn't mean she was a dyke, did it? (NTTAWWT)and finally if she REALLY thought she was going to achieve her stated goal of being a "successful interior designer on Chicago's North Shore" with that attitude, she should seriously reconsider every decision she'd ever made in her entire pathetic little whiny life.
I mailed it, and never heard anything back; but she's looked guardedly at me ever since, and on those rare occasions we're together, stays WAY far away on the other side of the room.
NTTAWWT, either.

*offers Betsy a glass of water and a cookie*


All right Betsy!

One of the reasons my mother in law "doesn't care for me all that much" is cuz I tell her whenever she's bein' stupid. Especially when she's stupid around my kids.

Fortunately they seem to be of a different mind, so I'm proud of them.

and all this relates to mannequins how? oh yeah, Tamara's comment... ;)

"Headless Pregnant Female Mannequin

Late-term maternity mannequin
in all her rounded glory.

Beautifully detailed hands."

Yeah--the hands--that's what you notice on a pregnant woman

The bright side: If she's headless, she probably won't need an epidural.

You go, Betsy! :)

PS Betsy, I notice you've begun using expletives in your posts... I once wondered how long it would take for the blog to corrupt you... ;)

KDF ... HAR!!!

Bets' ... WTG! ...

HOWever, r.e. your ... I pointed out gently and politely that she was a f*ucking a$$hole ...

How does one do that?

Gently, and politely, I mean ... (usually ya gotta whip 'em upside the head with a 2x4 to even get their attention off their ownselfs ...)

"whip 'em upside the head with a 2x4" sounds plenty gentle and polite to me.

*Lighters up for Betsy*

Tamara - Daisymae is sadly right. It may not be so overt everywhere as what you've encountered, but discrimination is all over the place.

But at least you're being a positive role model for your Munchkin by being romantically linked with a duck. You and she should be proud.

... BTW/FYI ... I'm in the process of movin' (again) prior to gettin' on the plane to go home for R&R on Wednesday ... so ... I might be able to check on y'all tonite, or tomorrow a.m. ... it could be Thursday nite or Friday a.m. tho, before I get back ... merely sayin' that one may only hope that y'all will keep up the good work *despite/'cuz of* my sporadic absenteeismalizationary behavior ...

Ladies and Gentlemen...
The President of the United States!
*"Fella Americans...Doot, Doot, Doot..."*
He's been sick!--Doot! Doot!
And I think his wife is gonna bring him
Some chicken soup
Plastic people!
Oh, baby, now you're such a drag

I know it's hard to defend an unpopular policy
Every once in a while--

Plastic people!
Oh, baby, now you're such a drag

And there's this guy from the CIA he's creepin'
Around Laurel Canyon
A fine little girl She waits for me
She's as plastic as she can be
She paints her face With plastic goo
And wrecks her hair With some shampoo

Plastic people
Oh, baby, now you're such a drag

"I dunno...sometimes I just get tired
Of ya honey--it's...ah..your
Hair spray...or something..."

Plastic people
Oh, baby, now you're such a drag

"I hear the sound of marching feet...
down Sunset Boulevard to Crescent Heights
...and there...at Pandora's box...
We are confronted with...a vast
Quantity of...Plastic people..."
Take a day and walk around
Watch the Nazi's Run your town
Then go home and check yourself
You think we're singing
'Bout someone else

But you're Plastic people
Oh, Baby, now
You're such a drag

Me see a neon Moon above
I searched for years I found no love
I'm sure that love Will never be
A product of Plasticity
A product of Plasticity
HA-PLASTIC--You are--your foot--your hair
--your nose--your arms--you suck--you love
--you are--your being is--you're plastic--blah
--blah--blah--blah plastic Peoples
-A prune is not a vegetable
--cabbage is a vegetable; makes it O.K.
--plastic people--plastic People
--you dream about...you think about...you eat
...you are...Ooo-Hoo-Hoo...
purple prancing--plastic People-

"express her surprise in her shorts."

Well said!

So is it "bad" to want a colorblind society? Is such even possible outside of theory? Cause I've seen much "accept and celebrate my differences even if they are an imposition." Then any inclination to say "no" is a marker of racism.

That was "Plastic People" by Frank Zappa, ca. 1967.

BTW for those that find themselves at wit's end "dealing with" stupid, prejudiced, witless, artless, humorless, self-centered people, or are just sick about Barry Manilow having a Number One Record again, I say, welcome to the dark side.

Anon - You weigh the good and the bad, and decide what's most important. The pendulum is gonna swing back and forth, and eventually it will reach a comfortable equilibrium. The most important thing is to care.

Blue' --

Right On, Man! Well said.

Oddly enuff, the "Dark Side" seems to populated with a greater percentage of the Enlightened Ones

Yay, TRWC & Betsy! Way to stand up for your beliefs. I'm afraid it's everywhere, though. My ex-inlaws would talk about 'those people.' At first I assumed I had missed part of the conversation, then I realized they were talking about blacks. When you visit, the tour they give you of their hometown (in Ohio) includes a drive past 'those people's' house. Ooooo, cooties! Makes me want to barf.

New Song of Harmony

This black key and and this white key
sit together and seem so darned friendly
Side by side on my piano keyboard,
oh lord, why don’t we?
I even have a few brown keys,
where I spilled a large cup of hot coffee
And the asians can be my ukelele,
While the Irish and Dutch sing harmony
And the English serve tea!

My black key and my white key,
pressed together they sound so doggone sweet
But the black one is shorter,
somehow that seems off to me?

Spanish guitars and French champagne
Find some drums to be played by Indians
Do they play anything in old Poland?
Can we lump all the South Americans?
Let's have the Jews keep rhythm with the muslims!
And play the song again!

Music's universal grace
Don't rely on the features of your face
We can play our new song most anyplace
All together we form one human race
No matter your creed we will embrace
With intolerance gone without a trace

Ebony or Ivory
Or who cares if you're somewhere
In between?
We will welcome you hear
Until the first time
We disagree!

Cbol -- That was deep, yo. ;)

I think south americans play soccer.

We Poles fancy our accordians, but noone (outside of the Polka Peeps) likes to hear it unless you put it in a Zydeco band (Which is SO far from Polish it boggles the mind how that instrument wound up in that enviroment).

well, this has been an interesting thread of nearly all on-topic posts! or at least it keeps coming back up in the mix. excellent ;)

*diversity snorks* for all of the above

Annie, did I marry your ex-husband? Cause I think we're talking about the same in-laws.


See what happens when you leave us unattended fair judi?

I started it, Judi... [hanging head in shame] Shall I send myself to Cbol's room? [hopeful look]

Bravo to the blog in general. Nice to think that we can take a topic like creepy manneqins and end up (with a brief detour through Michael Jackson territory) with a discussion about prejudice (i.e. that it is bad, for those of you just tuning in).

Oh, just in case Dave's watching: Booger.

Oh crap, along with the hear/here mistake, I forgot the bagpipes and accordions. Do appalachian banjo players constitute a race? Better make some room in the band just in case.

We were all pretending not to notice the hear/here gaff C-bol, just like I am pretending I didnt misspell accordion.

Dono't fret, C-bol. All are welcome here. Even those who don't proffread their song pariidees.

*winks at Coast for the psychicsimul!*

Just in case any here aren't They Might Be Giants fans - here's the song for the thread, no alterations needed.

Your Racist Friend

This is where the party ends
I can't stand here listening to you
And your racist friend
I know politics bore you
But I feel like a hypocrite talking to you
And your racist friend

It was the loveliest party that I've ever attended
If anything was broken I'm sure it could be mended
My head can't tolerate this bobbing and pretending
Listen to some bullet-head and the madness that he's saying

This is where the party ends
I'll just sit here wondering how you
Can stand by your racist friend
I know politics bore you
But I feel like a hypocrite talking to you
You and your racist friend


Out from the kitchen to the bedroom to the hallway
Your friend apologizes, he could see it my way
He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking
Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding


Everytime I hear Zydeco I think of Poland.


Coast: Herein lies the insidious evil of the dark side. Some of us are blessed (or cursed) with the ability to clearly see the foibles of others. We are then tempted to think ourselves superior. But a wise man once said "First take the log out of your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye, for in the manner in which you judge others, you too shall be judged" or something like that. Go read Voltaire's "The Misanthrope". When I first read that, I was in thorough agreement with the protagonist throughout the story and was dismayed that he was "proven wrong" at the end. Yet I still find myself on the dark side much of the time.

Since none of this was remotely funny, I shall close with a fart.


'zactly s-girl... how the hell did that instrument wind up in that genre?

And on a side note, are there subscriptions available for the pod-cast of the music list playin in c-bols brain.

Anon: The problem with the idea of the colorblind society is that it says to everyone who is not part of the power majority that they have to deny part of themselves to fit in.

For example, in the U.S.A., "Being Colorblind" means that everyone should pretend to be white and protestant Christian even if you aren't. (In other societies substitute "French", "black", "German", "blue-eyed", "mannequin", "Catholic", "British", "Jewish", "Japanese", "Muslim", etc.)

Remember, also, that those who are literally colorblind are considered by many to be missing out on something important (though, usually, it's more of a communication problem than anything according to a colorblind friend of mine).

Mud, did you just ruin The Misanthrope for me? *squinty-eyed glare*

Coast and Mud (and all y'all) - ALL of us are enlightened. Few of us, though, actually have the light ON.

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