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March 13, 2006


Have we got a story for you.

(Thanks to warren anderson)


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I think andy just shot me! He did it with something shiny, tho.

Annie - we didn't notice, and yet, you felt compelled to draw our attention to it - perhaps we should discuss this latent compulsion towards passive exhibitionism you seem to be experiencing

also, were you wearin' cowboy boots at the time?

I just got my @$$ kicked by judi/chloe!

ouch, I think I'm reformed

adonis. Lose the a.

Annie - were you referring to Ben AFLAC?

Not that I eat a lot of pork anyway, but I think I'm gonna start eating none at all. *shudder*

Teacup -yes, I was wearing cowboy boots, but not my own.

Stupe - if he walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then yes.

"OK, it was stupid but I was broke. It's not like he could use the money anymore."

Typical fellow blogger, if I may say so.

adonis: "I thought I was your favorite! :-( [trademark violation]"

You're right; using the frownie is a trademark violation, because my brother-in-law's company really does own the patent. IANMTI! (But notice that, for a limited time, they're giving away "Classic Frownies" for free.)

Heh, when I clicked on this, the title at the top of the window said "Organic farmer fed friend's body to pigs to steal his pensi" For a second, I thought this was a typo, and suddenly, the story became a lot more interesting.

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