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March 28, 2006


(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Ha, good stuff

Do you think they are gonna get a tax write off for that sh!t?

"All possible action should be taken to avoid such a purchase."

I think we've got a good candidate for Understatement of the Year Award.

Heck, they're giving it away in DC.

“If we wind up buying sewage, residents as well as Mr. Cadenhead, are going to tear us up,” Councilman Michael Reckwerdt said. “I don't want to do that.”

No, they're going to tear you a new........

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to come by.

Hmmm...same day, different sh!t

So why did they even build the wastewater treatment center? EH?

Instead of hooking more people up to the system, they should just increase the output of those already hooked up. I'm thinking that success could have been acchieved by ordering mandatory hourly ex-lax injections for everyone already hooked up to the system. This should save everyone the humiliation of buying sewage, and have the added bonus of expelling any intestinal parisites from the residents who participate.

No firm conclusion? Less fiber in the diet should take care of that.

No firm conclusion? Less fiber in the diet should take care of that.

SNORK! SNORK! at hipster. :-)

I would think the money would be better spent paying workmen to hook residents up to the system...or does that make too much sense?

Maybe they could work out something with the bird poop in downtown Orlando!

*Why is it always Florida?*

You're right Lisa BFF - For a state that looks so much like a penis, it sure is full of sh!t.

Just contaminate the water supply with e coli for a few days...that'll get 'im up and 'running.'

*snork @ Annie and Coast

But but don't say that too loud Coast, some wacko may try to introduce legislation to have our state motto changed! ;-)

Key Quote: “When it first gets on line is the hardest time because there's no flow.”

No flow?

(trying to keep a straight face)

(failing miserably)

Or...they can just hire a bunch of those tee shirt stick guys to stand over the "pond"

Van Cadenhead = "Advance Hen Ad"
and "Dance Hand Eva"

When I was a kid, I had to walk seven miles in a blizzard in nothing but diapers , just to work in a factory where they made their OWN sewage.I'll never forget the day that hydrant 11 popped a condensing line-we lost alot of excellent product from that mishap....But still, while it was a quite a "strain",and we were all pooped afterwards,our little town could hold their noses high with pride.

Psst Hey Buddy! Wanna buy some shit? It's good shit man, pure Columbian!

Snork @ MoFaux.

My dad worked for a company just like that. Except that it was up hill both ways and he was carrying a block of Ice.

How much does good sewage go for these days? Are we missing out on a major sales opportunity here? I know some very reliable producers.

psst... Does anyone know where I can score some good sh*t?


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