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March 24, 2006


You never know who's at the door.

(Thanks to eleventy gajillion alert readers)


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Can Topper come out and uh play? Play, yeah that's it!

It was captured by Trapper John? So that's where he retired after M.A.S.H.!!!!

*prepares to call JetBlue to cancel reservation for upcoming girls' weekend in Bonita Springs*

Really! I'm going there in two weeks!

*ponders margaritas and beach time she'll miss out on if she cancels, reconsiders and packs alligator-proof safety gear instead*

Gators at the Door WBAGNFARB

Do NOT tell Neo about this!


"Yes, I'm selling light bulbs for the local Boy Scouts of America."
"But...you're an alligator."
"Oh, so I am. In that case, I'm here to eat your dog."
"Right this way."

"Honest dear, I have no idea why a randy bull alligator would be knocking on the door while you are at work."

*off stage CRASH*

"JUNIOR! How many times have I told you 'Be careful of your tail when you're chasing the dog!'"

Wild yes, but still not as scary as when the mmayor of Miami was knocking on people's doors at 10:30 at night.

A gator with a fat lip, huh? Where's Paris Hilton when you need a mirror ...

"Eleventy Gajillion" Just how accurate is that?

Nice call, The Sarcasticynic!

Land Shark!

Dang you Reddsuss you took my idea

If it's mating season, why is the alligator chasing a cocker spaniel?

Looks like I left Florida just in time.

"You're starting into what's called the crawl season, the breeding season," he said. "We get them out of front porches, out of garages, out of swimming pools."

Don't worry, KDF, he just wants to breed with you.

Remember the classic Humanoids From the Deep? "Aliens wants to mate with human women."

That could be you next time.

Have fun on vacation.

*purchases margarita ingredients locally, reassures self that summer weather will be here in the northeast soon enough, cancels flight*

*puts baseball bat next to door in case the alligators come a'knockin'*

KDF-Come on down, they hardly ever knock on doors.

Reddsuss and Addicted to 24 both took my idea!

Second idea....

Does anyone else here read the strip "Pearls Before Swine?"

"Huloo, zeeba neighba!"

Well it's better then a Jehovah's Witness

Welcome to Florida!

I've had Cuban palmetto bugs big enough to knock on my door. One night I shared a 5 br/3 bath house with one. He stayed in the Family Room, and I repaired to the master bedroom clear on the other side of the house. I found him the next day lying on his back waving his feet in the air.

(Thank you, Raid)

Alligators have lips?


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