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March 24, 2006


Now they want to take away the fundamental human right to study the mating habits of flying squirrels.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)

(This blog remembers the old days, when two out of every three items were sent in by Mike Zlotnick)


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So, what, did Mike Zlotnick change his/her name to Clare Martin?

Sorry, but I'm with the politician on this one. Never thought I'd ever utter/typet those words. The world must be veering off of its axis. The apocalypse is nigh.

Sex - head - & nutty all in the headline? I've seen enough!

Never mind that - how do they TASTE??

Is John Tory the Ontario Tory's real name?

Yes John Tory is the head of the Tory party in Ontario. He wanted to be a Liberal, but they wouldn't let him in.

Silly scientists, trying to learn things! They should get back to important research, like learning whether or not beer makes you drunk.

Couldn't we save a bunch of money and just assume that since there's so many of 'em their mating habits are pretty good?

They aren't actually interested in squirrel sex. The study was intended to use squirrel mating as a way to examine the effects of climate change. Climate change is fairly important. For example if the warmer climate lenghtens the squirrels' mating season, the population could explode, filling Canada with millions upon millions of flying squirrels. A Northern-Flying Squirrel invasion of the US would become unavoidable. Oh, also Florida could wind up under water (more than it already is).

To paraphrase Red Green:

I'm not sure about all this global warming junk. What bugs me is how hot its it is these days.

Why didn't they just ask Rocky?

(or, if Rocky's too shy, I'll betcha Bullwinkle could tell a few stories...)

I didn't realize that squirrels needed custom car seats to have sex. Oh well, live and learn.

Right, Nobody, Mike had the surgery and ... voila, Claire Martin!

Arc...Oh yeah...you should sit behind flying squirrels at the drive-in. It's just shocking the way they zoom around, steaming up the windows.

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