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March 24, 2006


...there is a simple solution.


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Mmm, squirrel.. it's not just for breakfast any more.

Okay, not funny, just wanted to be first.

Actually, they may be onto something with the putting it in the kids' school lunches idea. We could get rid of lots of undesirable things that way-giant snakes, flies wearing glasses, squirrels, and of course, the testicles from the previous article.

Whee! Nobody else is awake! I have the board to myself! I can do anything! The freedom! The power! Meh, maybe I'll just go back to bed.

That's it in "a nutshell" :P

Seems to me that the reporter of the Ocean City item sure likes adjectives a lot ... NTTAWWT ... writers @ weekly papers seem to get away with that a lot more than those who scribe for most larger papers do ... merely sayin' ...

I'm also wonderin' how they're gonna tell the difference between reds and greys once they're skinned ... if this idea takes off, betcha see a serious decline in both populations ... NTTAWWT ...

and if you encourage them to play on the power lines, they'll all be black, but ready for supper.

Yay! I'm not alone anymore! Whew, and I was just about to do the "Risky Business" dance in my underwear, too.

This is an actual recipe from BackwoodsBound.com:

Mesquite Squirrels

~ squirrels,how many depend upon how many you are feeding, leave whole
~ salt
~ pepper
~ beer

Season squirrel(s) with salt and pepper to taste.

Place in a large bowl and cover with beer. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Grill over mesquite wood until done. Or use mesquite wood chips on a charcoal fire.

Serve and Enjoy!

And another:

Squirrel Spit
Submitted by Todd Mendenhall.

~ 2 - 3 squirrels
~ favorite seasonings
~ favorite bbq sauce
~ beer
~ grill with rotisserie

Season squirrels inside and out with your favorite seasonings.

Heat grill. Place a disposable baking pan(s) under where the squirrels will be rotating.

In a bowl, mix the bbq sauce with an equal amount of beer. Add seasonings to taste. Pour into the baking pan(s) on grill.

Place squirrels on spit and cook over medium heat 40 - 45 minutes or until done.

Brush often with the sauce in the pan.

Serve and enjoy.

* Note from Todd: "This is really good at camp. As you remove the cooked squirrels add a couple more. Just make your sauce up ahead of time so you can keep the pan(s) full."

Mmmmmm, squirrel.

am in the only one who's disturbed that the blog has reached the point where we're trading squirrel recipes? what next? squid surprise? snake souffle? horse testicles with chili sauce?

Beer is a factor in both those recipes. You forgot to put the end of both recipes though:
Look at nasty blackened rodent carcass on grill.
Move to new campsite.
Drink large quantities of beer to forget.

When I was a kid I had to skin and eat grey squirrels, I think I enjoyed the skinning more . . .
(don't think I could convince my own kids to do that)

artchick -- don't let our bein' here stop you from doin' your little dance ... merely sayin' ...

EWWW - squirrel spit!

And if you have ever been on the DelMarVa Peninsula, I don't have to tell you that the power company guys pro'lly had a ready made snack when they found the squirrel... they have a fondness for muskrat over there, so the squirrel would have just been an appetizer.

I had rattlesnake with swamp cabbage at Scout camp once. Mmmmmmm.

*adds tofu to grocery list*

"I must confess that I have never actually eaten a grey squirrel... but I am prepared to...recommend they they be served to helpless schoolchildren," said Lord Inglewood, as he flogged his manservant to death for stealing a veal chop from his favorite hound.

The challenge of course is that the red squirrels are so much more delicious than the greys.

(And Artchick let me also go on record as not having a problem with women dancing in their underwear. I just want you to be comfortable.)

MShark: calm down . . .

I feel whoozie.

KDF, I was REALLY nervous that your "Squirrel on a Spit" recipe was going to include directives on the skewering.




Ummm, Tam, let me clarify here and make it crystal clear that the squirrel recipes have not been kitchen tested by moi.

*curses idea of wasting perfectly good beer by turning it into squirrel marinade*

No one noticed "Squirrel Nutkin and his friends"?

*curses self for posting poorly written sentence*

*pours more coffee, diverts eyes from backyard view where squirrels frolic*

Since we learned yesterday that "you are what you eat," I guess Jamie's pretty squirrely.

“He probably contacted some equipment, we have this problem with snakes too.”

What I want to know is how the snakes get onto the power lines.

At the risk of offending the blog population at large, what's the difference between eating squirrel and eating cow/pig/chicken/fish?

I'm sorry this isn't funny. I'm just honestly curious about stuff like this, because I know how I think, but not how others do. And if I can figure that out consistently, I can give the Amazing Kreskin a run for his money. Darn thought-reading bastard. :)

Nobody, fair question, but I think the difference may be due to Mr. Squirrel's classification as "rodent."

*adds "x3" next to listing of tofu on grocery list*

LOL at Lorista!

Oh, and Nobody, the difference is that chickens are not cousins of rats.

Once I was in a grocery store in rural Florida and in the freezer case was some meat, neatly wrapped in cellophane. The label was simple and to the point: "Coon". They still had the tails on.

(goes to find sheer scarves to dance for Martinishark and O.the U.)

I guess, condsidering some of the other foods Brits willingly eat, squirrel is not such a big deal.

MKJ: How is it that you HAD to skin and eat squirrel? Was it some fraternity hazing or backwoods rite of passage into adulthood?

Nbdy: The difference is that it's a SQUIRREL!

perhaps a diplomatic meeting between native backwoodsers and british dignitaries is in order. They can exchange recipies, tips for catching them, and the positives of eating squirrels in general

Artchick-kudos on the end of the recipe..reminds me of camping trips as a youngster

Nobody: The difference is that major supermarket chains do not sell skinless boneless squirrel breasts.

Mmm, squirrel noodle soup...

Quadruple "snorks" to KDF . . .

Mmmmm . . . "Squirrel Nutkins" On Toast . . . leave it to the Naked Chef for yet another great suggestion for my cache of lunch box finger foods!

*runs with scissors*

Oooo, a quadruple! Thanks, Herb!

Now I need a nap.

MKJ, I helped my uncle skin a squirrel once, but I didn't eat it. :)

Southerngirl - I once came home to find the already skinned squirrels in my kitchen sink..... 14 yrs later I'm still scarred for life and NO I didn't eat them either, SG and I have our principles!!!!!!!!

("As Tears Go By"-The Stones)
It is the evening of the day
I only eat squirrels that are grey...
I thought pub grub was bad, but it got worse
I pick my teeth, at the squirrel-fry...

Strange dishes won't bring red squirrels back
Nor eating grey-squirrel as a snack
If you want to kill them, fine, just don't serve
Them braised with wine!
I pick my teeth at the squirrel-fry...

Squirrel Stew isn't all that bad, but you gotta make sure there are no errant squirrel hairs floating around, or bits of beebees/buckshot left in the meat.

My dad used to bring squirrels home from the 'land up nord' for my mom to prepare. She did a great job with the skinning, not so much with picking out the shrapnel. It really does taste like chicken! But I don't miss it.

As a fellow redhead, I'm all for efforts to save the red squirrel from Grey the Pox.

crossgirl - I find the squirrel recipe thingy quite disturbing too. Is this a downgrade?

KDF - please pick up some tofu for me too, OK, because this thread is enough to turn me into a vegan.
*shakes head*

On the postive side, In a nutsell HAHAHA! It's good to see a bureaucrat with a sense of humor. :)

OkieDokie - I don't eat rabbit, either. I do, however, LOVE alligator!

Yes, alligator is actually pretty good. Any of you Floridians ever go to the "Yearling" restaurant? Yum...

I just realized that my post about the racoons in the florida grocery store might have been offensive to some people. I really apologize (blushes and wishes she wasn't so naive sometimes).

You're right artchick - don't EVER post about getting tail at the grocery store again - sheesh!!

Nobody...my internal compass seems to be set something like this: if I been eatin' it for a long time, I can go on eatin' it. But at my age I'm not about to expand the universe of critters I'll ingest.

And the older I get, the more reluctant I am to eat cuts of meat that look like anatomical specimens: if I can TELL that this used to be a critter, I'm less likely to eat it. Hence, I'm veering toward ground beef and salami.

I can't tell you the last time I had a steak, or a roast (although for some reason baked ham seems ok.)
Fish I can eat with impunity (and a squeeze of fresh lemon); and chicken and turkeys are o.k. too. It's them mammals that tend to make me question my heritage as an omnivore.

I'm not sayin' any of this makes sense - there's no conscious political/moral/environmental decision-making going on; just the way I feel.

*heads to kitchen for refill on the potato chips*

artchick, I'm not from FL, but I certainly wasn't offended by your racoon comment. After all, people around here go by this nickname!

No, it's not an insult. :)


*damn image not available*

Maybe this time?

hmmm - they call you "Forbidden" s-girl... I LIKE it I LIKE it!!

Hey, I'd eat squirrel any day over what was on the menu yesterday.

"Are you ready to order, sir?"

"Yes, is the grey squirrel fresh today?"

"Yes, sir! Shot him out in the garden myself just minutes ago, sir."

"Splendid! I'll have some."

"Pox or not pox, sir?"

"I'm feeling a bit adventurous this evening so I'll have a go at the poxed variety."

"Excellent choice, sir."

It looks to me like the previous thread is broken. No one seems to be able to fix it

Bets' --

I could tell you whut my dad said about his dietary preferences, r.e. "recognizing" whut sort of meat it wuz, but that's an old family tale ...

HOWever, I'll share that old joke about the guy who was in a restaurant and looking at the menu ... his dining companion ordered a tongue sandwich ...

He said, "Eeeeew! Who'd wanna eat something that came out of a cow's mouth?
... um ... just bring me a couple of eggs ..."

haha well said O.

It always startles me the knee jerk way people react negatively to the idea of eating animals they arn't used to eating.

I've never had squirell, but ya know...why the hell not?

I/we already eat pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, salmon, cod, swordfish, shrimp (of all the freakish things)...need i go on?

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