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March 19, 2006


Raging Hamsters


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Attacking Hamsters WBAGNFAmetalB.

I agree, and no, I didn't read the article. Yet.

dang, El, I thought I had a "fitdy" there.

But if I have to share, I'm really glad it's with you. :)

YAY!!! Dave woke up!

YAY! Another Sunday FIRST for me!!!!

*gets out hymnal and starts singing We Are Saved.

Well, I've read it, and I vote for "Hamsters on Steroids", just because it would look so cool on a marquee.

I'm happy to share s'girl, but...I did read the article FIRST.

Oh, OK, I read enough to make an on-topic FIRST comment. :)

You know what this means, don't ya?


Senate hearings on steroid abuse amongst hamsters.

And now all of their homerun records are in doubt.

That's twice now, El.


An important fact to make note of, from the article:
"Typically weeks translates into years from rodent to primate."

sly, do you think that Palmiero will come in and testify on behalf of the hamsters:
Pointing his finger: They didn't use and I didn't either.

"Hamster 'Roid Rage"

I was sure this referred to hemrhoids. (however that's spelled)

*snork* @ sly!

Yeah, Daisy; me too. I was wondering how they'd get the Preparation H on their furry little bottoms.

Is this why my Flonase makes me cranky?

Sounds like scientists are doing some quality reading.

Is this not the best photo ever?


(n, just sayin', Dave... rubbin' roid cream on a hamster-butt does not compare with judie's package builder post:)*

*please to notice the smile --> :)

I agree. However, if you use aloe vera, It pretty well beats any pastime beside beer. What?

insert your own witticism here: :I'm presently out of them.

They need CHILL-edrin™, now available in easy-for-hamsters-to-open packaging.

They also make it in liquid form that comes in a plastic bottle with a metal straw. You know, easy for hampsters to self-medicate with.

Announcement: Posse MAYDAY on the "package builder" thread.

Hamster 'roid rage? Freaky thought. My dad swears to this day that my hamster growled at him when he tried to catch it after it escaped from its cage (for about the 4,179th time). I can only imagine what might have happened if it had been on steroids!

When hamsters take steroids they get aggressive, when athletes take them they hit more home runs and when muscle-bound actors take them, they become governors.

ps: steroid-fed hamsters would make terrible hamstertachen. I'm just sayin'.

Yeah Lairbo, but the testers would never be able to find 'em in your system.

Whut would steroids do to the behavior pattern of a Tasmanian Devil? A gerbil?

Merely wonderin' ...

It appears this thread is on steroids,
seems a bit beefier than normal


The posse MAYDAY alert is over.

Resume normal behavior.

Thank you.

I, too, thought from the headline of this article that hamsters were suffering from hemorrhoids so debilitating they were sent into a rage. I immediately began to search my brain for what ingredients might be available in the Stupendous Man Home Chemistry Lab and Pregnancy Test Kit™ to quickly whip up some Hamster Hemorrhoid Suppositories™ - in both regular and menthol - to make a fast buck from the quick-hitting disorder. Then I read the article.

That reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

"Doctor, this pill is too big to swallow!"

"Good news! It's a suppository!"

*snork* @ stupedous man

Maaan, my fingers can't spell worth a d*mn!

stupendous, not whatever else I typed.

Aiight. Who left their html dangling? Sheesh. Now I must go back and find something. I think someone left me a carmel covered bumble someplace.
*waves* Hiya El from down a few steps.

Sorry wolfie. *ziiiiiiiiip*

That better not have been El's zip or you're in such trouble.
*slinks into the shadows to watch just in case*

NO! I do NOT need any more trouble from El. That was my html zipper. Sorry for the confusion.

Hey, wolfie!!


Hi daisymae! *waves back*

Hi daisymae and wolfie!

*waves both hands and looks like an idiot*

*pushes these towards wolfie and runs away, donning Blue's confiscated wolf suit*

*waves at Adonis* with one hand and *pops a caramel into mouth* with the other.

Yum. Thanks. But ya know, you shouldn't be inna wolf suit if you're tryin to avoid a wolfie.
*stalks thru the shadows*

wolfie...you gonna be here for 24 tomorrow night?

Barring accidentally being shot in the thigh, I should be.
*lays out all powerful hoodie in preparation*


*does the wave*

If you put a hamster on steroids....

Sounds like the sequel to this.

sly, 6:23 was a major snork. I could say out of the park, but then you'd have to pee in a cup.

Snork @ sly

In Arkansas, Dave, we have the Beebee Badgers.

I'm guessing the Badgers' drug of choice is something else, considering that Beebe is located in White County - the meth capitol of the state.

Yeah, maybe the badger's drug of choice is verbal abuse! Get it? "Badger"? Nevermind.

Good to see you again atypicalwife!

Have you seen our nuclear-powered thread? Nearing 800 baby!

Come on Adonis. I'm going to bed. Get back over there...there's work to be done.

Is this thing on?

"Furry Little Bottoms" also WBAGNFARB!

Thanks, Adonis!

*snork* at the pun and the truth of your comment
(my verbally abusive ex lives in Beebe "Home of the Badgers" Arkansas)

Haven't had time to read it all, but got to Flonase making somebody cranky.

I always thought that went in your NOSE!

Back up to catch up.

Have you heard about the day the preacher came to dinner and left in a huff? Husband was on strict orders not to say anything inappropriate, but when wife came back from the kitchen with coffee, preacher and his wife were out the door and getting in their car.

Husband explained, "While you were out, a mouse ran across the floor."

Preacher's wife said not to be embarrassed, because they had mice, too. But, they stuffed their little holes with cotton, and that was the end of mice at their house.

Wife, "So why are they leaving? What did you say to them?"

Husband says, "Well, I just asked her who they got to hold their little legs."

signs your hamster is on steroids:
10. he's made the guinea pig his 'bitch'
9. his testicles no longer even hamster-sized
8. always wants to go with you to the gym
7. receding furline
6. wind from little wheel going around drops room temperature 10 degrees
5. spends all day in front of mirror, flexing cheek muscles
4. squeeks an octave lower
3. lots of tiny little hypodermics buried under the wood chips
2. offers to move your stuff without a truck (sorry, this is a sign 'your teamster is on steroids')
1. pries apart bars of his cage... with his tail!

*snorks* at insom who at one in the morning is living up to his name.

I guess this would be a good place to plug my new book If You Give Minnie Mouse a Studmuffin...
Then again, maybe not.

Hamster Hemorrhoid Suppositories. reminds of a thread with the headline...

When my cat sits on the kitchen counter, is its bunghole touching the counter or is there some kind of furry thing keeping it off?

then submitter said...

My wife, being the scientific type, has suggested that I put lipstick on the cat's ass to verify if contact is being made. I'm intrigued by the idea, but not quite ready to make the leap.

*snork* at Insom, day and night

Have you heard about the day the preacher came to dinner and left in a huff?

My dad was a preacher, but served a church in an economically depressed area. On his salary at the time, he couldn't afford a Huff, so he drove a Snit.

Actually, I kind of like the "Brains of Young Adults Not Fully Mature" story tease better!

leave your cat alone.

but i did think that 'roid meant hemmor-roid, and i couldnt figure who would check hamsters for that.


I know whut you mean ... I'm perty sure the Huff is a bit pricey for some budgets ... it's more in the upscale SUV category ... merely sayin' ...

(I know this 'cuz I hadda do a dissertation on the subject once ... wish I could find it ... I think it's on a disk from my first Mac's pre-crash days ...)

Mac Crash WBAGNFAC&WSinger, IMHO.

Yeah, Stupe' ... better'n Mac Davis ... 'cuz I never heard of a computer named "Davis" ...

(WHut?! -- even I din't understand that ... merely sayin' ...)

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