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March 10, 2006


Let's touch some balls.

(Thanks to blog king Ken Layne)


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I touched 55 balls. Is that good or bad?

Wasn't I going to bed?

6617 -- 84 balls so far

can't...do...on dial-up...

great, now I'll have to try this at work tomorrow...

gee, thanks, judi! ;)

I touched two, but my score is way up there.

What? Oh....

I touched 52 balls. Does that qualify me for the priesthood?

*skips this thread as he ka-pwwwiiinnngggsss!!! his way across "the pond" to investigate the sad fate of the sperm whale*


Tamara ... where can I see these pix of your little critter? (I can show you pix of my youngest grandson on my photobucket page, if you want ...)



I see PirateBoy is a guy with a lot of balls ... merely sayin' ...

Seems to me that this is just a ripoff of Squares 2, which can be found at: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/squares2.php

O. the U - yep! ;)

whatever...it's late, I'm tired, g'nite all!

oh, almost forgot - does anybody else think Stupe might be in need of an intervention of some sort? Cuz he seems to be "ka-pwwwiiinnnggg -ing" an awful lot, lately....NTTAWWT...or is there??

S'man, we're here if you need us!

Oh man, whose idea was it to make riffs from Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" the music for a game where the object is to avoid bad touches?

OK - viewing previous posts, I wont divulge that on my third (and final) attempt, I touched 102 balls for 10,308 points. Someone please beat my high score!

DEAL!! I am, after all, the Adonis of Escapa fame! I will take your challenge Coast!

160 and 21284pts. Never before have I been so glad to be given a small toucher. I guess this makes me the supreme ball toucher. Wait...

29,458 points and 191 balls. The key was getting Invincibility late in the game when your toucher is really big.

I never before have I been so glad not to have the high score. I guess this game brings out weird feelings in me.

Ball Toucher.. you think this game would be made for women (and some men), but really, it's not.

106 on my second try, but it's early in the morning. Still nursing a tetrod addition though (me glares ScottMGS).

I never thought I'd be able to start my day by saying I'd touched 99 balls. At least not say it in public.

308 balls!

Please don't envy me - I'm a nurse, it's my job.

Rats! Game ova.

finally, a productivity enhancer that i'm good at! not as good as some of you of course, but i'm not a nurse. or a guy. so i don't have much experience.

Crossgirl -- I AM a guy and I don't have much experience, either, so don't feel bad. Unless you count changing my son's diaper at 2 o'clock this morning. I'm pretty sure I touched a couple of balls then...in the most hygienic, legal manner, of course.

I touched 12 balls (hee, hee) and I feel (har!) that was more than enough for 7:00a.m. PST.

I'm with KJP. I find the concept of touching balls to the tune of Michael Jackson music highly disturbing.

That being said, I touched 116 balls, for a final score of 11,785.

I feel so dirty now.

Tee hee hee. I touched 69 balls.

Hmph! I only touched 36 balls. Guess that makes me an amateur.

D*mn overlapping balls! I was robbed at 126 balls. It's so not fair you have to touch a taboo ball in order to retrieve a touchable ball.

OK, I don't need a computer game to touch my balls - I can do that without technological assistance pretty much any time I want - just sayin'

Touchin' Balls wbagnfarb?

OK - I have to say that I touched balls way too many times, but I got up to 305 and 71429 points. I'm heading to Dubai.

Trent, it's not about touching your balls, it's about touching the little white and big yellow balls that are dancing around the screen to the sweet, sweet rhythms of the Michael Jackson classic, "Billie Jean."

Of course you want to avoid the red and/or blue balls because if you touch them, then you die, and then there's no more ball touchin' for you, IYKWIM.


thanks for clearin' that up darlin', and I hate to disagree, but I often find that it is all about touchin' my balls

We know, Toby. We know. :)


136 balls touched. WooHoo.
This is not something I would normally admit to. At least not that I touched that many in one morning.


Oh Tobias, puh-leeze try to keep in mind that it's not all about you, and that there are other balls in the world...

The creators of this game had to be female. A guy would have had you touching the blue balls.

I like the yellow ball of invincability.

Gaijin Biker was totally right. You have to last long enough to touch about 120 balls, and then it's a gamble about whether or not the yellow ball that comes right about then is invincibility or not. If it is, you have to basically just start flying around in circles trying to hit the white balls as quickly as possible. My toucher got so big that it covered the screen!!! 463 balls and 156386 points.

This is a truly great/disturbing game.

I've asked a number of women to play this game, but I keep getting my face slapped!

Also try the sadistic copter game linked at this website. It is completely ridiculous.

Newbie touched 69 balls. This was fun. Thanks!

Hello. My name is Spalding. No doubt you've played with my balls.

Nice to meet you, Captain. Pinkie's, if I remember correctly.

can't crack 30k .... but i love continuing to try and try and try!

177 balls and counting..ya that sounds pretty bad lol

this is the greatest game ever!!

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