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March 22, 2006


(Thanks to DavCat14, first)


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A nervous breakdown over a squeaky chair? The male teachers probably were jealous because their chairs *didn't* make farting noises.

I had quite a few teachers who would have put that chair to good use rahter than whinging about it.......

AND.... if they don't sell them on that office prank site, they should!!

Rather, rather.

A f*rting chair? What will they think of next?

What? They didn't set a pager on vibrate, hide it under the cushion, and call it when she sat down?


This is totally unacceptable.

pogo - may I give you my number?

Annie time you like...

Well, I just got the next story obviously...

When I was in the 7th grade (late paleolithic era), my U.S. history teacher griped about a new textbook that spent most of a chapter explaining the importance of fur trapping in the opening of the West; of trapping the beaver, in particular. Naturally, every time she uttered the word 'beaver', the entire class snorked, sometimes to the point of shooting boogers out of our noses and one kid almost barfed from laughing so hard. She was so completely baffled about why beavers were important and why we all though they were so funny that she kept asking us "What's so important about beavers?" sending us into hysterics again. This went on for weeks.

Needless to say, this is the only clear memory I have of that class and, come to think of it, the entire schoolyear, except for the day we went to Disneyland and somebody took a flash picture of the (then brand-new) Mr. Lincoln display and fritzed out the automatronic icon.

My point (barely) is that while she is clearly over-reacting and shouldn't get a dime, I can understand that a teacher might consider a chair with a built-in whoopee cushion to be a problem.

When I was in High School a NUN kicked us (the whole class) out when we asked about her... ahem.. qualifications to each us about the sizes of comdoms....

Thanks Lairbo, I had forgotten about that.....

:) ahhhh... the memories.....

So, in this case, sexual discrimination is apt. Let's face it, the humor is sophomoric and guys never outgrow that. The male counterparts knew that the chair farted, as they knew why the kids were cracking up at Bucket's beaver.

When I was that age, in the islands, teachers wore sandals. One teacher-lady liked to pace as she taught, or walk up and down the aisles of seats. But everytime she took a step, her toes rose up and down in a little wave, pinky-to-big toe.

Beedledleldoop. Beedledleldoop.

5-minutes into class, everybody was rolling on the floor, holding their bellies. The guy teachers could have got her some sneakers and clued her in. Of course they knew. They were probably rolling on the floor, holding their bellies in the faculty room.

Eh-hemmm J Crum, - NO ONE is cracking up at MY beaver >;)

Oops. Lairbo's beaver. But you said, 'ah, the memories.'

Still, tell the truth, you cracked-up at the toe wave.

Ya, The Toe Wave - it's funny and WBAGNFARB

And my post did sort of imply that I shared Lairbo's memory... sorry about that... just taking a solo walk down memory lane....


*suddenly remembers that High School s*cked and takes the first turn off of memory Ln*

Compensation? How about a year's supply of White Castle gift certificates?

She's suing for unfair dismissal even though she resigned? How is that fair?

MMmmmm...I don't know. she may in fact have a discrimination case. See she is showing a woman's unfamiliarity by blaming the chair. Men always blame the dog, and never get suspected of fouling a room.

I have a chair that farts, and no one makes a fuss about it.

No, really, it's the chair farting, honest.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When my chair (or my dog) farts, I take credit for it (not far it). That's the Redneck Way.

WHOOPIE!!!!.............I'm suing!

It's the chair......... yeah, the chair, that's the ticket! It was the chair!

Chuck Norris farted. They named it Katrina.

You know, she could have got a fartless used chair most anywhere for a few bucks on her own. If she is that poor of a problem-solver, then the kids she was "teaching" may be better off without her...

She said she'll never teach again? How much for the chair? I want to buy it for my boss.

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